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Chinese New Year hampers ideas

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 19, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Surprising your loved ones and the people around you by exchanging gifts is a custom during Chinese New Year.

Make this New Year celebration even more precious and joyous by giving a basket full of traditional delicacies. These traditional delicacies can be like

  • Dried scallops or pineapple tarts
  • Whimsical old-school boxes filled with exciting games and candies.

Below are some best Chinese New Year gifts that hamper ideas of different categories according to their prices and the products inside them. Moreover, all the CNY hamper ideas below can make your loved ones happier on the coming Chinese New Year.

Consider More Chinese New Year Gift?

The article also includes hampering ideas for older people and children as the Chinese New Year also brings joy to them.

CNY decorations

You will see multiple Chinese New Year hamper ideas in this article. Some of the best CNY hamper ideas are listed below.

Eu Yan Sang CNY Hamper - Full of Love

Chinese New Year hamper gift

The statement Full of Love best describes the Hamper. Gifting this Hamper to your family members would be a fantastic idea. The Hamper contains multiple types of healthy foods, including Chicken and Ginkgo extract, Bird's nest plus Chia seeds, Quinoa, Longan, Red Dates, Herbal Soup, and a lot more.

Pouring healthy food on someone is the best way to tell them that you love them the most. The hamper is quite affordable, but the gift price does not make sense when you are gifting your loved ones.

The hamper is packed beautifully using eye-catching materials and a basket. It would be best to get this hamper before the Chinese New Year, coming on 1st February this year.

Signature Market Blossoming Happiness CNY Gift Box

Chinese New Year hamper gift

Snacks, nuts, chocolates, cookies, etc., are heavily consumed by the people on the Chinese New Year, so why not give a hamper to someone you love full of cookies, nuts, chocolates, candies, etc. You can try the Signature Market Blossoming Happiness CNY Gift Box, which contains the above products.

The hamper pinned above contains nine delicious products that include.

  • Classic Nut Mix (140g)
  • Dark Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies (Gluten-Free) (180g)
  • Low Carb Mix (140g)
  • Mini Sun-Dried Apricot (200g)
  • Omega-3 Trail Mix (140g)
  • Wasabi Green Peas (180g)
  • Real Veggie Crisps (100g)
  • Roasted Pistachio in Shell Salted (115g)
  • Thai Dried Mango (130g)
  • CNY Greeting Card

Can you believe it? Almost everyone loves and consumes the nine lovely snacks, even diabetic patients, that come under this gorgeous hamper. All the products in the hamper are healthy, so it would be worth spending a tiny amount of your money to gift it to the person you love the most.

Wei Food Royal Grade Abalone Hamper Hampers Gift Set

Chinese New Year hamper gift

The word Abalone suggests what this hamper would contain, and its quality. The word Abalone means something that is of the high-quality and most expensive. If you want to raise your standards in someone's eyes, then you can gift the hamper on Chinese New Year containing the abalone products.

The most exciting belief about abalone dishes is that when a person gifts it to some, good fortune and abundance in both health and wealth find his or her way quickly.

The above-pinned hamper contains eight products: that's way more abalone than any other hamper. The exciting fact about the abalone gift hamper is that it comes with four options. The first two options, A and B, include five and six abalone products. The following two sets, C and D, contain eight abalone products each.

CNY Halal Empire Hamper | Festival Deluxe Abundance Gift Hadiah - Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year hamper gift

The great Chinese nation also contains a significant Muslim population. So, if you are considering to gift something special to your Muslim neighbors and relatives on the Chinese New Year, then you have to be concerned whether the gift hamper contains Halal products that Muslims are allowed to consume?

You don't have to worry about searching the fantastic Chinese New Year gift hampers for Muslims because the best one is pinned here. The hamper contains multiple products, from soups to chocolates. The exact products that this lovely hamper contains are.

  • Original Taste Honey
  • Bird's Nest with Ginseng and Rock Sugar
  • California Prune Essence
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Tiramisu Almond Chocolate
  • Japanese Matcha Lava Cookies
  • Traditional Pineapple Tart.

It is a hamper of both sweet and unsweet dishes, so don't hesitate to increase the bonding between you and your Muslim friend on the Chinese New Year by getting this hamper.

