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A Review: Free Meme Makers to Use

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

Businesses have begun using meme creator for free and for marketing campaigns and product promotion after studying the appeal of these distinctive pictures. Typically, internet users with keen or witty imaginations develop an outclass meme from a straightforward image. Most memes that are spread come from the web since they are more relevant to the general public than conventional words or even photos. Let's take a thorough look at some top meme makers free.

Previously, you required graphic design software to make your own memes. But fortunately, we have several options to use meme maker online free in the modern day. And easily at that. You may learn how easy it is to produce a meme with any picture thanks to a number of free meme generators and meme creator applications! Here, we've listed the top sites for making memes to assist you in this process.

In this article
    1. Imgflip
    2. Kapwing Meme Maker
    3. iLoveIMG
    4. Clideo Meme Maker
    5. Veed.Io Meme Maker
    1. Filmora
    2. iMeme
    3. Adobe Spark
    4. Microsoft Meme Maker
    5. Make a Meme
    1. Mematic
    2. Canva
    3. YouCam Perfect
    4. Meme Generator
    5. Memes.Com & Memes Maker

Part 1. Free Meme Makers Online

Memes have the power to make people laugh a lot. Memes have become quite popular in recent years. The social media platforms are full with humorous memes, and the social media behemoth Facebook is no exception. You may simply create amusing birthday memes, valentine memes, or memes for any other special day online.

1. Imgflip

Link: Imgflip

imgflip free meme maker

You probably have come across this really well-liked meme creator website if you like memes. You may create memes using ImgFlip’s online platform without creating an account on their website. Imgflip has a big meme library from which you may choose pictures and write captions. Following that, you may quickly post the memes on social networking platforms. On the website, you may also upload your own GIFs. There is a very little watermark at the bottom right of IMG Flip's meme generator, but it is there.

The website's goal is clear from the name alone. One of the most often used and well-liked free online tools for creating memes is Imgflip. The issue now is: Why is this so well-liked? This is one of the reasons the website has remained popular since it first appeared in the rankings. You can rapidly and successfully generate memes with Imgflip in a matter of seconds. Beginner-friendly and easy to comprehend is the user interface.

2. Kapwing Meme Maker

Link: Kapwing

kapwing meme maker free

You may create memes in one location with the help of the simple yet powerful meme creator created by Kapwing. You may quickly make video collages, modify movies by adding text and sound, subtitles, and sound, and resize videos to fit your requirements. Additionally, it supports a variety of output ratios, and even bespoke sizes. To begin, just submit the image you wish to use as a meme.

The Meme Generator by Kapwing offers sophisticated features and supports animated memes. Again, it is unmarked and free to use. They provide a library where you may choose from a range of meme templates. The editor offers a complete timeline where you can add text, unique pictures, overlays, and meme length settings. Your meme may be exported as a video, GIF, picture, or even audio after you've finished editing. Additionally, after a quick sign-in, the watermark is eliminated.

3. iLoveIMG

Link: ILoveIMG

iloveimg free meme maker

Do you want to discover why this website has been so successful? Well, some of the most well-known and widely spread memes in history were created using this website. ILoveIMG, the most well-known free online platform for creating memes, enables you to do operations such picture uploading, editing, and social media sharing. Additionally, a real-time preview of the meme text is shown. Once it has been created, your meme is available for download and saving on your computer or for direct submission to Reddit.

Making a meme quickly is easy, quick, and effective with ILoveIMG. The website provides you with two cool options: one is to upload your own personalized picture, and the other is to make a meme. You may see all of the service's meme templates by selecting the latter. Then, put the text at the top and bottom of your chosen meme before pressing the "generate" button. ILoveIMG is a simple meme maker with decent templates that keeps things straightforward. So, the only available font choices and text color are the defaults.

4. Clideo Meme Maker

Link: Clideo

clideo meme maker online

One of the most well-known websites for creating memes is Clideo, which is renowned for its extensive collection of meme templates. The website will open with a sample of all the available meme templates. Additionally, a search bar is included for easier database exploration. To begin altering a meme of your choosing, click on it. To create memes, Clideo also gives users the option of adding unique photos. An ingenious way to add some humorous subtitles to photographs.

It has a vast collection of meme templates, a direct template preview when selecting, variable text and font colors, and outline support. You may add text at the top and bottom using the service. You must register and establish a free account in order to access the 50 various fonts and text color options that are offered. You may opt to keep your meme private to yourself, and you have full access to all the features. On the website, you have the option to pay to have your meme printed on a mug.

5. Veed.Io Meme Maker

Link: Veed.Io

veed io meme maker free

No matter what format you like, you may make humorous memes with the free web tool You may create memes in a variety of file types, including GIF, PNG, JPG, and others. One of the better meme makers with a drag-and-drop editor is available here. With's visual editor, you can quickly choose the template of your choice and transform it into the meme of your choice, instantaneously turning a concept into a meme.

You may add visuals to your films using a variety of tools. You may combine any video segments as you wish. To turn a video into a humorous one, there are various elements including cropping, editing, and trimming. It is an AI-powered tool that makes it quite simple to do tasks.

Part 2. Free Meme Maker for Computer

It's not as difficult to make a meme on a computer as you may imagine. The top list of it is all that is required. And in this area, we'll introduce some of the best meme makers online. Look at it.

1. Filmora

Link: Wondershare Filmora


The finest program on the market right now for creating memes on a PC is Filmora Video Editor. In addition, this tool may significantly assist you in creating memes. Not only can you edit pictures or movies, but you can also quickly make memes. One of the best and most helpful meme creators is Filmora. You may use this application for meme videos, GIFs, and photos since it offers free and handy features particularly for meme creation. Filmora's user-friendly interface makes it easy for anybody to create memes.

