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How do I make my video perfectly fit Instagram?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Nov 29, 21, updated Jul 23, 24
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Instagram is a renowned social media app that impresses users from all age groups. It connects people beyond boundaries and offers a space to share their media files effortlessly. To post the desired videos on Instagram, the media files must satisfy fixed aspect ratio attributes. In this article, you will learn about the Instagram video aspect ratio parameters in detail. Likewise, get some valuable insights on Facebook video sizes to ease your social media posting activities.


Figure out the optimal aspect ratio values on these platforms and do not end up with error messages at the time of the posting process. Prepare your media files in pace with the guidelines provided by the social media platform. You must abide by their instructions to make the best out of this environment. You can adopt incredible video editor tools in the digital space to perform the desired edits on the videos. Surf below to enlighten the optimum aspect ratio values for the videos to upload at selected social media platforms.

Part 1 Types of Instagram video aspect ratios

The aspect ratio of the video varies with the places you choose to post on the Instagram platform. Here, clear illustrations on the aspect ratio are listed according to your needs.

Regular Posts: In the case of regular posts on the Instagram app, the expected aspect ratio is 1:1. If you do not have square shape videos, then zoom out to landscape or portrait as per your requirements. Make the video sizes to either 1.91.1 (landscape) or 4:5 (Portrait). When you edit the aspect ratio, the resolution varies according to it respectively.


Story Posts: When you try to upload videos at the Instagram Story posts, make sure the aspect ratio is 9:16. In the case of IGTV videos and Reels videos, maintain the aspect ratio as 9:16. For IGTV cover photos, customize the sizes to 1:1:155

Profile picture: The Instagram profile picture supports an aspect ratio of 1:1, and it must be in a square format for better visibility.

These are the Instagram aspect ratio sizes, and you must abide by these numbers to ensure the successful upload of desired videos on this social media platform.

Part 2 What is the best video size for Facebook?

The dimensions and aspect ratio are crucial when uploading the media files on social media like Facebook. To post the Facebook stories, check whether your content satisfies the permittable range of aspect ratio 1:91:1 up to 9:16. In the case of Facebook 360 videos, the aspect ratio must be from 1:1 up to 2:1. If you want to post Facebook video ads at the news feeds, try to satisfy the aspect ratio value of 4:5.


Please make a note on all sorts of Facebook posts such that you may not struggle while uploading the desired content at its wall. Meet the best video sizes for Facebook posts and make your content appear clearly on the screen without any issues. These permissible sizes help you get a clear picture of your videos in the desired space retaining the quality factors.

Part 3 How to adjust your Instagram video in proper aspect ratios?

Here, you can explore three different methods to adjust the Instagram videos in proper aspect ratio values. Choose the perfect method that satisfies your needs and go for it without any hesitation.

Method 1: Animaker app

The Animaker app is a simple tool that assists you in changing the aspect ratio of the video efficiently. It is an online editor, and you can use its features either by using the Google or Facebook account. You must register with Animaker to carry out the video resizing process. Apart from adjusting the aspect ratio, you can perform a wide range of activities like trim, flip, rotate the videos, and remove audio signals from the video content. There are options to add filters, modify brightness and merge the videos to add flavors to the existing media file.

Here are the steps to resize videos to desired aspect ratio using the Animaker app.

Step1 In the home screen, choose the desired aspect ratio dimension based on social media or select the Custom size option to set the video's aspect ratio values manually.
Step2 Upload the video file into the Animaker app from the system drive or drag and drop the file at your convenience.
Step3 The video fits the set dimension as soon as it enters the Animaker platform. You can perform minor manual adjustments and finally hit the Apply button to save the changes.
Step4 At last, press the Download button at the top right corner of the screen. The adjusted video is stored at the desired storage space in your device.

Method 2: Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Here comes an incredible program, Wondershare Filmora. It has amazing video editing properties that enhance the overall appearance of the videos. This app has a simple interface and allows you to change the aspect ratio of the videos precisely. All the controls are explicit for quick access, and you can work on minute details on the videos like a pro. You do not require any technical skills to work on this sophisticated program, few clicks are sufficient to create an amazing impact on the videos.

filmora box

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This program assists you to change the video aspect ratio at different modes

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More than 300 in-built filters enhance the video appearance in no time.

To change the aspect ratio of the video file using the Filmora app, follow the below guidelines.

Step1 Install the app

From the official website, download the app and install it. Then, launch it by double-tapping the tool icon.

Step2 Change aspect ratio

In the home screen, at the starting interface, you will find a drop-down list displaying possible aspect ratio values. Choose the one that meets your needs and finally upload the video by tapping the ‘Open Project’ option.



In the above discussion, you better understood the optimal aspect ratio essential to post media files at the social media wall. Thus, in this article, you had learned how to change videos sizes to fit perfectly with the Instagram video aspect ratio values for a flawless upload process. Choose the perfect method to change the aspect ratio according to your needs without any data loss—the Filmora app assists in your resizing the video process precisely by retaining the quality factors. Connect with the Filmora app and discover mind-blowing video editing functionalities. Stay tuned with this article and learn about the video editing techniques using a reliable tool in the digital space.

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