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What is Motion Graphics

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 10, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
What is Motion Graphics

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Are you new to motion graphics and looking to learn everything about animated motion then you are at the right webpage. In this article, we will cover everything about motion graphic videos.

Part 1 What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is known as videos with the mix-up of the text, effect, stickers, and many other types of components. It’s known as an animated graphic design as well. Motion graphics are a great way to communicate with the target audience with the help of video, text, and emotions in the videos. The motion graphics videos with the music, effects, and text can give a great message to the audience.

Part 2 5 Motion Graphics Animation Trends You Need to Know About

01Mix up the and 3D

Mixing up the and animations in the videos is still getting momentum. People love the way the motion graphic designer explains the video using the mixing of and 3D. This trend is also used in the hundreds of costly advertisements.

02Trend of Broken Text in Videos

The broken text trend is also used in thousands of videos and it helps designers to show the poetic meaning of the client video they are making. People take it positively and understand the video with just the broken text at the right place.

03Adding VFX in the Videos

02Trend of Broken Text in Videos

VFX trend is catching people a lot now a day. The complex visual effects in the videos get the attention of the audience very quickly. While browsing videos over the internet you can also observe the VFX effects in the case of the firestorm, explosions, etc in the videos.

04Animated Logos of Companies

Animated logos are in huge demand even by the biggest companies around the globe. Animated logos are also used in the motion graphic videos while showing the company products or in the marketing videos. The animated logos capture the attention of people very quickly.

05Thin Lines in the Videos

In animated motion graphics videos lines also plays a very important role as they can easily help viewers to understand the shape, directions, and many more other things. Designers are now drawing the thin lines in their videos.

Part 3 History of Motion Graphics

Previously, before the presence of motion graphics in the world of technology the graphics worked just the images in the un-moving and flat formats.

Motion graphics first came into the scene when Oskar Fischinger and Norman McLaren were doing some experimental work. Later in 195some designers introduced motion graphics to the public in a bigger way. The designers later used in a few films that time and these films are still a great example of the motion graphics used at that time. Motion graphics in these films presented information such as the product company, actors, film directors, movie title, and many other things about the films in a very creative way.

Playing with the words or graphic elements was never seen by the people before the motion graphics. Later it’s started used in mostly all films and ad videos.

Now a day in the few years the advancement of animation software’s and the improvements in designs allowed people to learn more about motion graphics and try to produce new and eye-catching graphics.

Part 4 Uses of Motion Graphics Today

Now a day due to the new technology every day the presence of the screen in multiple devices has extended the usage of motion graphics. Motion graphics are generally used in every device that has a screen such as opening the TV, introducing the information with the bumpers, and many other things. Below are a few examples where motion graphics are mainly used:


Branding is the biggest channel and branding owners were looking for something different to refresh their brand and make it different from the other SKY channels. The Nerdo Creative Studio used motion graphics in their channel video and created a beautiful video with typography and text effects. This video makes it different from the other channels which generally people don’t see every day on television.

Branding of Products

02Sharing Product Information Or Promotion Video

The main usage of motion graphics is promoting the products using the product videos created with the help of beautiful motion graphic backgrounds and texts. This helps brands to promote their products in front of customers in a clear way and get more sales. In the product videos, the animated motion graphics can help you a lot in creating entertaining, fun, and engaging eye-catching product videos.

Sharing product information or promotion video

03Telling a Story to the Audience.

Storytelling about a brand or anything is a very complicated task because your story must be to the point and understandable by the viewers. In this case, motion graphics help a lot. For example, you can view the above video on the URL with clear images, text, icons, and great background music. This is a great concept and you can even use it for making ads for your products or for making short films.

Telling a Story to the Audience

04Explaining A Concept To Your Students Or In The Company Meetings

Motion graphics are a great way to make the explainer videos for your products or the new concepts to your students in the school or college. Motion graphic videos can more clearly explain the concepts to the audience instead of using a presentation. The YouTube video link above shows how beautifully the designer has explained the concept of blockchain in the video.

Explaining a concept to your students or in the company meetings

05Creating Awareness About Something

The above video is about empowering women and girls where motion graphics are used. This awareness video doesn’t have any fancy design or great colors but still, it clears its message to the people.

Creating Awareness about Something

Part 5 Motion Graphics vs. Animation: What’s the Difference?

Motion graphics are generally represented with moving images, text, and other objects and these graphics can easily display information with the help of moving objects such as the moving website logo, blurring text, bars in graphs, etc. Simply we can say the motion graphics can display the letters and shapes in the motion of the user’s choice. Sometimes things are very hard to explain with the still images whereas with the help of a few seconds of motion graphics you can clear everything perfectly.

If we talk about animation then this is a term under which motion graphics falls. Animation is used for more than 1years. So, we can say motion graphics are a part of animation itself. Any technique in the world which helps users to move static images or objects is known as animation. It can be Claymation, anime, cartoons, or motion graphics.

Mainly the content separates the motion graphics from the other types of animations because, in the motion graphic text, objects are associated with the other graphic designs.

Part 6 How to Make Motion Graphics?

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora is desktop software that allows you to quickly make beautiful motion graphic videos without doing any effort. This motion graphics video maker program is available for windows as well as the Mac operating system computers. Wondershare Filmora is capable of making the best videos very easily even you can apply motion tracking in the videos with this software. It allows you to edit the videos from scratch and create the end-level best videos. It offers you several features such as video effects, split screen, green screen, and color grading and controlling the speed of your videos. Finally, this is a complete solution for all your video editing and motion graphic problems.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

This is the information about what motion graphics is and how to create the best motion graphics video on your computer with the help of Wondershare Filmora.

There are hundreds of other motion graphics video maker software and apps available over the internet but not any app can design the best videos as compared to the Wondershare Filmora.

The best part is that it is very easy to use and you can quickly make motion graphics videos even if you are a newbie.

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