How to add text in iMovie

By Dec 05,2016 17:24 pm

Preparing a presentation video or building in the narration within the video requires some dexterity with software applications that allow you to add text in a video. IMovie definitely ranks as great software to help you in this purpose.

How to add texts using iMovie for Mac

  • Start by clicking on the text button to display the text slides list
  • Select the appropriate text slide from this list and drag the slide on to the Project timeline. You can either layer the slide or keep it as a standalone within the slide.
  • Double click within the viewer interface to get the edit mode to change the txt. You can click on Show fonts to edit the font attributes and then click on done to save the changes.
  • You can double click on the project timeline to open the text inspector and change the transition and placement attributes.

How to add texts using iMovie for iPhone

  • Open the iMovie project interface on your iPhone and tap on the appropriate video or photo within the timeline to get the inspector controls at the bottom of the interface.
  • Tap on the text button marked with a T.
  • Select the right text style
  • You can select center or lower to change the position of the text appearing on the interface.
  • Tap on done on your phone keyboard to save the changes

How to add text using iMovie alternative

While iMovie has emerged as a big editing software brand, it does seem a little complicated for users on the editing interface for the very first time. Even adding text seems to be a big hassle on the interface. Instead, an alternative in the form of Filmora editing software can come in handy.

  • Simply click on the Import Media option on the Filmora editor interface to get the video clip or photo you want to add the text to. You can also drag and drop the file on to the interface.
  • Click on the text icon on the left hand side panel of the interface, choose the right text effect, drag, and drop it on the timeline. Adjust the position of the text on the correct video scene.
  • Double click on the text on the timeline and you can go to the window where you can customize the text color, font, and the actual text.
  • Click on export once you want to save the final media with the text edit.
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