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10 Best Free Photo Editor for Windows and Mac

Have you ever used a photo editor to edit pictures? Find out about the top compatible free photo editors for both Windows and Mac in this article.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Apr 06, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

There are a variety of photo editors in the market that you can use to enhance your picture by removing the irregularities. People also use different filters to make the image beautiful with few retouches. Also, if some unwanted object is in the background, editors can remove it by cropping and resizing the image. Surprised, right?

However, not every photo editor goes compatible with both Windows and Mac, and you may waste your time searching for incompatible tools. This article will solve your problems as we will mention free photo editors for both Windows and Mac users. Let’s get started!

Part 1: 5 Best Free Photo Editor Software for Windows Users

This section will mention the top-rated best free photo editor that you can quickly use in your Windows operating system. Are you ready?

1. PhotoDirector Essential

Do you want a complete tool to edit your pictures in Windows? Trust PhotoDirector Essential to execute advanced editing in the best ecosystem. You can use this software to remove background most professionally as it has AI-powered tools. The AI support detects the background perfectly and removes it within seconds.

Also, it contains high-quality filter effects that won’t affect the original quality of your captured photo. You can also add tags and locations to your photos through this best free photo editor. Isn’t that great?

photodirector essential editor

2. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8

This free photo editing software is famous for its clean, organized, and well-defined user interface that any beginner and inexperienced individual can use without any assistance. Moreover, professionals and experts like photographers use this tool due to its capability of optimization as you can edit multiple pictures at once. This sounds good!

If you are someone who is always in a hurry to edit and post photos, use Ashampoo photo optimizer as a best free photo editor to save your time efficiently. Just by uploading the pictures on this tool, you can rotate them simultaneously by selecting them. Also, this tool can export pictures in the format of JPG, PNG, and TIF. This can be perfect for you!

ashampoo photo optimizer 8

3. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an advanced best free photo editor that every professional must explore to get the ultimate benefits to enhance the images in three different modes. The three modes are Quick Mode, Expert Mode, and Guided Mode. These guided modes are designed to help you edit images with a single click, or you can also edit by utilizing advanced features.

If you are a beginner and do not have any idea, you can still use this platform as it comprises complete guidelines and instructions to use their tools easily. Do you wish to use it?

adobe photoshop elements interface


GIMP is a free photo editor that contains tons of filters that you can use to enhance your looks effortlessly. When it comes to photo editing tools, you can find variously advanced features such as heal brush, selective exposure, curves, and smart selection tools. You can even change the dimensions of your photo by using their feature of perspective to adjust the photo both vertically and horizontally.

This free photo editing software does not consist of annoying ads, and you can easily enjoy the experience of editing multiple photos with few retouches. Sounds great!

 gimp free photo editor

5. Paint.NET

If you want to opt for a basic free photo editing software, Paint.NET would be a suitable option for you. The interface is extremely easy and simple to use and runs perfectly on your Windows. This software quickly responds by making edits and does not contain bugs and ads.

Furthermore, it is one of the cheapest photo editors and contains all the basic options to edit images easily. However, it lacks some advanced features as compared to other competitive photo editors, but it can be a good option to execute basic photo editing easily. Are you convinced? interface

Part 2: 5 Top Free Photo Editor Software for Mac Users

In this part, we have suggested the 5 best free photo editors for Mac users that can help them in making their photos eye-worthy. Let’s proceed!

1. Luminar

Do you love applying filters to your photos? Then you must try Luminar as it has more than 60 filters that you would surely love. You can explore and apply their filters and later upload them on various social media platforms. It also comprises advanced brushes that can help you in doing retouches to your face and skin tone.

This free photo editor has been recognized as one of the reliable editors for Mac users due to its key features. This is surely great!

luminar free photo editor

2. Darktable 

Darktable is famously known for its lens correction and blurring feature that many people use nowadays. You can open RAW, JPEG, CR2, NEF, HDR, PFM, and RAF files instantly through this app and can begin the editing process anytime you want. Other key features of this free photo editing software include its free access to advanced features such as managing the perspective of images and color correction. Do you wish to know more about it?

It allows you to export the images in low dynamic format ranges (JPEG, TIFF, PNG), high dynamic format ranges (PFM, EXR), and 16-bit image formats such as PPM or TIFF. It also comes in 21 different languages for your ease.

darktable photo editing software

3. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a user-friendly best free photo editor for Mac users that consists of complete tutorials and user guidelines to execute the photo editing. It has background remover through which you can quickly remove background and can also select the subject of your image to execute the editing on it. If your picture is of low quality, use its smart refine tool to make the picture superior with a single click.

Other advanced key features include motion support, through which you can convert your image to motion graphics to export it to other platforms. Also, options like "Distribute Spacing" and "Improved SVG Support" will help photographers to eliminate the minute flaws instantly. Isn’t it good?

 pixelmator editor

4. Aurora HDR

Are you a fan of HDR images? Then reach to Aurora HDR as the best editing app to generate appealing HDR photos. It contains more than 80 looks and effects of HDR that can instantly promote your image from a RAW look to a professional and modern one. It has features to add masking and layers to photos to produce the best results.

Other notable and powerful features include tone curve, polarizing filter, HDR details boost, HDR denoise, and LUT mapping. By combining and utilizing all these filters, you can instantly generate an artistic photo in a cost-effective manner. This can be tried out.

aurora hdr editor

5. PhotoScape X

A perfectly edited photo can tell a story efficiently to the audience in a short span of time. If you want to transform your boring and plain photos into eye-catchy and vibrant ones, use PhotoScape X. This free photo editing software contains distinct key features like film effects and light leaks that can quickly transform your images into astonishing ones. It has more than 1000 filters, effects, and tools to define your photos professionally.

Moreover, you can conduct batch processing to edit pictures to save time and energy. Also, you can split a single photo into several pieces to carefully execute and check the image closely. Extremely good!

photoscape x photo editor


Do you know that photo editing is a great skill to transform your images into artistic work? You can also have a command of this skill by using the free photo editors that we have mentioned in this article for you. We have suggested the photo editors that will go compatible with both Windows and Mac users so that you won’t face any inconvenience. You surely won’t be disappointed!

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