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Online MEME Maker

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

Memes are a common, well-known, and the easy methods to communicate various ideas to the globe on social media. Memes are often images that refer to a certain notion. They are frequently used for humor, mocking, and, ultimately, entertainment. Nowadays, practically everyone who is familiar with the internet and social media uses the word "meme." These days, social media has grown into an unstoppable trendline that has made the meme maker online an essential toolbox to learn.

Memes are a quick and effective method to spread ideas, and we can create them using a variety of online tools and apps. The online versions of these tools are known as meme maker online or meme creator online, and they may be downloaded or used immediately online. The required picture may be processed using the online meme generator, and the messages can be added or written in a highly entertaining and well-animated manner. In order to learn about the Meme makers online, you need to follow this guide to know the top meme generator online.

In this article
  1. 1. IMGFlip Meme Generator
  2. 2. Clideo Meme Maker
  3. 3. Canva Meme Maker
  4. 4. Meme Creator
  5. 5. Make it Meme
  6. 6. Clipchamp Meme Maker

1. IMGFlip Meme Generator

One of the most well-known meme makers online, this generator uses a media file from the user's supplied file or one from its own dataset depending on the user's preferences. Using this free online image maker, you may personalize themes with resizable text, pictures, and much more. The generator is widely used to change popular memes, including those included in the IMGFlip meme template library. However, you may also start with blank templates or upload the layouts you want (solid color).

The meme generator is a flexible tool with many applications. By uploading unique photographs and making use of all the customization, you may produce a wide range of creative works, including posters, banners, advertisements, and other distinctive graphics. A search will produce animated meme templates in the Generator above. You may explore all of the GIF Templates if you can't find the meme you're searching for, or you can use the GIF Maker to upload and create your own animation template.

imgflip meme generator

Steps to Use IMGFlip Meme Generator:

Step1Choose a template from the collection or upload one from your own data.

open imgflip

Step2You can add your texts in the ‘top text' and ‘bottom text' boxes.

add text imgflip

Step3Finally, after making all the essential customizations, you can click on generate to make the meme.

2. Clideo Meme Maker

Clideo Meme Maker features a very straightforward interface that makes it possible for a novice user to create a meme in just a few basic steps. Instead, then staying with a pre-established format, any picture may be transformed into a meme. It has simple features, so you don't have to spend time learning the lingo.

You may use it to store your created memes to Google Drive and Dropbox since it runs online. Additionally, the submitted files are removed from the server when your job is done. It has a watermark. However, you may easily remove it by subscribing if required.

clideo meme maker

Steps to Use Clideo Meme Maker:

Step1You can submit the video clip you wish to alter as a meme from Dropbox, Google Drive, or one of Clideo's free video templates.

upload file clideo meme

Step2The next step is to compose the text and, if necessary, add effects. The meme video's text may be edited, and the video can be customized to your tastes.

create meme with clideo

Step3Clicking "meme" will generate the meme. Share the video meme on your social media sites after downloading it to your device.

3. Canva Meme Maker

One of the numerous things that can be created using Canva is memes. You have a ton of options to play around with, regardless of whether you want a fast and easy approach or to be meticulous with your meme. You may choose a pre-made template, for instance, and make as many modifications as you like. You may download your own meme templates after editing them to fit your sense of humor. Your creations may be saved as high-resolution JPG, PNG, or GIF files.

Once everything is prepared, all that's left to do is publish it to your social media sites to begin encouraging people to identify with your emotions or share in your enjoyment. You might also use customized templates that include text, icons, music, and other components. When complete, the meme may be shared on social media, downloaded in several file formats, used in a presentation, or even printed on apparel. Most of these functions are offered without charge.

canva meme maker

Steps to Use Canva Meme Maker:

Step1Select a template from the available options or upload your own.

choose template canva

Step2In the next step, Canva allows you to customize the Meme image. This gives you the options of writing the text and adding some effect.

customize image canva

Step3When you're finished, go on to the last to Share the meme. On the same website, the meme can also be downloaded and shared.

