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Amazing Whiteboard Animation Video Examples You Need to Bookmark

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated May 20, 24
10 Amazing Whiteboard Animation Video Examples You Need to Bookmark in 2022

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When it comes to making videos, you can also do it by drawing videos. You can illustrate your art of drawing by videos. You need to know the steps of doing the best whiteboard animation.

It is a process in which an author draws a drawing physically and shows it using a story using whiteboard animation.

Part 1 What Is Whiteboard Animation?

whiteboard animation creation 1

Whiteboard animation is a video style where the viewer is static but digitally animated images get drawn on the white screen. The illustrations are amid a narration that walks the audience through the story by the sketches. These animations are simple to understand, but they make us engaging all of a sudden.

The authors generally use time-lapse and stop motion animation to liven hand-drawn illustrations while converting drawing into video. YouTube is a standard platform for it. The earliest videos made using whiteboard animation were way back in 20on YouTube. For experimental purposes until developing into a storytelling device, focusing entirely on narratives and academic explanations.

There is absolute confidence that video marketing has exploded within the last decade, with whiteboard animation video-free accessibility becoming a vital aspect of any successful marketing plan. Everyone has jumped on the video bandwagon. Thus, it is no surprise that customers are fourfold more fascinated by watching videos of a couple of products instead of reading about one.Top of FormBottom of Form

Part 2 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos

reason to use whiteboard 2

Videos are undoubtedly the only productive ways to market your products and services. In all types of animations forms, whiteboard animation videos are almost at the top. It can be a way of product or service within the excellent way through whiteboard animation videos.

Here are some valid reasons to use whiteboard animation videos for your brand's informative and crucial success.

01Artworks simplify complex concepts

Visual concepts can allow you to learn a fancy concept quickly. Whiteboard animation videos are suitable animation videos for this idea. For instance, a before and after effect shown in an exceeding whiteboard animation video on substance abuse or weight reduction can inform you quite a bit of textual information. The result of a specific habit or a condition is presented in an easy-to-understand way.

02You can use the sense of humor to represent a topic

If you want to add humor in your video presentation, whiteboard animation is one of the most effective ways to urge laughs. Amateur actors will be awkward and annoying after they try and be funny on camera, but in whiteboard animation’s laid-back visual style, it can communicate humor flawlessly.

03Can be easily distributed

An animated video is shareable. Whiteboard animation videos are affordable and easily shareable to anybody across the world! These videos can go quickly through an email or link to a YouTube account. The world as a whole can realize your offerings, and your video has the best possibility of doing magic every hour per day. In this way, you'll be able to reach a wider audience spread around the world.

04Captivating sketches made by the artist

Watching an animation video is fantastic. As the artist uses the pen to form interesting characters in step with the changing backgrounds and environments, the viewers get interested in the video and watch the story unfold before them. What interests them is determining the subsequent set of situations because the story progresses. Slowly, the illustrations presented within the video bring the characters in the environment to life. Subsequently at that stage, your audience wants to determine more and more stuff.

05Sound information put in an entertaining way

Whiteboard animation videos are comprehensible and are full of helpful information to assist your audience know your products and services. With a median length of 3-5 minutes, whiteboard animation videos are full of important stuff your viewers desire to learn. A good animation video of this kind lets your audience concentrate on what you're presenting and assists them to engage along with your video.

Part 3 Prime Factors That Make Up an Excellent Whiteboard Video

factors of whiteboard 3

There are a few vital components to consider to form a fantastic whiteboard video. 

Content Quality: One critical figure is the quality of the drawings. An excellent quality whiteboard video should be well-composed, with parcels of detail and attention to the point.

Animation Movement: Your movement should be dark and white with a clear voice. The voiceover must be fresh, clear, and effectively caught on over diverting foundation sounds. It ought to moreover be clear and straightforward to get it.

Clear Drawing Hand: Your drawing hand should be as clear and precise as conceivable.

Underneath are other fundamental components of a successful whiteboard activity.

Storyboard: After the primary organizes, you ought to make a storyboard. Typically comparative to a comedian strip, the storyboard clarifies visual aspects of your video. The storyboard should incorporate all the activities and scenes that take place within the video. It is additionally valuable for visualizing the story and making it more viable. After this step, sending your video to YouTube may be an incredible way to convey your creation.

Energized Characters: An animated character will include identity in the video, as they will be recognizable to the gathering of people. Energized characters have a lock-in approach and a human touch. The characters ought to be an agent of your target group of onlookers. 

A hand-drawn activity is one way to form your whiteboard video locks in and memorable. A locks storyline is additionally vital. The movement ought to be clear, essential, and entertaining.

A fabulous script is the establishment of a fantastic whiteboard video. A great script traces the objectives of the video, makes a compelling story, and joins the brand colors within the video. Whereas whiteboard activity can be an excellent medium for informative purposes, it is still great to join the brand's colors into the video to donate a particular feel.

Part 4 Best Whiteboard Animation Examples to inspire You

Now that we know what whiteboard enlivened recordings are and the variables that make them effective, let's look at our choice for the best whiteboard liveliness illustrations. You can discover, learn from, and utilize as a layout for your claim vivified whiteboard video generation.

