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How to Create a YouTube Intro Animation like a Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 27, 22, updated May 20, 24
How to Create a YouTube Intro Animation like a Pro

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

YouTube video intro animation is the short introductory clips and plays at the beginning of a YouTube video. YouTube intro videos as in almost everywhere, most times probably without giving them a second chance or understanding what their purpose is. There is no difference in YouTube videos, as without a proper setup, even if the content is excellent, your audience is not likely to hang around.

There is some free animation intro for YouTube that you can choose from to create your own YouTube intro. In this article, we will show a comprehensive guide on how to get an intro animation template free download and create your own free YouTube animation intro like a professional. So, let's move on to explore how is the YouTube intro animation download process works using YouTube Intro Animation Makers through this article.

Part 1 What is YouTube Intro Animation?

An animation video for YouTube intro is a short animated clip usually 5 to seconds in length and plays before the main YouTube video content. The intro YouTube animation is the primary step to creating your online persona and branding your content on YouTube. You can get YouTube intro animation for free online and include them in your YouTube content. A YouTube intro easily and quickly provides viewers insight into what they should expect from the channel. It is used to familiarize the viewer with the channel's theme, feel, and look, which gives them context before reaching the main content.

Intro animation YouTube is sometimes called video bumpers, as they catch viewers' attention and help reinforce your brand. In the general video, intros boost the video quality. You can also get a good video intro from intro animation free download websites for your YouTube content.

YouTube Intro animation

Part 2 How do YouTube Intro Animation Maker works?

You can create compelling, engaging, and best intro animation on YouTube by using free animation intro for YouTube or creating a YouTube intro animation by yourself. You don't need be a pro in video editing or a creator to make animated video intros for your YouTube channel if you have the best intro animation software to create intro videos like a professional. Here are some benefits of YouTube intro animation maker and how it works:

A YouTube intro animation maker has a built-in editor in your browser

A YouTube intro animation maker is affordable, fast, and easy to use

A YouTube intro animation maker can broadcast-quality logo animation and intros

A YouTube intro animation maker has a wide variety of templates to make your YouTube animation intro

Using a YouTube intro animation maker, you are ready to create unskippable YouTube intros using the most versatile tool to turn your viewers into lifelong channel subscribers.

YouTube intro animation maker

Part 3 5 of YouTube Intro Animation examples (2022)

To be successful on YouTube, capture and retain your viewers' attention and increase your conversions. The best method to achieve this is by using an excellent YouTube animated intro to create a lasting impression to make your video worth watching. You can also get Professional YouTube animated intro from intro animation download websites. This action will look at 5 make YouTube intro animation examples and ideas from where you can draw your inspiration in 2022.

01Ted Talk

YouTube intro animation example 01

Ted Talk, free fire intro animation, is a perfect example of a beautiful and captured sequence that helps to tell the audience what the brand is all about and their ideas and worth spreading. The good news about this intro is that you don't need to be a professional, hire an animator, or invest in any flashy or expensive animation to show your brand on YouTube.

To achieve this intro, all you require is some intro animation in After Effects template free that can work for your brand so that you'll be able to retain your audience and make them wanting to come back for more.


YouTube intro animation example 02

Jazza is a perfect example of free intro animation templates that you can use all over again to showcase your brand. The main idea for making a gaming intro animation video free download is to bring about an attractive, eye-capturing video intro through it. 

This intro communicates a passion for teaching people to paint, animate, and draw. This same template can also create a vlog animation intro for the Jazza language lesson website, as it is a tremendous sequential presentation that represents Jazza mission.

03Salma Jafra

YouTube intro animation example 03

Salma Jafra Video intro tells a short story about the video's main takeaways and includes an 8 seconds vlog intro animation sequence. Everything, including a brand color, is purple, which helps the audience recognize our videos on YouTube.

In addition to the free animation for YouTube intro, she plugged in her content to the end of the video or outro to generate enough traffic and adhere to SEO guidelines to ensure that the targeted audience finds the videos.


YouTube intro animation example 04

SciShow enables viewers to understand the brand and the kind of free YouTube intro animation video. The main trick of the video is to instantly grab viewers' attention and convince them that the video is for them.

This intro animation video free download is a perfect example of how you can introduce your theme, tone, and brand name into your YouTube animation intro video download. This type of intro allows viewers to know what to expect quickly, and superb animation and design show off the value of production. Examples of a brand that can benefit from this type of YouTube animation intro download template is sleep studies.

05"Pump Red" Cinema Template

YouTube intro animation example 05

"Pump Red" Cinema Template is perfect for capturing reviewers' imagination with an eye-catching, captivating, and intelligent video intro. By following the examples in this Minecraft animation intro template, you are more likely to retain your visitors or viewers from the moment they hit the play button on your YouTube video by using a catching soundtrack, on-brand messaging, and exciting visuals.

Part 4 How to Create a YouTube Intro Animation FAST

Whether you are using any streaming channel, YouTube, or selling videos on any e-commerce website, making animation for YouTube intro plays a vital role in promoting your brand. With it, creating an introduction may not seem as complicated as it sounds.

The section explains in detail how to make a YouTube intro animation free with the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor video editor from animated intro download templates or create a custom intro from scratch even if there is no existing footage or image to begin with. The following method will guide you through the process, and then you can keep your video saved for reuse in all creations to maintain consistency and give your brand a unique identity:

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


01Step Launch Intro Animation Software

Launch Wondershare Filmora Video Editor editor, add intro background to Filmora by going to the media tab at the top and selecting any sample colors category from the left pane. All the solid and gradient colors in the media library are available at the right, then over the mouse to the color title you want to use as a background and click on the + icon in the middle to add it to the timeline.

create a YouTube intro animation01

02Step Add Different effects

Add sound effects or audio to YouTube animated intro to make it more recognizable. In Wondershare Filmora Video Editor, visit the built-in audio library by double-clicking the audio thumbnail from the library and listening to the soundtrack. Repeat the process to find the perfect sound effects or background music for your video intro. D-and-drop the audio to the video.

create a YouTube intro animation02

03Step Adding Branding Element

In the animated video intro, add the company name, branding element, and channel name to create brand awareness by clicking on the title tab and hovering the mouse to the text you want to use. Then drag and drop it to track above the video.

Go to the Effects tab and select category from the top left pane. Click and drag your preferred effects from the library effects to the timeline.

04Step Export

Once you finish creating your animated video intro with all the required ingredients, go to Export at the top center area of the interface to export the animated video intro, and once done, share it on social media.

create a YouTube intro animation03

To make YouTube intro animation templates free download with Filmora templates, follow the steps listed below:

Step Select Effects

Log onto the Filmora effects page on filmstock with the same wsid used on Filmora and select the effect you want

create a YouTube intro animation04

Step Select template

Select the preferred intro templates by clicking on the download now and following the instructions on the screen to attend a download template. After downloading, see in red cycle under the transition, titles, and filter based on the element included in the effect part. Add this downloaded title or transition to the animated intro video.

create a YouTube intro animation05

Step Finalization

Delete your animated video intro from the templates that you selected.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Introduction about what is YouTube Intro?

How Intro Animation Maker works with examples.

The process to develop your own YouTube intro animation for free with Wondershare Filmora Video Editor.

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