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Fuel your Creativity with 10 Awesome Collection of 2D Animation Examples

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 10, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Fuel your Creativity with 10 Awesome Collection of 2D Animation Examples

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It is pretty evident that organizations are prompt integrating videos into their campaigns on marketing and numerous other touch points.

If you're not much sure about whether to go with 3D or 2D, always commence with viewing example videos to acquire some inspiration and knowledge or have a talk with 2D cartoon animation video production agencies which could suggest an apt fit.

As it's always engaging, cost-effective, and fun, animated explainer best 2D animation video will educate and entertain the entire audience at the same time. It is just not only the insight about the services, products, or brand which associate your organization with your customers.

 It is the attitude and personality of the brand as well that individual will forward to others after eyeing your video. If you wish to know about what an effectual video peeps like, here're 10 majestic examples.

01Travel Portland

Why it's Awesome: This gritty animation beautifully blends real-world objects and hand-drawn style.

Travel Portland - You Can, In Portland from HouseSpecial on Vimeo.

This video made for Travel Portland is quite a decent example of a video which combines distinctive animation disciplines through to singular vision. The video that was clearly created with After Effects, classic animation principles, hand-drawn animation, and showcases stop motion.

02Down the Rabbit Hole

Why It's Awesome: An alluring case study in experimental design and shape organization.

Down The Rabbit Hole 2016 from Agent Pekka on Vimeo.

Without careful organization and pre-planning, the timeline of the animator could get considerably messy. This video showcases an extravagant example of a multidisciplinary approach and shape layer keyframing to best 2D animation design. In this video, you'll get keyframing all of the elements.

03Veterans Day

Why it's Awesome: It is a fascinating model to liquid gritty-style animated video.

SyFy / NBCUniversal - Veterans Day from STATE on Vimeo.

This video made for Syfy and NBC is a superb example of the liquid animation amalgamated with gritty design. Likely this video utilized a 2D rendering simulator technique such as 'toon shading' in the Cinema 4D.

04Min Stora Dag

Why it's Awesome: This video wonderfully exhibits stretch and squash assorted with motivated actions.

Min Stora Dag from Brikk on Vimeo.

There're twelve fundamental principles of animation which you must always follow to make your animations work more interesting. The following video is truly an appreciable instance of a piece that incorporates several of those twelve basic principles to make something remarkably fun.


Why it's AwesomeThis video proficiently blends digital and physical elements to craft a splendid 2D design.

Probably you utilized to create most of your work on the computer. Even so, you may find it amusing to experiment with integrating real-world pieces into the next animation project of yours. It may perhaps take a little more pre-production than you are used to, however, the results could be astonishing. This incredible clip from PES is an exquisite blend of expert compositing and paper cutouts.


Why it's Awesome: CMYK presents us that even nominal movement could add up lots of personality to 2D characters.

CMYK from Ronda on Vimeo.

The objective of any character animator is just to unveil what your character is considering. Animators acquire this in distinct ways, but one vital thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to invest hundreds of hours on a single project so as to produce characters with emotions. This striking animation proves that you could give life to stiff characters with nothing but the most minuscule of movement.

07Tako Faito!

Why it's Awesome: This video is literally a fun blend of vectorized 3D elements and Japanese style animation.

Tako Faito! from Giant Ant on Vimeo.

The aim of most animators is to give a hand-drawn look to a project. Regardless, obtaining a good hand-drawn look without the physical drawing of your characters on the computer is quite challenging. This modish video from Giant Ant exhibits how you could simulate hand-drawn video with the 'easy-to-make' 3D elements.


Why It's Awesome: It reduces troubles significantly, and you face with multi-channel selling.

ZOHO Inventory is online-based inventory management software that aids you to manage offline and online orders and maintain track of the stock levels across multitudinous channels. Zoho Inventory incorporates eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify, so your sales, contacts, and items orders in these channels are automatically imported. This 2D animation video showcases how you could optimize inventory and purchases levels and obtain critical insights with ZOHO inventory about your businesses at any moment.


Why it's Awesome: Working in the cloud, your suppliers and you could ingress the system anywhere, anytime, so you're in the loop always.

TraQtion is a cloud-based software that helps manufacturers and retailers with the site, product, and supplier compliance management. It aids in tracking the compliance and quality from macro to minutiae, predicting problems, and then taking rectifying measures, wherever you're. TraQtion produced this animated 2D video to disclose how seamless compliance and quality can be. It's a sprucely done video overall.

10George Clinical

Why it's Awesome: George Clinical exhibits its all complete offerings with this 2D video.

In Asia, George Clinical is one of the prime Clinical Research Organizations, imparting top-quality clinical trial research facilities from beginning to finish, reinforced by innovation and science. George Clinical caters an extensive range of clinical trial services to biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical consumers for all the trial phases, post-marketing trials, registration. This 2D animation video delivers a comprehensive overview of George Clinical and its services.


The best upshot of a 2D animated video isn't to increase the traffic but an endorsement of any brand. Free 2D animation video must cater to the personality and attitude of the brand to a wide range of target audiences. Hence, whenever that onlooker requires something accordant, they will consider your brand and its services.

Irrespective of the matter if you are going to use B2C or B2B marketing, live2D animation video is the platform that connects your audience with you. After the connection is completely built, you will be one step up ahead for sure, holding back on another side to generate sales and escalate ROI. Undeniably, animated videos do the conversion.

The affluent video is one with a catchy hook, a stimulating message and marks your brand to the target audience. Therefore, do not be afraid at all to be distinct from others.

In this respect the name of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor needs mentioning as it is one such video editing software that provides you with countless features and benefits. It becomes easy to create animated videos like a professional when you install Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Key Takeaways from This Episode

Work with an organization that can fully understand your requirement on video production easily

Find a combine multiple videos or reference video elements from the different sources

Build an invincible creative brief

With the aforementioned live2D animation instances, it is pretty evident that organizations are prompt integrating videos into their campaigns on marketing and numerous other touch-points.

If you're planning to develop these videos, a steady commencement is to develop a briefing of what could be the style and tone for your videos. We recommend you to be unique and different whilst you produce your messaging via the videos.

Agencies make custom videos typically based on your given brief. At a fixed price with an accomplished video production services plan, their design team skillfully works right from development concept to animation and art design. Having produced 1200+ explainers for the businesses, their creative professional team could help you come up with the upright fit.

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