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Facebook Cover Video: All You Need to Know

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

While everyone is interested in seeing news feed, posts from favorite pages, like them, and sharing it with others in their Facebook account, they never find time in changing their profile photo or the cover photo. When is that last time you looked at your profile picture and updated it? Are you aware of the new feature that the Facebook network has recently updated for its customers? Yes, Facebook has come up with the rolling down of Facebook cover video feature that allows one to upload engaging video as an appealing factor to one's account.

Facebook Cover Video

If you haven't come across such news or excited to know more about it, then you are in the right place. Today's article is all about FB cover video, and its related content. Scroll down to explore more.

Why Use a Facebook Cover Video?

This unique feature from Facebook aids in creating interactions and a wow factor among your followers and friends. The cover page is the most creative spot where one can experience the richness and grab attention from the first time viewers or the audience becomes dashing if your FB account has a cover video. So, are there any other benefits by the usage of this Facebook page cover video? If this is your question from your side, here is a session, especially for you.

First of all, videos are the effective mediums that are eye-catching and attention-grabbers that can convey things in just seconds. While extensive data becomes impossible to reach the audience, Facebook cover videos become helpful portrayers that could deliver information easily-digestible dynamically. Instead of going through the about page, and album illustrating about oneself, your cover video would speak about you in seconds.

Second, if you are a business expert or service provider who wishes to get contacts and connect to people, these Facebook cover videos are of great assistance. You can showcase your products that could facilitate the selling of products, sharing them with others, leading to increased popularity and followers count. You can introduce your team, tour your location, and describe a service your office or organization offers.

You can also showcase your organization or company in the cover video. The most exceptional example is none other than the cover video by National Geographic. It has uploaded a scenery video as a point on advertising its newest magazine. This type of cover videos takes off a considerable audience crowd giving a magical touch.

Source: Facebook Page of National Geographic

Finally, besides products, service advertising, and business experts, these Facebook cover videos are beneficial to people who wish to showcase their talent. Are you an artist in art/craft, singing expert, musician, or photographer? Facebook page cover videos are the best platforms for the world to know you and your talents.

Facebook Cover Video Specifications

Excited to know about the feature of FB cover video? Are you getting ready to upload one? Ensure that your cover video meets the below specification for successful accomplishment.

Note: Uploading a cover video to your Facebook account is possible only through your desktop or computer.

Facebook allows uploading of cover videos, which are at least 20 but less than 90 seconds long. Videos beyond this time limit would result in the unsuccessful upload.

The resolution should meet 1080 Pixels for the bright appearance over the frame. Like cover propping done by Facebook is 820 * 462 pixels. Hence, align your video well so that all the essential images and text portraying your product/talent get centralized within the frame.

Avoid awkward transitions as the cover photos will automatically be played off on the loop. Make sure that the video has started and ends with a natural loop. If looping isn't possible, simply turn off the automatic replay option. If you are viewing the cover video from the computer, 75 pixels will get removed from the top and bottom; so, one has to click on it to view the full-dimensional one. But on the mobile, the full video is made visible.

For easy understanding and a clear demonstration, we have built-up the specifications in the form of a table below.

# Factor Specification
1 Time Limit Between 20 and 90 seconds long
2 Resolution 1080 Pixels
3 Length 820*462 Pixels
4 Minimum Dimension 820*312 Pixels
5 Recommended Video Format .mp4 or .mov
6 Aspect Ratio 16:9
7 Width*Height 640*360 Pixels

How to Upload Your Amazing FB Cover Video?

Uploading a Facebook page cover video is as easy as uploading a photo to your story. To make it clear, here is a step-by-step guide on upload an amazing FB cover video.

Note: Before switching over to the guide, make sure that the video you wish to upload strictly follows the specifications discussed in the last session.

Step 1: Sign in to your Facebook account and switch over to the “Profiles” section.

Step 2: In your FB profile page, click on the “Change Cover” option. Select the “Upload photo/Video” option from the drop-down. Few minutes would take for the processing.

Step 3: Reposition the part of the video you wish to be placed in the center once the video is uploaded. A simple drag and drop action would do this. Once done, click on the "Next" button.

Step 4: Before hitting off the Publish button to complete the task, choose a perfect thumbnail. From the frame's collection, slide the arrow over to the left or right side and select a frame of your choice. After the selection, hit the "Publish" button, and it's over!

You have now successfully uploaded the FB cover video to your profile.

Tips on Creating a Stunning FB Cover Video

Confused on how to make a stunning Facebook Cover video? Maybe this session could help you out.

  • Design carefully: Design is what matters the most in videos. It could be a seamless video or a video with combined photos, ensure that you follow a creative aesthetic design crafted with Logo if the video is a product-based one.
  • Stick to the dimensions: Strictly stick to the resolution, format, and dimension specification elaborated in the before sessions.
  • Assistance from third-party software: If you are crafting your idea in building a video, get assistance from the third-party software platforms like Filmora. Filmora software allows you to create astonishing videos with its in-built video editing features, and toolbox.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

  • Make it unique, but Professional: Social media is a place to go crazy, and fun but never go off-brand or too stupid.
  • Prepare your video to be played mute: Frequently, Facebook cover videos are watched through mobile in an on-the-go process, leading to watched videos in silence. People watch 85% of videos without sounds, hence prepare your video to play without relying on it.
  • Make it magical or animated: Animated videos are the best magicians to provoke a magical touch. With just still images, they bring a new world alive before our eyes.
  • Showcase your product personality: Video being dynamic than photos, FB cover videos are the best place to showcase your brand products and services.


Thus, this Facebook cover video is an excellent add-on that proves to be an engaging tool in grabbing notice and spectators towards your account. Facebook being the first social media network to rock the floor, continues to be top on the line with additional features that are good-to-go!

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