It's simple to create memes using Filmora Video Editor. Users may create memes using the program without having any prior technological experience. With its 1000+ graphic effects, you may alter memes in a variety of ways. Whether your meme is about deep-fried food or is just amusing, Filmora can provide you with a variety of effects to make it appear appealing and interesting. You may use it to give the meme you are making a caption. When you click the "Titles" button, the text style is dragged to the timeline. See how it appears after typing what you wish.

Free Download
Free Download

2. iMeme

Link: iMeme


It was one of the most well-known meme creators when it first came out, but shortly after it was surpassed by more sophisticated programs. Although it has more than 100 pre-built templates, you may also build a meme from scratch if you choose. Text may be added, positioned, or edited anywhere on the image. Additionally, it has to be downloaded to your laptop or desktop computer since it is offline. iMeme is the finest alternative for developing humorous memes since it allows for the easy and appealing creation of memes. This program for creating memes features the most straightforward user interface and minimal editing tools.

3. Adobe Spark

Link: Adobe Spark

adobe spark meme maker

Adobe Spark has a visually pleasing design. Since Adobe has been around for a while, it is unnecessary to highlight the performance it can provide. By referring to it as a meme maker, you may choose from an infinite number of backdrops and text styles. You may make a meme by uploading your own picture or by using one of Adobe's available templates. It effortlessly meets all of your company demands.

4. Microsoft Meme Maker

Link: Microsoft Meme Maker

microsoft meme maker free.

This meme creator has a ton of premium tools that may help you create any kind of visual picture for your meme website. Each image you enter into the program for this meme maker is handled. The necessary adjustments will be suggested, and vice versa.

To add words to a meme, use the caption option. To add a new image, select import. Memes may be created using any kind of media, including images and videos. It will be prepared to participate in your family gatherings if you add a lighthearted inscription to it.

5. Make a Meme

Link: Make a Meme

make a meme org

You can generate and edit videos using Make a Meme to produce humorous web material. You may simply add files to the server using its drag and drop functionality. Advanced tools like creating videos for your YouTube channel are also included.

With this program, you may add text and images to any image or design to create memes. By selecting "make a meme" in the upper left corner, you may submit a picture. You may make memes using your photos thanks to its many other capabilities. Customers that use Make a Meme have a smooth user interface that makes creating memes straightforward and easy.

Part 3. Free Meme Maker Apps

Other brilliant features to have been the availability of different fonts, the capacity to alter the text color, and the capacity to add your own unique photos to the design. And you wouldn't want any type of watermark in your meme if you were someone who wanted to create them professionally for a humor page on social media. We have chosen some of the top free apps for creating memes on your smartphone and web.

1. Mematic

Link: Mematic

mematic app

Memes may be quickly created, and Mematic offers readymade backgrounds. You may also make your own unique memes if you want to. Using the app, you can add text, stickers, and photos to create custom photo memes. Even better, you can share your memes right from the app. You won't get many updates for this tool. They are almost semi-frequent, and there are many templates from which to pick if you want to make any meme.

2. Canva

Link: Canva

canva meme maker app

With Canva, you may search for meme templates and find everything you want. It provides a wide selection with all the required editing capabilities to create the ideal meme.

It offers aesthetically attractive graphics that may be customized to produce any kind of business-related memes. The research topic may provide you with a wealth of ideas, and you can create memes using the most popular meme images. When compared to other memes, it will make yours stand out as special.

3. YouCam Perfect

Link: YouCam Perfect

youcam perfect

YouCam Perfect excels in multifunctional editing, creating memes, and enhancing memes with uncommon effects like text styles, stickers, and layers. Your movies may be quickly edited, trimmed, cropped, and even given some amazing effects. It will breathe new life into a normal, dull video, and if it's a meme, you may further enhance the impact by adding a witty voiceover.

YouCam Perfect provides features for adding text and adjusting colors, so you may customize a current meme or use your own images. Additionally, you can use stickers and the magic brush to add drawings to any image to make your memes even more entertaining!

4. Meme Generator

Link: Meme Generator

meme generator free app

Most meme creators would advise using this MemeGenerator when it comes to making popular memes. One of the most well-liked internet sites for making memes is this one. You have the option to immediately submit photographs while browsing the site's enormous image library. MemeGenerator provides safe and secure cloud space, allowing you to save millions of memes once you have created them. MemeGenerator provides simple-to-use tools, so you don't need any special knowledge to create memes using it.

You may develop memes for all of your personal and business purposes with MemeGenerator, one of the most well-liked and cost-free meme creation tools. MemeGenerator, has you covered whether you want to send a hilarious meme to a buddy or a marketing meme to customers. MemeGenerator gives you editing options to personalize your memes so you may make original and appealing memes.

5. Memes.Com & Memes Maker

Link: Memes.Com & Memes Maker

memes com

Memes.Com is an easy-to-use meme maker that assists you in creating memes of many varieties, including humorous, joyful, and cheery ones. After choosing a template and making a few minor changes, your meme will be ready. The easiest tool to use is! It offers you the following features to make creating memes enjoyable. offers more than simply the ability to create memes; it also provides access to every meme on the internet. It appears on the dashboard, and you may draw ideas from these memes as well.


Although a meme's meaning varies from person to person, they are often sardonic and intended to make the reader grin or sometimes chuckle. Any meme generator's collection of templates serves as the building block on which you may base your adjustments to create a unique meme. A decent meme maker should provide a wide variety of alternatives like Filmora as we mentioned above. The editing process with it is handy and effective as well. That’s why we recommend it for the best meme creator free for desktop users.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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