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How to Zoom in Online

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Do you wish to upload a video or photo on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or any other social media platform? You can use any zoom-in online app or website to zoom or adjust the dimensions and size of your videos and photos in seconds. Zooming means enlarging any photo in a way that the photo details become more apparent and visible. Zooming photos have several broad uses, from zooming any photo online to zooming via your camera lens, etc.

People often need to zoom videos and photos to enlarge pictures without damaging their resolution. The photo’s resolution also determines if you zoom the photo without compromising the quality. Moreover, the photos and videos are enlarged using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology, permitting you to produce high-resolution images.

In this article
  1. How to Zoom Photo Online
  2. How to Zoom Video Online
  3. Tips and FAQs about Zoom Video

Part 1. How to Zoom Photo Online?

LunaPic is an entirely free-of-charge photo zoom editing website. It is developed in a manner that’d remind its users of a former photo editing Windows application. Although that is honestly said, LunaPic is even a photo editor that generally presents all the features when it arrives to editing. It's on the same base as other leading editing software apps too. Of course, the zooming facility is even presented by LunaPic.

You must also zoom in to the Panoramas and Macro images to observe the minute details, which shall contrarily beat your eyes. You may quickly look at such pictures through the zoom-in feature of LunaPic, and the steps for zoom image online are as follows:

  • Upload your selected photo in JPG or PNG format directly into LunaPic, or you may even drag-n-drop into it.
open lunapic software
  • Now, click on the zoom in/ out slider located at the screen's bottom for zooming into your image.
zoom into image lunapic
  • Concentrate on a particular photo part while you zoom in and do necessary edits wherever required.
  • When you’re done, you've zoomed out, utilizing the slider for viewing the actual image, thereby clicking on 'Download' to save it.

Thus, you've now finished zooming in on a photo online.

Part 2. How to Zoom Video Online?

Kapwing is a complimentary zoom-in video online editor. You can use it effortlessly by following the steps mentioned in this guide, and it presents a powerful video modification solution to all its creators.

Kapwing is an NLE/ Non-Linear Editing software which means you can rearrange, trim, append and do several things with your video clips on a timeline. Creators may even combine or splice video clips, upload music, generate subtitles, overlay images, and texts, cut and trim inline and add transitions effects.

Following are the steps to video zoom online using Kapwing:

Step1 Locate your Video
  • You'll have to know the location from where you may get access to your videos. If you wish to utilize an online video, copy the URL. Additionally, you may take videos from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other significant video-sharing internet platforms.
  • Next, right-tap over the URL at the webpage's top or right-click over the video when it begins playing. Now click ‘Copy Link,' thereby uploading the video.
  • In case you wish to work on self-recorded videos or other videos you’ve downloaded on your device, then ensure to get it from the file browser.
Step2 Upload the Video to Kapwing Studio
  • It is incredibly effortless to upload a video on Kapwing. Search for '' on your web browser, tapping on 'Get Started.' If you've signed in earlier, tap on 'New Project' followed by ‘Start with Studio.’
upload video into kapwing studio
  • This shall lead you to online Kapwing Studio, where you may zoom in on video online. You may even utilize all video and photo editing Kapwing tools in an appropriate location.
  • If you wish to upload any video from a tablet, phone or computer, you've to press 'Click to Upload,' thereby locating the file you wish to edit in the file browser.
zoom video in kapwing editor
  • If you wish to zoom in on an online video, tap on 'Paste an image or video URL.' Next, double tap when working on a tablet or phone or right-click on the option, tap on 'Paste.’

Kapwing shall do its wonders and transfer the video to its studio.

Step3 Resize and Crop
  • After successful video uploading in Kapwing Studio, you may zoom in across any desirable part. Select a video layer, then tap on 'Crop' located towards the right-side menu for simply zooming in. Here you may click and drag any edge or corner to change the frame of your video. You may even select present dimensions present on the right menu.
  • In case you want an accurate video size, Choose 'Custom Size' at the right-side menu, mentioning the height and width of your video. Then, select 'Lock Aspect Ratio’ for resizing the video as well as to uphold the aspect ratio, else you may enter dimensions manually.
Step4 Export and Download
  • After you’ve edited and zoomed in your video online to its perfection, select ‘Export’ located in the top right corner.
  • Next, Kapwing will do its wonder, and the video will be ready for downloading shortly.
  • After the video processing, click on 'Download' present on the right-hand side of your screen.

Part 3. Tips and FAQs about Zoom Video

1. How do you zoom in on a blurry picture?

To zoom any blurry photo, upload your image or drag and drop it into the photo editor. Then, locate the Zoom out/ in slider towards the left bottom end of your editor. Finally, tap over the '+'icon to zoom in on your blurry picture and get a clear glance.

2. How do you zoom in on a picture in a video?

You’ve to click on 'More Tool,' thereby tap on ‘Pan and Zoom' to zoom in on a picture in a video. Now, in this section, you've tapped the 'Zoom In' logo, dragging it towards your video. After you've successfully included the effect, an arrow along with an end and start point shall appear over your video on your timeline.

3. What app lets you zoom in on videos?

Zoomy permits you to zoom in on videos. It’s a unique application specially made for Instagram stories and offers clips of existence with a zoom effect, aiding you in getting an extraordinary photo.


A standard photo and zoom video online editor is convenient when you wish to the pictures and video size. It uses AI and machine learning technology to create high-resolution pictures. This is all because of the intelligent processing formula of any photo and video online enlarger tool, thus ensuring you give high-resolution photos effortlessly. Zoom in photos and videos needs you to utilize the leading online tool when you desire the best outcome. Moreover, doing this shall ensure that your photos maintain quality even after the zoom-in process.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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