Custom Fruit Gift Box (CNY Edition) - The Chinese New Year Collection

Chinese New Year hamper gift

If you are searching for the Chinese New Year gift hamper idea, then the most lovely, emotional, and healthy gift you can give to your Chinese relatives, friends, or neighbors on the eve of Chinese New Year is this basket or hamper full of different types of delicious fruits.

Make Hay provides multiple hampers or boxes filled with varieties of fruits so you can choose the basket that contains the fruits liked by your loved ones. Moreover, the basket is also filled with flowers beside the fruits.

According to the seller, you can also choose the fruits inside your budget and groom the gift more with a Kraft Gift Box with Exclusive CNY Velvet Box Sleeve, Flowers, Fillers, etc.

You are also allowed to put a message card with the hamper so that it would be the combination of your lovely words and delicious fruits.


Chinese New Year hamper gift

If you want to express your feelings to someone, your girlfriend, or your friend, this Chinese New Year hamper called Lunar New Year would be better. The hamper is filled with dozens of products that will make your partner or friend fall in love with you.

You can also give it to someone you hurt intentionally or unintentionally to express your sorrow and gain their pity. It will be the Chinese New Year, so don't miss the chance to express your feelings for which you are waiting. The hamper looks so premium and includes both premium and quality products. The stunning hamper consists of.

  • Imperial Patisserie Golden Crispy Cookies Delight Gift Set, 12pcs
  • Godiva Dark Chocolate Pretzels, 71g
  • Travel Tea Set
  • Cartwright & Butler Luxury Biscuits in Carton, 200g
  • 2 x Gianna Tea Tin, 20g
  • IBN Life Concept Hashima with Golden Silky Dates, 70g x 5
  • Gift Hampers Hong Kong Premium Red Square Gift Box
  • Complimentary Gift Hampers Hong Kong Message Card
  • Free Delivery to Hong Kong Metropolitan Areas

If your loved one lives in Hong Kong, you can deliver this hamper directly because the seller offers free delivery in the area.

CNY Gift hampers for seniors

Chinese New Year hamper gift

If you have a senior in your house, your grandfather or grandmother, then you are a lucky person. Usually, our seniors, primarily the older entities, don't live happy lives because they are sick, their children are away from them, and many other reasons.

So, you, as their children, can lift this opportunity oncoming Chinese New Year and gif them the hamper of the massage chair, clothes, and teaware. We bet they love the gift, plus they will be happier to see your love bestowed upon

Moreover, you can also give healthy foods like edible bird nests, ginseng, cordyceps, other tonic foods, etc. Don't forget to give them warm clothes. You can also include masks and other covid precautionary types of equipment with the hamper.

If you think giving them cash to buy anything of their will, it is also a great idea to take care of your seniors.

LEGO Story of Nian 80106 Building Kit

Chinese New Year hamper gift

If you want to make your kids or other children happy, you can also consider gifting this Lego Story of Nian 80106 building kit as a new year's gift this year, and this is indeed the best CNY gift hamper idea. The best part of this gift is that it will help the kids' mental development because it requires logic to build the puzzle.\

This Lego Story is also themed as the Chinese New Year, so it would look great when you gift it, especially in the Chinese New Year.

By the way, this gift is the best way to make your kids learn about Chinese traditions and rituals, which the modern generation is forgetting with the emergence of new technology. So, don't miss this beautiful chance to make your kid's new year unique with little education.

The Lego box includes.

  • The model measures over 9.5 in. (25 cm) high, 14 in. (36 cm) wide, and 6.5 in. (17 cm).
  • 1,067-piece LEGO set.
  • Buildable fireworks and firecrackers, hanging lanterns, festive banners, two cabbage elements, and two warrior guardian stickers.
  • Features 5 family Minifigures.


Now, you get the best Chinese New Year hampers ideas so, don't miss the eve of 1st February of this year to make someone's day special. If you are not Chinese and still want to give something special to someone who is Chinese, you must learn the etiquette of giving gift hampers on the Chinese New Year.

You have read all the CNY hamper ideas above, and we assume you got some ideas about how the gifts are packed with beautiful color papers, especially in red. So, before giving the gifts, pack them beautifully and don't forget to put a message card with the lovely words directly from your heart.

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