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Complete Tutorial to Turn GIFs to Stickers [Discord/WhatsApp/Telegram]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 13, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

The sticker library in most social apps has standard and animation-based stickers. GIFs are better alternatives for users who want to send more realistic reaction icons. Do you want to turn a GIF file you saved on your mobile phone into an animated sticker? Well, it is extremely easy, but you have to rely on a third-party app.

In this article
  1. How Do I Turn a GIF into a Sticker?
  2. How to convert a GIF to a Discord sticker?
  3. How to put your GIFs into animated WhatsApp stickers?
  4. How to turn a GIF to a Telegram sticker?
  5. How to custom GIF stickers with a video editor?

How Do I Turn a GIF into a Sticker?

It is possible to use a GIF to sticker converter to change the GIF format files into stickers. One suitable tool here is the Wondershare UniConverter. The software, available for both Mac and Windows devices, is suitable for creating GIFs and stickers alike. You can adjust the output size and framerate and transform the GIF file you create further into sticker-appropriate WebP format.

Furthermore, you can choose to store this in your device or cloud memory, as necessary. Follow the steps below to turn your GIFs into stickers at ease.

Step1 Install the Wondershare Unicoverter on your PC or Mac.

Step2 You should click on the "Tools" tab after launching the software on your device.

click on tools

Step3 Under this, choose the “GIF Maker” option.

choose gif maker option

Step4 Select the side for “Photos to GIF” on the next window that appears to add your image and “Videos to GIF” for a video file.

select the side for photos to gif

Step5 Add the image/video clip after clicking on the “Add” button.

Step6 Make changes to the Output parameters and Frame Rate, and click on the “Create GIF” button.

Step7 After creating the GIF, go to the UniConverter home page again and click on "Image Converter".

click on image converter

Step8 Choose the conversion model to WEBP and click the tickbox for the File.

choose conversion model to webp

Step9 Press the Convert button.

press the convert button

How to convert a GIF to a Discord sticker?

There are tools available for users to convert GIFs to stickers specifically for communication/streaming-based platforms like Discord. The process of using UniConverter would not work here, though, since the supported format for stickers is APNG. That is not available under this software at this point.

It would help if you used an online tool for GIF to APNG conversion, like

Step1 Open the online tool on your browser, and click on File to choose the source location type.

click on files

Step2 Tap the “Choose File” option and add the main GIF you want to convert from your device/cloud. Bottom of Form

Step3 Choose the Output format as APNG. Set the image size and quality specifications.

choose output format as apng

Step4 Click on the "Convert Now" button. The File would store on your device, and you can use it on Discord as stickers.

How to put your GIFs into animated WhatsApp stickers?

Much like the process of converting GIF to stickers using the regular UniConverter tool, you can also use that or other apps to prepare GIFs for WhatsApp-based stickers. In this case, ensure the gif to sticker WhatsApp aspect ratio settings are set to 512 x 512 pixels since that is what the app supports. However, this would help create some standard-level stickers mainly.

Step1 Open your WhatsApp application on the phone and access the chat of the person you would send it to.

Step2 Click on the paperclip or media icon and insert the video on your device through that section. Alternatively, you can click on the camera to directly record a video using the slider icon above.

click on paperclip or media

Keep the video around 6 seconds long. If it extends further, cut it to 6 seconds maximum.

keep the video around 6seconds long

Step3 You can add stickers, icons, or text to the video.

Step4 There is a GIF icon beside the video option. Click on it and press the “Send” button to your contact.

click on gif icon

How to turn a GIF to a Telegram sticker?

You can use either the Uniconverter or AConvert tool to turn your image/video into a GIF file. For sharing on Telegram, you have to use the same process through UniConverter's Image Converter to change the images into 512 x 512-pixel dimensions. Then, add the pack in Telegram as a new sticker pack.

Step1 Access the Telegram app through the PC and open the chatbot function for Sticker through Search. The ID here is @Stickers.

Step2 Open the chat, type /newpack.Press the Enter button. Again, give a name to the sticker pack and click on Enter.

Step3 Click on the File icon and add the GIF file from your device.

Step4 Assign a relatable emoji with the File and press Enter. Do the same for all files.

Step5 Add all stickers and type /publish. Then, tap the Enter button.

Step6 Set the sticker pack's unique URL name and share the stickers inside individually or altogether.

How to custom GIF stickers with a video editor?

While you can use the steps mentioned to turn GIFs into Telegram-based stickers, having a universal tool to make high-quality GIFs first would help.

Filmora is useful for creating interesting video files. You can also export files as GIFs and turn them into stickers too. If you are interested in stickers making, a software on your desktop will be good to go in the long run.

Free Download
Free Download


  • Customize freely for your own GIFs into stickers without working internet connection.
  • Except for gif-to-stickers converting, you can also convert Gif to video in either MP4, WMV, 3GP, or WEBM format.
  • Trim your GIF clip, and add text, stickers to the file directly.
  • Adjust speed, color, effects, etc., to your videos for free in seconds.

Step1 Launch the Wondershare Filmora software on your PC or Mac after completing the download process.

Step2 On the home page, click the "New Project" button to go on.

click on new project

Step3 Tap on "Click here to import media" at the top of the editing home screen. Or, drag and drop a video of your choice.

tap on click here to import media

Step4 After adding the media file, drag it to the lower section of the page and make adjustments like text, speed, color, etc. You can also crop the file into short clips to save as different stickers.

drag video to the lower section of page

Step5 After customizing all of these, choose the Export. And click on the Local > GIF.

choose export

Step6 Then, animated GIFs you made can be shared directly via Whatsapp or another messaging app.

Final Words

Multiple steps are available for users to turn their GIF files into stickers to share with friends, family, and acquaintances. Use useful tools like UniConverter, AConvert, and Filmora to create high-quality GIFs and stickers.

Also, while doing this conversion, make customizations based on the type of communication you use and their sticker-related specifications. For example, take time to set the aspect ratio to 512 x 512 for WhatsApp-based stickers.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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