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20+ Free Business Slideshow Templates, Makers, and Ideas

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

What is important when you prepare for a business meeting? Yes, you are right. The answer is a presentation, as you can convey all ideas easily through a slideshow. Thus, here we have given you the complete details about business slideshow makers and other complimentary business slideshow examples.

Part 1: What Should be Included in a Business Presentation?

The things that are to be included in business slideshow templates are:

  • Introduction of the Team
  • Overview of the company
  • Industry Analysis of the company
  • Marketing Strategies of the team
  • Operations Strategies of the team
  • Financials and Forecasts of the company
  • Stage of development
  • Capital funding and
  • Summary

Part 2: 15 Best Business Slideshow Templates and Examples

1. Business - Proposal Presentation Template

This business slideshow offers 45 unique custom slides with editable text and image placeholders. Enables you to change the theme color option, which is easy to apply.

2. Website Proposal PowerPoint Template

You could use this template to deliver the proposal to the client quickly and qualitatively perfectly. Also, images and data used are editable, related to the proposal opted.

website proposal business slideshow

3. Pitch Deck template

It allows you to design a pitch deck that stands out so that the present stage of your company can be projected well. This template has an outlook designed by Pros.

pitch deck template

4. Company Profile Google Slides Template

This business slideshow template has unique, minimal, elegant, creative, and professional layouts that can fit perfectly for many purposes, of which one is the business portfolio.

company profile google

5. Business Corporate Keynote Template

It comes with 30 slides where each of them has a 16:9 widescreen ratio. Also, all the graphics used are resizable and customizable with an editable drag and drop option.

business corporate keynote

6. Real Estate Group Business Slideshow

This business slideshow example is black and white color based, with 10 easily editable slides, and will be a perfect choice for Real Estate marketing.

real estate business slideshow

7. Clean Informative Company Business Slideshow

This template is a good choice if you create a slideshow to exhibit your company's roles and responsibilities, which is a foundation for getting more projects.

8. Digital Project Report

It is a perfect business slideshow templates to display the overview and the outcome of the project undertaken. It helps impart the clients with the knowledge of your work.

9. Minimal Corporate Presentation

The template has an easy-to-use feature where the texts are editable and drag and drop the image feature for corporate and business presentations.

minimal corporate presentation

10. Corporate Event Promo

Create a business slideshow, to be precise- a promo, for the upcoming event of your corporation using this template as it has creatively animated titles and overlays which are editable.

corporate event promo

11. Business Marketing Presentation Layout

The download of this template comes with nine designing options, where you can replace the images and texts included, and all the templates are of resolution 1920 x 1080.

12. Event Conference

If your company has organized a conference with international speakers, creating a promo to invite the audience is the best business slideshow example.

event conference slideshow

13. Business Consulting PowerPoint Templates

The slides used here are professionally designed, where all graphics are editable and resizable. The easy color change is possible with the feature to drop the images in the placeholders.

business consulting slideshow

14. Investor Business Presentation Template

This business slideshow template combines various design aspects with professional themes, where each slide has a different layout style, like charts and vectors, to present the company’s status.

investor business template

15. PowerPoint Business Template

This presentation template is useful for real estate market review, product review, marketing, and promotions for your business. It comes with two aspect ratios, namely, 4:3 and 16:9.

powerpoint business template

Part 3: Top 4 Business Slideshow Makers to Fit Different Needs

Now, know the business slideshow makers to use the business slideshow templates discussed above.

1. Fimora Template Mode

This business slideshow maker is designed user-friendly, so you needn’t require editing skills to create a slideshow. You could create a slideshow for marketing by availing yourself of the tools of adding images and video clips, texts, and logos of your company with the help of the pre-made customizable templates. As it offers various styles of preset titles, you could make use of it to showcase your products and services to your clients and audiences effectively.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. Visme

Visme offers high-impact presentation templates which fit any occasion, be it business or conference. You could also change the data to enter into charts and infographics to deliver the content more understandable. Other than a business slideshow, it allows creating content for social media and short videos with animations. It is built with an easy-to-use platform that helps you to do your best work.

3. Biteable

This business slideshow maker comes with inbuilt stock footage to use while creating slideshows. It offers stunning templates to create a personalized business slideshow. You could insert animations that perfectly fit your brand from the variety of spirits provided. It is simple to use and is trusted by many top branded companies like Google, Disney, and Microsoft.

4. Google Slides

This slideshow maker is suitable for both business and personal purposes. You could choose templates from the various inbuilt templates offered and add videos, images, texts, and transitions to enhance the slideshow. It allows you to work on a single presentation online by sharing the link with your business partner so that you can do commenting, chatting and editing in real-time.

Part 4: Useful Business Slideshow Ideas to Wow Your Audience

Look at the few slideshow ideas and tips to amaze your audience.

1. Divide into three

When creating your presentation slideshow, instead of introducing all the information, try to make it short by dividing the whole concept into three main topics. Then, complete the slideshow with simple effects and add animations.

2. Make it a story

If you jump from one topic to another, not linked, then the ideas are challenging to understand. So, when you create a slideshow, make it a story then the idea will get conveyed just right.

3. Use visuals

Instead of typing all the data in words, convert few important data into visuals like graphs and charts, using any of the business slideshow makers listed above. It will display the data pictorially, thus making it easy to understand.

4. Highlight points

Slideshow created with the same text style and size may look a little boring. So, instead of using the same type throughout, highlight the critical points, like a hike in sales, etc., so that these points will well register to the clients.

5. Music

While creating a video, music added to it will keep intact the audience so that they will not feel bored. You could use the same here; thus, it grabs the viewers' attention when adding business slideshow music.


Here you have come across the business slideshow examples and slideshow makers to create a perfect business slideshow. So, make a stunning slideshow to impress your clients and audience, which can get you more projects in the future.

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