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Make your own meme

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

At the moment, memes are the most loved and fashionable items, yet many advertisers are interested in meme marketing. However, making memes requires imagination and can occasionally be challenging. Fortunately, the meme maker software makes it simple to generate memes. There are numerous such tools, but only a few are reliable. Do you have an idea for making memes with your picture? If not, here are a few video and image meme creator apps that will help you make your own meme.

However, choosing the best meme maker will be the option to create a meme. It will help you make a video, GIF, and image memes with or without a watermark. You can choose the free and free app that doesn't ask you to sign up. With the help of a good meme maker website, you can change color, position, and text size for creating captions while editing. You can create your meme in a few clicks.

Let's check how you can create your own meme with these apps.

In this article
  1. 1. Use Filmora
  2. 2. Use Photoshop
  3. 3. Use Canva
  4. 4. imgflip
  5. 5. iLoveIMG
  6. 6. Meme Generator
  7. 7. Meme Better
  8. 8. Make a Meme

1. Use Filmora

In this market, there are numerous meme creators, but only a few allow doing it for free. You will always want an app that allows you to create memes online without registration and watermark. Fortunately, Filmora is there to help you out with creating video and image memes.

Free Download
Free Download
use filmora

You will only have to import the image, add your text, and then export it to make a meme with the meme generator. This built-in video trimmer will help you cut out the unwanted parts of the video while creating memes. Let's see the steps on how you can create your meme with Filmora.

  • Import the video: Launch the Filmora video and then hit "New Project" to create your new project. In the settings, you can set proper ratios like 1:1, 16:9, or 4:3. After that, you will have to click on the "important" button to load the video or image. After that, click on the "record" button.
  • Add caption: Place the file on the timeline. You can click on the "Title" tab and select the text style. Enter words and add color, font, and size to the caption. You can also try inserting a famous song in the background. You must drag and drop the file into the program and put the audio track.
  • Save your meme: Of course, when you are finished with the meme, you will want to share the meme with the online world. It is as simple as you can upload the video meme to any social media platform by clicking on the "Export" option.

2. Use Photoshop

Want to learn how to create a meme with Photoshop? This manual is meant to assist. Since the invention of the internet, memes have increased to disseminate complex information in brief, digestible chunks. It is a low-cost, high-impact image that may be quickly produced and destroyed. Many meme creators are available, including one in Photoshop, but using Photoshop itself will give you much more power.

make meme with ps

Here's how to create memes on your computer using only Photoshop CC. Choose a photo and make it a meme with these steps.

  • Create document: Before starting your Photoshop, check the social platform for desired dimensions and format. For this, you can start with a size of 1080px X1080px. It is a standard image used for Instagram. You can even use Artboards for creating templates, and that's what you must make sure that they are made in the new document.
  • Select image: The meme's popularity is based chiefly on image strength, which usually relies on humor to draw attention. You can add the image to photoshop in several ways. You can open the picture in your application, select, copy and paste it on the canvas. You can find even important pictures directly to the file or use the drag and drop option. You can select the face you make a meme with.
  • Make your background: No meme is completed without the proper background. The background is crucial to make the content attractive. You will have to create new layers with the shortcut "Cmd+Shift+N" and then drag this to the bottom layer, go to the Edit, and click on Fill. You can see numerous options in the menu, selecting the pattern and then choosing a custom pattern.
  • Add Text: In the end, a meme's appearance serves as a vehicle for its message. The writing should be boldly extensive and assertive next to the image, compromising style for effect. To create a box across the canvas, use the Type tool. Aim for a structure with one significant remark and a lesser message below by keeping the wording extensive and straightforward.

3. Use Canva

It's free and straightforward to make a meme with Canva's meme maker. You may completely personalize your meme using our drag-and-drop editor; there are no restrictions on watermarks, fonts, or flexible designs. Instantly post and resize your picture, add an unlimited number of text boxes, select any font and as many colors as you like, and select the download type for the meme.

use canva create meme
  • Open Canva and Search for the template: Open the Canva and then search “Meme” on the search tool. You can browse through the library of meme templates for all themes. You can add the keyword which fits your choice and then style it to narrow the search. You can click on the template you love to add the page to the editor.
  • Explore features: The Canva's library has several stock stickers, images, icons, photos, and speech bubbles. You can use the handy feature for making the elements rise, pan, or tumble on the page. You can even add a video or audio clip.
  • Personalize the meme: Do you have an idea in your mind? You can feel free to upload photos or artwork images. You can choose your color scheme, background, and style and mix the element from several templates.

