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FilmoraPro Basic Video Tutorial
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EP 33: FilmoraPro Sync Audio & Video

By - Nov 19, 2021 15:51 PM

Today in this tutorial, we'll learn how to sync audio and video. We'll learn why it's good to record audio separately, how to manually sync and how to automatically sync.

Most Effective Way to Get Sync Audio & Video

The built-in microphone in cameras typically isn't that great. The audio is usually directional, and it'll pick up a ton of unwanted sounds. To get a cleaner and more selective audio recording, our best choice is to use an external microphone. We have a video about the best types of microphones for YouTube videos linked in the descriptions. Some of these mics can be directly plugged into the input of a camera, so the video file will always have the microphone audio in it.

To achieve an even higher audio quality, we can use a dedicated audio recorder. In this case, we'll get two separate files that we'll need to synchronize in the editing software.

manual audio

The original technique for synchronizing these sorts of files consists of using a slate or clapping at the beginning of the recording. This will generate a peak in the waveform in both audio files meaning the camera audio and the external audio. In the editor, we could look for the peak in both files and make sure that they line up.

Then erase the audio from the camera and link the external audio to the video file. FimoraPro includes a much easier feature that automatically does all of this process for us. We don't need to slate or clap when recording. We just need to import the camera video and the external audio files into FimoraPro. Then select both files in the media panel, right-click and click on the Merge Audio/Video.

merge audio video

FilmoraPro will analyze the audio in both files, and it will synchronize them. Then it will replace the camera audio with the external audio and trim the clip. In the media panel, we'll get a new merged file. So, all we need to do is to drag it into the timeline, and we are ready to edit it.

synced audio video

So, that's a look at how to sync audio and video in FilmoraPro. To learn more editing in FilmoraPro, make sure that you check out our other videos in this series. Remember, there is no limit to what you can make.