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A Beginner's Guide to Use Snapseed Photo Editing Features

Do you want to make your pictures high-quality? Read this article to have a complete guide about Snapseed editing tool to make your images alluring.

Not everyone is blessed with exceptional photography skills, and you may struggle in capturing the perfect shot. However, even after capturing an imperfect shot, you can still manage to make it captivating and professional by using an excellent photo editor. If you are looking forward to an efficient photo editor, Snapseed photo editing would be the perfect option. Are you excited to know about it?

Snapseed is known as a reliable photo editing tool that many individuals prefer nowadays. Even if you have captured an ordinary picture, you can still make it extraordinary with this tool. This article will discuss the Snapseed editing tool's key features and some other tips to edit photos perfectly. Let’s get started!

Part 1: Key Features of Snapseed Photo Editor

Snapseed photo editor has some unique 29 tools and filters that you must know before editing your pictures. After applying some of these features or tools appropriately, you can easily craft your alluring photo. This is great, right?

snapseed editing tool features

1. Selective Filter Brush

Selective filter brush in the Snapseed editing tool is a fantastic feature to remove all the blemishes and flaws from the picture. If you have a problem with brightness exposure and saturation point in the background or any spot of your image, you can quickly get rid of this through a selective filter brush. Through this, you can selectively remove the flaws without filtering the whole picture.


Snapseed has this feature to add more depth to the captured picture by applying HDR. Not every photo editor has a good result for HDR, but the Snapseed editing tool has the best quality for this feature. By applying HDR to the photos, you can define the features of your picture more clearly. Isn’t this perfect?

3. Open RAW and Export in JPG

You can open your RAW files through any camera type through Snapseed and then can convert them to JPG immediately. After editing the picture on this editor, you can compress the image in high quality and can convert it to JPG to upload it on various platforms. Truly mesmerizing!

4. Expand the Image

Is the frame of your captured picture is too small? Expand the frame of the image through this tool and add appropriate content to the photo to make it complete. By expanding the image, you can also add text boxes to the expanded area and can use it on other online platforms.

5. Glamor Glow

Glamor glow is an exceptional filter to add a natural finish to your skin tone and overall image. This filter does not reduce the quality of your image; instead, it makes it more appealing with a natural finish.

Part 2: 10 Useful Tips to Use Snapseed Photo Editor

To make the editing process easier and simple, this section will enlist some effective tips to use the Snapseed editing tool. You can read the below tips to make your photos professional without making hectic efforts. Get started right away!

1. Change the Perspective

A bad angle of the picture does not leave a good impression on the viewers. So, the first thing is to change the angle of the photograph if required through navigating to the option of perspective. In Snapseed, you can change use this option to adjust your photo by tilting it from the edges either horizontally or vertically. Thus, it will give a perfect perspective to your photo.

change the image perspective

2. Use Selective Brush

Selective brushing is another fantastic feature to instantly eliminate unwanted flaws from the picture. Through this brushstroke, you can selectively adjust and enhance the dodge & burn, saturation, temperature, and exposure in the image. So, without wasting your time enhancing the image completely, you can utilize the selective brush to save your time.

use snapseed selective brush

3. Heal the Imperfections

Snapseed editing tool has an advanced option of "Heal," through which you can effortlessly remove the unwanted part from the image. This option works like magic, and you can instantly erase the unnecessary parts, textures, or background from the photo with a single click.

head the image

4. Manipulate the Colors

Do you want to make your images artistic? Then try to manipulate the existing colors of your image by using the option of glamor glow. This option in the Snapseed photo editing tool can give you a variety of options to change the colors naturally without making it too obvious. Hence, you can generate a fantastic result by changing the colors in a subtle manner through this app.

 manipulate image colors

5. Add Drama

Do you want to make the colors of your photo pop out and look more eye-catchy? Then use this feature to add vibrant effects with a single click. You can also control the intensity of the filter while adjusting its saturation. You can add drama to your pictures by appropriately managing all the elements, especially if it's a product shoot.

add drama to image

6. Apply HDR

HDR photos catch our attention instantly because of the immense depth of field present in the frame. Professionals add HDR effect to their photos, especially in natural sceneries and landscape shorts. You can add this effect to increase the contrast of colors, and as a result, the colors will get brighter and show more depth.

apply snapseed hdr

7. Explore Different Looks

Who does not like to add filters through a professional photo editor? Snapseed photo editing contains incredible filters that can change the looks of your photo. If you are not confident in your selfie portraits, just apply any of the given filters to your photo quickly and post it on social media platforms. All the displayed filters are natural, subtle, and distinct as compared to other photo editors.

use snapseed filters

8. Change the Brightness and Exposure

Light exposure and brightness are the integral elements of any photo. If you encounter or capture any dark image that lacks appropriate light exposure and brightness, adjust the light exposure and brightness through your finger easily. So, control the light exposure through this tool to define the tone, atmosphere, and genre of your captured image.

do image basic editing

9. Rotate and Crop the Image

Another way to build a creative edited photo is by rotating it upside down. You can give aesthetic touch by flipping the image and can present the concept of your image in an artistic way. On the other hand, cropping the image is necessary to make the subject of your photo align in the center by cutting the unwanted area from the frame. Always make sure to crop the image by balancing the ratios from both sides.

 rotate or crop the image

10. Add Cinematic Look

To add a cinematic look in the Snapseed photo editing tool, you have various options, such as noir, which contains a wide range of black and white filters. Moreover, you can add grains to display a vintage look effortlessly. The cinematic looks in photography make the illustration of the image more highlighted and professional without putting any effort.

add cinematic look to image

The Bottom Line

Are you tired of using various photo editors and still cannot achieve the desired result? Trust the Snapseed editing tool to make your images artistic, charming, and professional at the same time. This article sums up their key features along with helpful tips to execute the editing on this tool flawlessly. We hope you’ll be satisfied!

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