4. Meme Creator

The Meme Creator is another name on the list. Three distinct sorts of meme makers are specified in this online toolkit called Meme Creator. It has a straightforward interface. These classifications are "all," "new," and "custom." Consequently, it permits you to create memes using your own photos. After choosing the template, a new page containing the template opens with information about the meme, directions for creating it, and a request for confirmation of the meme template.

The only constraint on the number of templates that may be used in this web application's meme section is the user's creativity. After choosing a template, further text or pictures may be added to create the meme. The memes are simple to distribute and may be downloaded quickly. The website's design is quite straightforward and user-friendly. So, with a few easy steps, anybody can create a meme.

meme generator com

Steps to Use Meme Creator:

Step1Choose the template from the first page. Affirm the template that you have chosen.

choose template meme generator

Step2Make desired changes. Generate the meme and download it.

add image meme generator

Step3In the last step, hit the Save Meme button at the top-left corner of the screen and save the Meme to your device.

5. Make it Meme

Make it Meme fosters a culture of rivalry among its members. Users are urged to compete against one another in a game where they rate which meme is superior and produce better ones. The layout of the meme maker is simple. From the initial page, you must log in, either openly or in a private room. After that, you must fight in a team battle against another team. The player may also be given additional chores, such as captioning or rating the memes according to a variety of criteria.

This online tool contains a library of memes with a wide variety of templates. The user will be provided a template in this dialogue, and it must be captioned. The meme will then be submitted and assessed by the other side. Both the user and the opponent have the ability to download the meme. The meme with the most points will undoubtedly triumph in the end.

make it meme

Steps to Use Make it Meme:

Step1You have two options: choose one of the stock photos they currently have or upload a photo of your own. Click Create Private Lobby as indicated below to create your own meme:

choose game mode makeit meme

Step2Select the Upload your own image option to add your own photo. You may then make even more adjustments to your uploaded picture. Flipping, rotating, or cropping the picture will do this.

upload image makeit meme

Step3Select the download choices after you're finished editing. Click the Generate or Generate Meme button after selecting your download choices.

submitted makeit meme

6. Clipchamp Meme Maker

Clipchamp simplifies the process of editing movies for unique visual content easier by using professional tools and capabilities. It provides both common functionality like cropping, resizing, merging, and mixing several videos that have been cropped, as well as unique options to apply filters. Additionally, Clipchamp offers rotation at a specific speed, cropping, trimming, and slicing. Text and audio may be sparse, but more libraries can be added if necessary. Additionally offered are filtering and color tweaking. Video memes are its principal use case.

This meme maker encourages the creation of green screen memes. The design is elegant yet simple to follow. The procedures proceed in the same order, with the templates for the memes accessible on the first page. Following any required adjustments, the meme may then be downloaded and shared. The program doesn't need to be downloaded since it is an internet app. A membership is required for the whole package; however, it offers certain features for free.

Steps to Use Clipchamp Meme Maker:

Step1After establishing the aspect ratio for the video meme, upload the video you wish to utilize. You may either upload videos from your device or choose from the many royalty-free videos in the tool's Stock Library.

clipchamp meme maker

Step2Locate the meme text in the title library for movies. Resize the video to the desired scale after editing the caption. The procedure is finished by including and customizing the meme text.

add text clipchamp meme

Step3Prior to sharing, choose the resolution for the meme and export it to your device's storage. Then, export the video meme you've made and post it to all social media sites to make it popular.

save share meme clipchamp

The Bottom Line

To conclude this article, these generators are able to create the memes with desired customizations in a very short span of time. All the meme creators are fast and work quite efficiently saving time and storage. These creators come with an option of downloading the meme is high quality and making video memes as well. Memes are a common, well-known, and succinct way to communicate various ideas to the globe on social media. Memes are typically images that refer to a particular notion. They are frequently used for humor, mocking, and, ultimately, entertainment. Hence, these meme creators are playing a vital role in today's media communication.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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