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Facetune Photos App Complete Review and Guide 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Facetune Photo Editor is a photo modification app that enables you to transform your portraits into beautiful and colorful photos. Facetune is fully packed with exciting features that assist you to create a masterpiece. In short, Facetune reveals your creative ability!

Pros Cons
Facetune photo editor boasts of several exciting features Facetune does not feature its own social network like other photo editors
Facetune allows intelligent shooting Some features on Facetune are not free
Facetune allows you to share your pictures after modification Edited photos from your camera roll may appear better than the photos shot with Facetune's live preview feature.
Facetune has a Relight feature Some users find Facetune quite expensive.
Facetune gives you the ability to modify almost all facial features
The free version of Facetune is fully packed with exciting features
Facetune boasts of several unique filters
To edit on Facetune you don't need any prior knowledge of Photo Editing.
In this article
  1. What Is Facetune Photos Editor App
  2. Key Features of Facetune Photos Editor App
  3. How to use Facetune Photos App
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Facetune Photo App
  5. Other Facetune Photos Editor App Alternatives

Part 1. What Is Facetune Photos Editor App?

Facetune Photos Editor App is a photo editing app on mobile phones that allows you to get to the peak of your creativity with pictures and videos. With numerous exciting features, Facetune is a unique photo editor that aids you in editing photos like a pro.

Facetune boasts of multiple filters, hair modifications, face reshaping, face smoothening, face touchup, eye enlargement, and Relight features amongst others. It also allows you to share beautiful pictures you created with your friends and family through platforms like WhatsApp, email, and iMessage.

Download: Facetune Free Download iOS and Android

Part 2. Key Features of Facetune Photos Editor App

1. Live Preview

The Facetune app gives users access to a very advanced camera. This camera has several unique features. It allows you to change the dimension of your nose, eyes, etcetera before taking a picture i.e., you can enlarge your eyes or reshape your nose on the live camera.

This unique app also allows you to try several filters before taking a shot. This means you get to choose the filter you love most easily as you take beautiful shots. Live preview also allows you to set a timer for your picture.

This feature is arguably one of Facetune's most unique features. It clearly distinguishes this app from other photo editors.

2. Relight

The Relight feature is a fascinating feature that allows you to change the direction of the source of light in your photo. It also creates light effects that will brighten up the look of your face in your snaps. The producers of Facetune inputted an AI feature that helps a user to brighten up dark places in their pictures through special effects.

3. Filters

Facetune Photo Editor boasts of several unique free filters. These filters all have different colors and effects that will add even more beauty to your photos. The provision of multiple filters enables users to pick their most preferred filter. Aside from the amazing filters in the free version, the paid version of these editors has several colorful and fascinating filters. You just have to select the more button to have access to more beautiful filters.

4. Review

The Review feature in Facetune allows you to see the original photo as long as your press holds it. This feature gives the user the opportunity of comparing the original photo with the edited one. It also shows users how far they have modified a photo. (The review button is located in the bottom right corner.)

5. Undo and Redo

Another special feature of the Facetune free iOS and Android app is the undo and Redo options. The undo option allows you to return back to an earlier step. This feature will come in handy if you want to correct a mistake ASAP.

The redo option does the opposite of the undo option. If you tap the undo button by mistake, the redo button will easily correct your mistake with just one tap. It is located at the bottom left corner. The undo button is a curve that curves to the left while the redo button is a curve that curves to the right.

6. Sharing

Facetune Photo Editor also features a share button that users can use to share beautifully edited photos with other people.

Part 3. How to use Facetune Photos App?

At this point, you may be thinking of getting started with Facetune Asap. Below are the necessary basic steps you will perform to successfully edit a picture.

1. Import

After signing up with Facetune, you will be directed to the home page. On the home page, a large plus (+) sign is displayed at the center.

