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Most Creative Children's Day Video Ideas

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Apr 24, 22, updated Jul 23, 24
Children's Day Video Maker - Wondershare Filmora

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Most Creative Children's Day Video Ideas

There are no words to describe how special our children are to us; however, action speaks louder than words!

If we cannot tell them, let’s show them how special they are! Let them know how much life they have brought into our lives.

But how, you ask?

With a video, of course!

And not just any video! A video created using the amazing Wondershare Filmora, with its many themed video templates for kids for various occasions.

Want to make a video using their childhood pictures and clips? Use the kids slideshow pack! Want to make a collection of their school activities? Use the school stickers effect!

And, if you’re up to making their birthday memorable, use the birthday party template!

But these are just a few of the templates available in Filmora. There are plenty more packs to make your child’s day special!

And you can also use these templates to make children's day videos!

So, this children’s day, express your love for your kids with these 6 children’s day video ideas:

1. Take Kids Down Memories Lane

One of the things that kids enjoy the most is looking at their childhood pictures. And with the decreasing trend of keeping actual photo albums, most people save their memorable moments on their devices, external hard drives, or cloud storage.

So, get creative with your saved images. Use them to make a colorful and joyful slideshow video and take your kids down memory lane.

Wondershare Filmora has just the video template for this: The kids slideshow pack!

Kids slideshow pack by wondershare filmora

Show them the first steps they took, the first time they rode a bike, their first boo-boo, that time you took them for a haircut, their first birthday party, and their first day at school with this fun effect.

2. School Activity for Children's Day

Another way to celebrate children’s day is by arranging fun activities at school. And once you have all the footage and pictures from the festive day, it’s time to put them together in a video.

But, a school activity video wouldn’t be much fun without school-related stickers!

Wondershare Filmora has you covered here. With the school stickers theme, you can show all the activities with fun and innovative stickers.

School stickers theme by wondershare filmora

So, make your children’s day video creative with this template. If you’re showing a painting activity, use the cute paint palette sticker in your video. Want to show our little scientists at work? Use the fun laboratory-themed stickers in your video.

In short, turn a plain boring video into something that depicts the true essence of children’s day!

3. Home Party for Children's Day

How about inviting all the kids to your place for a children's day party? Make some tasty snacks, arrange some fun games for the kids to play, and plan fun activities that the kids can enjoy with their parents or with one another.

And save the memories of the joyous day with a stunning video using Filmora’s party theme.

Animated party themes by wondershare filmora

With cute animated animal stickers, party banners, and other party-related items, this template is sure to make your video colorful and full of life.

4. My Wish to The Kids

If your kids love space and want to be a space person, you could create an awesome video for children’s day with the kids space theme by Wondershare Filmora.

Kids space theme by wondershare filmora

With the cute little planets and spacemen floating around, this template will surely bring out the “spaceman spirit” of your little one and have them squealing with joy!

5. Q&A for the Children

Another great and interactive video idea for children’s day is to make a Q&A video with your kids. Sit them down in a comfortable environment and let them ask you different questions. Like, is Santa real? Or how can camels survive in the desert? Or even something as random as why did the chicken cross the road?

Or, you could go around town and ask questions from the kids you see outside and compile their responses into a video.

The purpose is to make a fun and light-hearted video that’s informative at the same time!

And, to make the video vibrant and lively, use the teens and kids YouTube pack!

Kids and teens youtube pack by wondershare filmora

With cool animated stickers and icons, your children’s day video is going to turn out fantastic!

6. The Words That I Want to Say Most

If your kids aren’t big enough to answer questions or take interest in space, you could record them playing randomly in the house or at the park and combine the clips and images to make a memorable video.

Believe me, unscripted videos of kids are the best ones!

It could be anything from the kids playing in the pool or making cookies with you, or even lazing around the house!

And to make the video fun to watch, use the Dinosaur Kids pack by Wondershare Filmora.

Dinosaur kids pack by wondershare filmora

The colorful cartoon dinosaurs and the jungle theme is bound to make your children’s day video lively, fun, and vibrant.

In short, you can be as creative and innovative with your videos as you want with the themes offered by Wondershare Filmora.


While every day should be fun for our kids, we should put in extra effort to make children’s day memorable for them. And we can do that by planning different activities for the kids, taking them out to do something they enjoy, or throwing a party for them at home and inviting others to join in the fun!

But, don’t forget to preserve these precious memories in the form of videos made using Wondershare Filmora’s themed video packs, so you can watch them time and again and relive the joyous moments!

I’m sure your creativity, combined with the happy children’s day video ideas discussed above, will help you come up with unique and outstanding videos.

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