4. imgflip

It is a free online meme maker app that will allow you to add some custom images, text, and many more to the picture. People mostly use the generator for customizing the famous meme, and you can find those in Imgflip's collection. You can easily upload the template and begin the process from scratch with blank templates.


Steps to make a meme with imgflip:

  • Choose a template: Users can use famous templates by searching through this app. You can add the meme by uploading new templates. You can upload your own, or else you can even upload the template from the site. If you want to begin with scratch, then you can try to search "blank" or "empty" templates.
  • Add customizations: Add spacing, drawings, stickers, images, and text to use buttons beside the meme canvas.
  • Share: You can create the meme by clicking on "generate meme" and then selecting to share the meme. With the help of this app, you can share your generated meme to several social media apps.

5. iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG is another free-to-use online application that helps users with editing images to resize, crop, or compress and then convert them to memes. There are also free templates available for the users that can be accessed very easily with just a few clicks. This web app is very efficient and doesn't take up any memory space on your PC or device and produces high-resolution memes that can be instantly shared on different social media platforms. To make a meme by using the iLoveIMG web app, you will need to follow these steps thoroughly:

make meme with iloveimg
  • First, go to and then click on the "meme generator" option given on your screen. This will take you to the meme generator page where you will be asked to upload the image you want to make a meme with.
  • You can click on the "upload image" option to upload an image from your camera roll to modify or create your meme. Or else you can click on the "Select meme template" to search for any particular meme template that you want to edit.
  • After you have chosen a meme template or uploaded your image, you will be available with different editing tools that will help you to resize and add texts of different fonts to your image. Select the font you want to go with and then add it to your image.
  • Then pan or zoom to place the text at the required position in the image. After you are done with your modifications, click on the "download image" option and your meme will be saved to your PC.

6. Meme Generator

If you wish to create a photo meme, you should install the meme generator app. This meme generator app can help you create fabulous ways and remove the need for image editing on the part of making it for you. The meme generator is a very straightforward meme creator and includes the specialized tool needed for creating the meme. Here are some steps to create incredible memes with this app.

meme generator net

Step1Browse the memes to select the best one according to your liking.

Step2Add text through the form on the right side of that page.

Step3Customize the meme by clicking on insert caption. You can even click on the drop-down menu to change the caption size.

Step4Preview and save the meme to your gallery.

7. Meme Better

One of the most popular subjects of interest among social media users these days are memes. And with their immense popularity, meme-generating applications are becoming popular. But a good meme-creating platform should facilitate its users with the choice of different trendy meme templates, fonts, and video meme editing capabilities. And Meme better is such a meme-making online platform that helps users to launch a meme generator instantly. This platform is completely free to use and facilitates an easy-to-use interface to add images or videos and then convert them into memes.

meme better

The process of making memes with memes better is as follows:

  • Go to your device browser and type in the search bar. This will take you to the official website of the modern meme generator. Click on the "launch the meme generator" option and the browser will open a page where meme templates are available to use for free.
  • These meme templates are free to use and are categorized according to different trends. You can scroll to different pages to find a perfect meme template for you or you can also click on the search button to find a particular template with keywords.
  • After you have selected a meme template, you will be available with different text fields where you can insert your texts, and then the text will be shown on the image. If you want to refresh or undo your changes, then you can click on the "Auto-refresh" option to add the texts again.
  • When you are done with your editing, click on the "Save image" and the meme will be saved to your device.

8. Make a Meme

If you are looking for a free and simple meme generator for your social media needs, then "Make a meme" is the perfect online application for you. This platform doesn't need any installation and can be directly launched from its website. Once you open this online meme-generating platform, you will be available with hundreds of trendy memes along with specific keyword search support. And there are also different categories of memes grouped for better convenience. The process of generating memes through this online application is really easy and you can follow these steps to create your meme:

make a meme tool
  • To use the "make a meme" web app, you will first need to go to its website. You can do that by searching it on your web browser and clicking on the first links in the results.
  • After you open the Make a Meme web app interface, you will be asked to "Upload Image" by clicking on the option under the same name. You can upload your preferred image for generating memes or else there is also the option to try out different meme templates.
  • After selecting an image, you can edit it to add texts or layers and when you are done, the image will be ready for preview. The texts in the meme image can be changed by tapping on the text box provided on the screen and then inserting the preferred texts.
  • If you are satisfied with your meme creation and want no further changes, you will need to click on the "Download Image" option and your meme will be saved successfully. Along with this, you also have the option to share the meme instantly to any cloud storage if you want to do so.


Memes are enjoyable because they make you smile and chuckle. The ideal way to create a meme is via a meme maker program, which allows you to upload your photo and select a template. Try the programs mentioned above to produce humorous memes and discover how to create memes using your photos.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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