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10 Cartoon Canvas Painting Ideas for Total Beginners

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
10 Cartoon Canvas Painting Ideas for Total Beginners

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Beginning your streak into cartoon canvas painting? Stay tuned to learn about the 10 most amazing ideas to design your best cartoon canvas art in no time!

Part 1 Cartoon Canvas Painting Ideas

Cartoon are an evergreen favourite for almost everyone around. After all, who would mind sparing a laugh on the adorable musings of the cutest cat and mouse duo in Tom and Jerry, or long for a dive into the fantasy of icy adventures with the Frozen fairy tale! While the huge caricature repository has the best of fun to offer, watching them peep at you from the canvas painting on your art wall is no less of a delight.

When starting to create your own cartoon canvas art, end your search of the most striking painting idea with the amazingly stunning choices in the following section:

01Tom and Jerry

These two are undoubtedly the pioneers of the entire cartoon story that has affordably existed till date. The naughty duo promises to lighten up your day with a mere gaze through the art wall in your room, in the same way as their show sets the mood in. Painting them on your room’s wall canvas will certainly add life to the place.

02Super Mario

Who can forget this adorable red plumber, who conveniently takes the credit for giving us the fondest childhood memories? Whether or not a regular console gamer, this adventure hero is an undisputed favorite of everyone around. So why not make him a member of your art collection through a cartoon canvas painting!

03Characters from the Frozen Land

The adorable cartoon characters from the icy landscapes of this winter fairy saga are possibly the best way to begin your exciting journey of cartoon canvas painting. While the magical storyline of the pixie quest has a diversity of the coolest and the most adorable characters to choose from, you are always free to pick your favorite one and start your design spree.

04Kung fu Panda

If you are a parallel admirer of martial arts and caricature heroes, this cartoon character would be an apt choice to satisfy your love for canvas painting. The adorably cute bear eyeing at you from the painting in his best warlike posture would certainly motivate you to work on keeping a check of your fitness levels!

05Sponge Bob

Living up to his name, this spongy creature has created a separate and strong fan base among viewers of all age groups beyond time. Choosing this character for your cartoon canvas art is surely going to spark up your day with the vibrancy of a real rainbow, even in between the sulkiest of moments, as they say, it’s time to brighten up your life with Bob!

06Homer Simpson

If you are convincingly fascinated by the lures of life overseas, this American toon character is all set to give you the perfect feel of the day to day American lifestyle. Try hands at painting a scene from the eventful life of the Simpson family that is ready to add a fun angle to the most boring chores, while giving you a parodical glimpse of the American society and culture.

07Characters from the Avenger Series

Avengers must be your absolute favorite if you have a love for battle and combat games. Bring your adventure feel back to life with creating a canvas painting art of your most admired avenger, or consider including all of them on a king size canvas if you are having a tough time picking the best from the best!

08Angry Birds

These furious creatures have been a global sensation since their entry into the world of gaming. While these star birds take you on a stunning adventure realism with an amazing graphic excellence, a caricature canvas art of these in your painting collection will certainly add the missing spunk to your graphic creativity.

09Members and Trainers of the Pokémon Species

From TV series to gaming adventures, the love for Pokémon has stood the tests of time in every dimension. When it comes to adding these characters to your canvas painting, you have a storehouse of choices from the cute Pikachu and the meticulous Ash to the nasty team Rocket and other amazing members of the Pokémon species.

10Donald Duck

If you are keen on adding a touch of nostalgia to your creative drawing, consider designing a masterpiece of cartoon canvas artwork portraying this bubbly ad quaky creature that has given you the best of childhood entertainment in the form of possibly the most reliable financial advisor and the cutest good luck charm of toon land.

Now that the graphic design technology has reached its par, you can explore your creativity to design these characters for various uses, such as, illustrative, animated, gag, editorial and political cartoons, or caricatures on comic panels and strips.

Part 2 How To Paint A Cartoon On Canvas

Now that you have come cross the exciting ideas of creating cartoon canvas art, this must be a sufficient motivation to experiment with creating a top class caricature canvas painting for yourself. Read through the following section to get an insight into the knowhow of painting a cartoon on canvas in the easiest possible way!

User’s Guide to Create a Cartoon Canvas Painting on Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Before entering into the actual design task, you will require a download, installation and launch of the Wondershare Filmora application to any of your Windows or Mac supported devices. Visit the following link for a free download of the software program:

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

5,481,435 people have downloaded it.

Build unique custom animations without breaking a sweat.

Focus on creating epic stories and leave the details to Filmora's auto features.

Start a creative adventure with drag & drop effects and endless possibilities.

Filmora simplifies advanced features to save you time and effort.

Filmora cuts out repetition so you can move on to your next creative breakthrough.

Painting a Young Character

Take the following steps to draw the caricature form of a young or middle aged character in Wondershare Filmora:

Step 1:

Launch Wondershare Filmora on your system and then start new project. Now import the video from your computer in the software interface.

Filmora Add Video

Step 2:

Once you have added the video then simply drag and drop it in the timeline.

Filmora Add Video to Timeline

Step 3

Once you have added video to the timeline double click on the added video in timeline to open the video editing menu of Wondershare Filmora.

Filmora Open Editing Menu

Step 4:

Now, click the "Animation" tab in the editing options at the left side of interface then you can select anyone from the available preset options.

Filmora Select Animation Preset

Step 5:

Select any preset from the available list and then drag and drop it in the timeline to apply the preset on the video. After applying you can use the play button to preview the file. This is the way to create beautiful animation with the Wondershare Filmora. Just like this you can quickly create the best Cartoon canvas as well.

Filmora Finalize Animation

Step 5

After doing all necessary editing you just need to click the "Export" button and save it on your computer.

Filmora Export Final Creation

Ending Thoughts

Cartoon canvas art has gained immense popularity in recent times having a reliable economic and creation advantage with the growth of animation design.

There are a variety of cartoon painting ideas that you can choose to explore your graphic design creativity.

When looking for the best solutions to work on creating caricature canvas art, Wondershare Filmora is your worthiest choice.

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