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Little Known Techniques of Motion Graphics in Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 10, 22, updated May 20, 24
Little Known Techniques of Motion Graphics in Premiere Pro

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Video editing has recently gained momentum in content design, and with Motion Graphics Premiere Pro editing templates, it has all the fun in the house.

Part 1 5 Editing Motion Graphics Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro

A variety of editing techniques of motion graphics for Premiere Pro are ready to give a classy touch to your videos. Let’s brush up through the best you can have.

01Cropping Clips

Cropping your videos allows you to fit them into your required size frames. To remove any unwanted portions of your edits, crop them in adobe Premiere Pro with your desired aspect ratio to give that ‘just perfect’ look to your edits.

Start from importing and adding your footage to your project panel, followed by creating a fresh composition. Now, choose ‘Crop’ from the Effects panel to add it to your clip, either by double-clicking or dragging and dropping.

02Trimming Clips

If you want to adjust the ‘In and Out’ play back sequence of your edited clips, you can go for trimming them. You can trim your clips in the Source and Program monitors, or even in the Premiere Pro timeline. You can choose from the standard cut, jump cut, B-roll cut etc, to suit your editing needs and styles.

All you need to do is open the clip, mark the In and Out points, adjust their sequence with previous or next edits in your cue and that’s it. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for this purpose. However, you need to preset these shortcuts before you begin editing your clips.

03Adding Text

You can try adding simple and formatted texts to enhance your video outlook. This comes handy when you are aiming to deliver specific messages to your audience. You can add normal write-ups, callout quotations and customize your text in a number of exciting styles. Just go to the Type tool, format your text in the Text Box and you’re done!

04Audio Level Adjustment

Want to add spark to your clips with a synchronized audio visual effect? After you finish trimming and cropping, consider opting for an in-line audio adjustment. This will definitely enhance your video and take your craft to the next level.

All you need to do is select an audio clip, click on ‘Audio Gain’ in the drop down menu, set desired Decibel count in the Audio Gain Box and select ‘OK’.

05Exporting Videos

Once you are done with your video craft, you should certainly look forward to making it available for social exposure. To do this, select appropriate sequence constraints in the Export window, choose the export platform, format and Codec, make fine tuning and bit rate adjustments and finish export either in Premiere Pro or Media Encoder. You may also save these settings for your next exports.

Part 2 Free Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro

Let’s have a look into your best choices of free motion graphic templates for Premiere Pro:

0114 Premiere Pro Lumetri Looks

Want to enhance your video creativity with that amazing Hollywood feel? You can undoubtedly opt for the Premiere Lumetri Looks template that gives you the liberty to provide a Hollywood oriented color scheme to your videos, just like those incredible color patterns one would see in Dr. Strangelove, The Martian and many more famous Hollywood flicks.

14 Premiere Pro Lumetri Looks

0215 Animated Lower Thirds

This template comes handy when you need to add lower thirds to your videos, either to introduce different content varieties or to objectify your video components. You can use this template with ease in your personal as well as commercial videos to give them that explicit professional touch.

15 Animated Lower Thirds

03Horror Trailer Titles

If horror videos turn you on, use this template in video creations to customize them with that intense and scary feel! This template helps you add scary title slates that are just enough to add a terrifying quotient to your videos. From personal to professional, this template can add intensity to any video type.

04Instagram Stories Premiere Pro Template

This template is a definite catch for those Instagram lovers who constantly experiment to post engaging stories on the platform. If you want your IG stories to grab the talk, go for this animation template to customize photos and text so that they get the buzz among your followers.

Instagram Stories Premiere Pro Template

05Dust Overlays

Comprising of studio-like effects, this template allows you to enhance your films with high quality dynamic animation in appealing texture variations. Use this template to create videos with those attractive misty backgrounds with cohesive variations in lighting with adjustable power effects.

06Travel Stories Premiere Pro Template

If you are into travel blogging and trying to add spunk to your stories and videos, this template is there to help you out with its catchy text animations and flowy transitions. Available in an upgraded configuration, this template is everything you need to make your travel blogs hover the trending charts.

Travel Stories Premiere Pro Template

07Digital Slideshow

Go for this template to add spark to your graphic presentations. Designed primarily for professional usage, it is equally effective in personal projects also. Developed by Evanto Elements, the company offers unlimited access on subscription.

Digital Slideshow

08Free Quotes Premiere Pro Template

If you want to add animated quotes to your video creations, this template is a must try for you. Providing 6 quoting options and a ‘click to change’ text and color interface with convenient customizability keeps it among the top choices for hastle free motion editing.

Free Quotes Premiere Pro Template

09Cinematic Title Style Library

If you are bored with those conventional Premiere Pro titles but don’t want to invest time in creating styles of your own, you can use the modernized title styles from this library to enhance your creations with that intense cinematic feel. You can use them comfortably for personal and commercial purposes.

Cinematic Title Style Library

10Space Background Elements

This set of background templates is designed to provide realistic settings to video creators who work on science fiction and space oriented themes. Loaded with different real-time effects, this template provides the ultimate feel of a space travel in 4K.

4K Space Background Elements

Part 2 Alternatives to Premiere Pro: Filmora

If not Premiere Pro, you can go for Filmora as a dependable alternative. It’s an exquisite set of amazing and top-notch tools for creating g and editing videos. Wondershare introduced Filmora as an effective, easy-to-use editing software that’s equally caters to the editing pace of beginners as well as experts. You can use Filmora with Windows and macOS.

Packed with a range of appealing customization choices, Filmora comes to you in four principal versions:

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Suitable for beginners, this is the basic and the simplest version having inbuilt editing templates. It’s desktop compatible software.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later


Android and iOS compatibility in this version of Filmora brought video editing from PCs and laptops into smartphones.



This version allows you to record your editing screen if you’re a working on Windows.


Part 4 How to Use Motion Graphics Templates in Premiere Pro

After getting familiar with Premiere Pro editing and templates, let’s get into using these adobe premiere motion graphics templates for an exemplary video creating experience. Take up the following steps to get started.

Go to Premiere Pro Essential Graphics Panel

In the Premiere Pro startup page, select ‘Window’ from the toolbar and select ‘Essential Graphics’ from the drop down menu.

Add Motion Graphics Templates to Library

Click the ‘Import’ button present at the bottom in the right side of the Essential Graphics Panel. Go to and choose your downloaded motion graphics template file and select ‘Open’. Your file is added to the Essential Graphics Library.

Drag-Drop the MOGRT to Timeline

‘Drag’ your motion graphics template from the library and ‘Drop’ it on your Timeline.

Customize Your Template

Go to the ‘Edit’ option in the Essential Graphics Panel to look for customization choices available for your selected motion graphics adobe template.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Adobe Premiere Pro is an amazing video creation and editing tool that ensures to give a professional class to your edits. Be it personal creativity or professional expertise, this software is all set to give you a wholesome editing experience you will never forget.

Loaded with an extensive variety of editing templates, available for free and on subscription, adobe premiere pro is a one stop access to all your editing concerns. Its customizable effects will certainly make your creations stand out in the league.

Video editing is a high in demand craft of excellence. With advancements in software developments, the creative market offers you a pool of over the top editing software that is ready to give that classy spunk to your videos. So just your own from the pool and go on a spree of creating trend setting videos that never miss out on grabbing the attention of everyone around!

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