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How to Use Smart Bins in DaVinci Resolve 12.5 More Effectively

Aug 31, 2020• Proven solutions

Power Bins would allow you to import and organize all the media which you’d like to make available to all DVR projects. Power bins are hierarchical and one can nest a lot of them one within the other. Creation of custom Smart Bins is another way of arranging your media files in the Media pool.

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Smart Bins not only come in handy while working on numerous clips taken on multiple cams but also can also be effective for working on small projects. This sophisticated feature would allow you to automatically collect the clips with the help of multiple criteria so long as you have sufficient metadata available for every clip. For example the media from 3 cameras can be organized in isolated bins by making use of a small repeatable string of every individual clip name. In order to reveal or hide the Smart Bin area of the Bin list in DVR you need to click on the View menu and choose Smart Bins to toggle its visibility.

Part 1: Creating a Smart Bin

1. First open the Bin List and select Create Smart Bin

2. In the dialogue box which opens you need to enter a filter name and use the controls for creating one or more criteria for filter. Remember that you can choose to have as much filter criteria as you want such as duration, resolution, clip name, frame rate etc.

edit smart bin window

Match Options: Select ‘All’ for multi criteria filtering so that all the criteria set by you is met for the clip you want to filter. Select ‘Any’ for when just one of the various criteria is met.

Filter Criteria enable checkbox: allow you to disable or enable any criteria without deleting it.

Metadata category pop-up: Allows you to select the category of metadata from which you want to choose the criteria. All the categories of metadata available in Metadata Editor can be found in this pop up menu.

Metadata type pop-up: is used for selecting the kind of metadata you want to use from the options in the chosen media category.

Metadata criteria pop-up: Allows you to select the filter criteria depending on the chosen metadata. Some of the options are data ranges, ‘true or false’ integer ranges, flag and marker colours and much more.

Add filter criteria button: This would allow you to add extra criteria for the creation of multi criteria filters.

3. After editing the filter criteria hit ‘Create Smart Bin’ and the ensuing Smart Bing would appear in the Smart Bin part of the Bin list.

Once all the files are organized in separate smart bins selection of all the clip and application of LUT is going to be a whole lot easier.

Part 2: Methods of modifying existing Smart Bins:

1. For renaming a Smart Bin right click on the Smart Bin, select Rename, type the new name and hit return.

2. For Editing a Smart Bin double click on it, edit the filter criteria and hit OK.

3. For deleting a Smart Bin right click on it, select Delete Smart Bin and hit Delete.

Check the video below to see how to use Smart Bins in DaVinci Resolve 12.5

Note: Power Bins are a new feature that work similarly to Smart Bins but carry their contents across multiple projects of the same user. It is not revealed by default. To turn on the Power Bin area of the Bin list in DaVinci Resolve 12.5, go to View menu and then choose Power Bins to toggle the visibility of all Smart Bins on.

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