Tapping on the plus sign would take you to your camera roll where you can select any photo of your choice for editing.

import choice

2. Edit

After importing a photo, you will find several effects by scrolling left. Features like smooth, face, reshape, whiten, and other features are displayed on this page. The edit option allows users to add more brightness, glow, and color to a photo. Users have access to numerous filters through the filter option (it also allows users to determine the level of filter effect in a picture). Additionally, the crop option enables users to alter the size of a photo, while the hair option gives users access to changing various aspects of their hair.

edit photo

3. Save

After editing a picture, you will want to save it. The save button can be found on the top left corner of the edit page. It is represented by an arrow pointing downwards.

4. Share

After saving your photo, you can share it to your social media handles by clicking the share sign at the top left corner of the editing page. When you click the button, it will take you to a page like this. From this page, you can share your modified photos on any social media platform with just one click.

share edited picture to social media

5. Subscription

Facetune Photo Editor App is not completely free, there are several unique features that can be accessed by only the premium version.

Part 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Facetune Photo App


1. Facetune allows intelligent shooting

Facetune Photo App allows intelligent shooting. Live image previews are possible while intelligent shooting. This enables you to alter a photo before taking it.

2. Facetune has a Relight feature

The Relight feature adds light effects to dark pictures. It can be used to change the direction of the source of light in a picture or invent light effects in a picture.

3. Facetune allows you to share photos after modification

Facetune allows users to share modified photos with their loved ones through different media like WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, Instagram, etc.

4. To edit on Facetune you don't need any prior knowledge of Photo Editing

Users can create beautiful and amazing photos with 0% knowledge of Photo editing. You don't have to be a photo editor to use Facetune, its features are easy to find and use.


1. Facetune does not feature its own social network like other photo editors

Unlike many photo editors, Facetune does not feature its own social network. It does not have a forum where users can connect and share beautifully edited photos.

2. Some features on Facetune are not free

The Facetune Photo App isn't entirely free. Only subscribers can access some of its features.

Part 5. Other Facetune Photos Editor App Alternatives

1. YouCam Makeup App

youcam makeup app

YouCam Makeup App is considered a top photo editor by photo editors. It boasts many amazing features. One of its unique features is the YouCam Time Machine. This feature allows users to travel through time easily. You can see a younger or an older version of yourself with just one click. YouCam also features a share button that allows users to share modified photos with different media.

Download YouCam on iOS and Android

  • YouCam Makeup App is very easy to use. It does not require prior knowledge of Photo Editing
  • YouCam has a social network where users can connect with other users
  • YouCam allows users to alter the background of a photo
  • Some features of the YouCam Makeup App can only be accessed through the premium version
  • The premium version of YouCam does not support a one-time payment. Users have to pay monthly or yearly

2. FaceApp


FaceApp is a leading mobile phone photo editor that is available both on iOS and Android. FaceApp boasts of a lot of fascinating effects that would add more beauty and color to your photos. It enables users to time travel (Alter age), Alter gender, create smiles, and alters hairstyles, beards, and even hair colors.

Download FaceApp on iOS and Android.

  • FaceApp boasts of several effects that allow you to give your photos a more alluring look
  • It makes time travel appear easy. You can practically teleport to the future or past with just a few clicks
  • FaceApp does not totally guarantee data privacy to users. Some users have complained about the data privacy breach

3. Inshot

The Inshot mobile app, which can be used on videos and pictures is a workplace for most photo editors. Inshot also allows users to add any track of their choice to their videos. This app is available for both iOS and Android.


Download Inshot iOS and Android

  • Inshot is a multipurpose app. It creates beautiful photos as well as videos
  • Using Inshot does not require prior knowledge of Photo Editing as the interface is quite simple to locate and use
  • Inshot boasts several unique effects and templates
  • When exporting videos, it is impossible to move to another interface, and occasionally it will crash
  • Some features of Inshot requires that you go premium


Facetune Photo App is a proven photo editor that will add more beauty and light to any photo. Facetune Photo boasts several features that are not found on every mobile phone editor. For example, features like relight and live preview are very special and cannot be found on every photo editor. Users can always rely on Facetune to deliver stunning, edited photographs because it is a proficient and dependable photo editor. Facetune's incredible features make it absolutely worth a try.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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