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Review: Top 10 New Features in DaVinci Resolve 12.5

Aug 31, 2020• Proven solutions

Those who are searching for classic editing needs with advanced colour correction tools are advised to go ahead with Resolve 12.5. It will provide you quality like Hollywood blockbuster movies and the best part is that you don’t even need to pay any amount to access them all. It is capable enough to handle multiple file sizes and you can easily process old videos as well as 4K camera footage. You can also add impressive titles to videos as per need. In short, Resolve 12.5 is awesome feature rich platform that has everything to offer you. The article below will help you to learn all top 10 features of Resolve 12.5.

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Top 10 New Features Review:

1.Fusion Connect:


Here is the special feature of 12.5 that enable colourists to deal with facial blemishes and rigging so that users can avail finest results. This tool assists in selection of special effects so that users can work with additional skill sets. Professionals rate it as a node based, float precision compositing application and its strength lies within its temporal key framing operations. Fusion Connect provides best facilities for all spatial problem solving needs like set extensions, digital environments, green screen keying, tracking and cosmetic fixes etc.

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2.Media Pool Smart Bins and Power Bins:


Never mix the concept of power bins with those old smart bins because this is an extremely new addition to feature set of Resolve series. It contains basic abilities if smart bins but at the same time it enhances content carrying abilities to multiple projects of single user. It makes editing task more interesting and outputs are really impressive.

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3.Temperature and Tint Slider:


Tint and temperature sliders are now added to the Color Wheel portion of software that can be easily accessed from bottom left side of user interface. You simple need to click over number 2 on color wheels and the effect will immediately make your stills more attractive. Tint slider can be utilized to make less green skin tones.

4.Linear Vs S-Curved Contrast:


Most of your might be excited to know about this feature. When you use Pivot and Contrast then Resolve automatically adds soft S-Curve so that contrast behaviour can be easily changed to any linear form like other popular applications. Such impressive editing features can also be applied over other elements like gain, gamma and lift etc.



There is no doubt to say that Blackmagic has involved so many advanced OpenFX plugins to assists professionals. The effects are derived via so many utilities such as colour space transform and few other aesthetic based effects are also added in form of JPEG damage etc. Film Grain effect is also popularly used and further the OpenFX tool can be easily applied over every node and it can also be key framed.

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6.Crop Softening:


If you are searching for features to develop a seamless type split screen or wish to conceal a boom mic, Crop softening feature can easily fulfil all your dreams. If you belong to film industry and need perfect shots in your footage then crop softening feature is made for you. It leads to seamless results with much finer and smoother details.

7.Redesigned Deliver Page:


Resolve 12.5 can help you to share all recordings with ease on other popular platforms like social media websites. Vimeo, YouTube and all other output options are well supported by this software tool. Facility to export Premiere specific XMLs is also added. The user interfaces has been updated with little advancement and now file naming options and audio capabilities are added to separate tabs so that even beginners can access them with ease. While surfing over internet, you can check the status of all rendering projects with ease.

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8.Standard Editing Features Available:

The standard editing feature includes so many impressive things in it. Users can develop timelines with any fixed number if video or audio tracks. When it is desired to add new clips to the timeline then it can be done simply by using drag and drop feature. With the middle mouse button, you can easily enable the vertical and horizontal recording.

9.Point Tracker:

One of the biggest advantage of Resolve editing tool series use to be their advanced colour tracker that is widely used. Now colourists can also enjoy feature rich point tracker that can track points as per single user type services. It is simply one of the most versatile tools available for your recording needs.

10.Audio Waveform Overlay:


One more highly versatile feature added to this video editing platform is audio waveform overlay. It is now possible to observe videos and audio signal variations at the same time. The waveform can be easily tracked for its starting and ending points so that it can be easily merged to right points over video signals.

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