01DC HomeBuzz

DC Homebuzz4

Category: Genuine Bequest Whiteboard Activity Example DC HomeBuzz may be a superb illustration of a whiteboard enlivened video illustration that centers on exhibiting their interesting esteem suggestion to pick up client footing. Their level charge full-service show is precisely that. When coupled with quick and smooth activity and a persuading script described in a fresh and clear voice, this is what makes this an incredible whiteboard activity example.

02Where Good Ideas Come From

Where do good ideas come from 5

Category: Instruction Whiteboard Movement Example. If you're looking to induce a firm thought of how to require complex thinking and convey it to your target gathering of people with supreme effortlessness utilizing both the script and the visual prompts, at that point, this video could be a remarkable asset for you. The video does an excellent work of showing its message in locks in and precious stone clear way for the group of onlookers to retain data, which is fundamental for any client to be changed over into a sale.

03Elevations Credit union

Elevations credit union 6

Category: Fund Industry Whiteboard Activity Example In movement, it's significant to keep things light and breezy, and some of the time indeed amusing to create beyond any doubt your watchers feel like their time is worth the watch. This video may be a prime illustration of an energized video that adds a bit of humor through its visual encounter inside an industry that's, for the most part, considered boring. Take a book out of their page to coordinate a bit of humor into your recordings for expanded engagement and tall chances of social offers.

0423 and ½ Hours

23 and ½ Hours7

Category: Healthcare Whiteboard Activity Example. While these recordings are a rule for informative and address purposes, they are an extraordinary illustration of how to guarantee that complex data can streamline utilizing enlivened whiteboard recordings. With the assistance of drawings and physical representation, it can turn bland substance into simple to observe lessons or recordings, notwithstanding the subject's nature. The challenge is to be imaginative within the production and scripting preparation, and this energized video illustration appears fair to the good imagination.

05Coca-cola 2020

Coca-cola 20208

Conversation approximately includes esteem to the community with the assistance of an informative video. Being one of the greatest brands in the world, the Coca-Cola substance activity video grandstands all the correct qualities of an animated whiteboard video. This video could be a perfect case of natural substance and activity collaboration from scripting to activity fashion and voiceover quality. Take a page from Coca-Cola's book to create a whiteboard video that's clear and tastefully satisfying to observe.

06ESPN – Marshawn Lynch Interview

ESPN – Marshawn Lynch Interview 9

Pressed with excitement, education, and limited-time esteem, this energized video by ESPN is one of the leading within the sports category. Its silly delineation of the interview drawing the consideration of the group of onlookers and a script made around the interest of the group of onlookers, making it an awesome in general production.

07Weird Al Yankovich

Weird Al Yankovich10

Usually, a commendable enlivened whiteboard video that packs a parcel of data in a brief time outline. It is imperative in most cases to keep your video as short as conceivable, based on the kind of item and benefit you're talking approximately. Smooth movement, a great script highlighting a USP, and superb general message quality, put this video on our list.

08Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Solutions

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Solutions 11

Category: IT Whiteboard Liveliness Example An incredible item intro video within the whiteboard activity fashion grandstands Oracle's stockroom administration arrangement control. This video makes our list for its effortlessness and fundamental approach to whiteboard animation. Sometimes aiming to favor can end up as well, and remaining straightforward and classy can deliver extraordinary comes about, and that's what this video is all almost.



No item is boring. The clarification and introduction of things make them sound and come over as dull. Need to form beyond any doubt your item isn't one of those boring showing up ones? At that point, check out how Standard positions itself as a value-intensive, easy-to-use, and locks-in arrangement that guarantees that at each minute of the video, the client is learning something unused to keep them snared until the end.

10Socratic Investment


If you need to memorize how to condense tons of data, this whiteboard liveliness illustration will give you extraordinary motivation to do so. Socratic Ventures, the video presents its whole trade setup, framework, and administration without overpowering the viewers. With a straightforward script and supporting restricted whiteboard activity, this video makes it to our list for its negligible, however successful approach.

To note that, while exploring different examples for whiteboard animation video examples, must be acknowledged by the tremendous supports and services provided by some online tools such as Filmora, Videoscribe whiteboard animation, and whiteboard animation After Effects template free to download.

The Best Whiteboard Animation Video Software:

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is free whiteboard animation video software that gives users a brand new way of empowering their storytelling. This innovative video editing software comes with top-notch features that permit users to create professional-looking whiteboard animation videos with compositing, motion graphics, tricks, color correction tools, and more. It is both powerful and straightforward to find out the Quality of the Substance.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

What is meant by Whiteboard animation or whiteboard animation videos

Different examples of best whiteboard animation videos to explain the techniques

Factors that make up an excellent video.

Further, the article has explained in detail about whiteboard animation videos with different examples to clarify how it looks, and some websites may help you lead more about whiteboard animation videos. The most important question answered above is how to make videos ideally at Filmora. I hope your queries are unambiguous after reading this post.  

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