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How to Craft Cell Phone Terraria(Step by Step Guide)

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 17, 22, updated May 20, 24

Cell Phones are unique in their ability to display information, making them a valuable tool. Find out how to make your own in Terraria! A mission in Terraria involves crafting the Cell Phone. Putting this item together is very challenging since it requires a lot of different accessories, which are all combined at Tinkerer's Workshop. After defeating Skeletron, in theory, you should have access to everything you need. However, you may have to wait much longer before having all the different parts in reality.

Terraria's developers noted this trend. It features a supremely useful item called the Cell Phone, a literal representation of the real-world mobile phone despite not looking like a real one.

Although a Cell Phone is not without its drawbacks, it is unequaled when it comes to displaying information about the world and for allowing quick and easy travel. Unlike real life, gamers in this game will have to craft one of these complex and useful devices. This is probably the most complicated crafting recipe in this game.

if you want to Craft Cell Phone Terraria, then follow the steps given below:

Step1: Gather The Required Items

It takes 13 separate devices to assemble the final components of a Cell Phone, which must be combined in specific pairings. You'll also need to craft (or find) each of these devices yourself. That means you'll be spending a lot of time gathering resources and getting to work at the workbench. Even though this is a lengthy process, there is a good reason for the long timeline as each of the devices needed to construct the Cell Phone has a function that the in-game smartphone combines.

1 - Gold Watch or Platinum Watch

Pick the time-keeping device that will be easiest to make since only one is required for a Cell Phone. Platinum Watches require 10 Platinum Bars and 1 Chain, while Gold Watches require 10 Gold Bars and 1 Chain.

2 - Depth Meter

You can craft this meter from 10 Copper Bars, 8 Silver Bars, and 6 Gold Bars to gauge how deep you are.

3 - Compass

Unfortunately, a Compass cannot be crafted and cannot be obtained by crafting. It must be obtained by defeating one of the following enemies.

  • Mimic
  • Undead Viking
  • Armored Viking
  • Salamander (any kind)
  • Snow Flinx
  • Crawdad
  • Piranha
  • Giant Shelly

4 - Radar

It is also necessary to find this device because it cannot be crafted. A Radar can be looted from the following types of containers.

  • Regular Chest
  • Pearlwood Crate
  • Wooden Crate

5 - Tally Counter

This device, which keeps track of an individual's kill count, can only be found by maneuvering through the world and killing mobs. All of these enemies can drop the item in the Dungeon area.

  • Angry Bones
  • Dark Casters
  • Cursed Skulls

6 - Lifeform Analyzer

The Lifeform Analyzer is a handy tool that gives one information on encountered enemies, though it cannot be crafted or dropped as a drop and must be purchased from the Traveling Merchant for five gold coins.

7 - DPS Meter

Despite the fact that this is the Traveling Merchant's last device, you can only buy it once for five gold coins. It is a good idea to pick up a DPS Meter early on since it displays information on how effective various weapons can be.

8 - Stopwatch

Since they seem to have a monopoly on many items needed to make Cell Phones, it seems the Traveling Merchant knows how to make them. Visit this salesperson to buy a gold coin Stopwatch, which tracks the player's movement speed.

9 - Metal Detector

Although the enemies that possess cell phone components from this aid for treasure seekers tend to drop them at a higher rate, it can be difficult to locate them.

  • Nymph
  • Lost Girl

10 - Fisherman's Pocket Guide

This item will display one's fishing power, but it will require quite a bit of angling to obtain. The chance of getting one of these guides increases by 3.33% (PC & Mobile) and 2.5% (Console) every time the player completes a fishing quest for the Angler.

11 - Weather Radio

As with the Fisherman's Pocket Guide, players have a chance to get a Weather Radio from an Angler by completing fishing quests for them. The Weather Radio displays the weather and wind speed.

13 - Sextant

It is also possible that the Angler is one of the people looking to profit from people seeking a Cell Phone, as they also possess the Sextant, a vital item for crafting the superb in-game smartphone and tracking the phases of the moon. Anglers are just as likely to receive one following their fishing quests as they are to receive the Fisherman's Pocket Guide and the Weather Radio.

Step 2: Putting The Five Higher-Tier Accessories Together

Players must find a rare item and combine all of the devices found in Step #1 into the next tier of accessories for the recipe to advance.

1. Magic Mirror or Ice Mirror

Teleporting tools are the only way for a Cell Phone to perform the same function and are found only in chests found on the map. Ice Mirrors can only be found in chests located in ice biomes and can only be found in chests that spawn underground or in caves.

2 - GPS


GPS records both the player's location and the time, similar to the real-world equivalent, and can be crafted by combining a Gold Watch (or Platinum Watch), Depth Meter, and Compass.

3 - R.E.K. 3000


Radar, Lifeform Analyzer, and Tally Counter are all craftable components that can be combined into this accessory.

4 - Goblin Tech


The Goblin Tech device actually enhances the functions of its components, performing all the usual functions while also delivering a few more bits of information. It can be made by combining the Stopwatch, DPS Meter, and Metal Detector.

5 - Fish Finder


Fisherman's Pocket Guide, Weather Radio, and Sextant can all be combined to create the Fish Finder, an accessory fashioned from some lower-tier devices.

Step 3. Combine Everything Craft Cell Phone Terraria


A Tinkerer's Workshop must be used to combine the GPS, R.E.K. 3000, Goblin Tech, and Fish Finder function to create a PDA. In a Tinkerer's Workshop, once again, combine the mirror and PDA, and you'll have your very own Cell Phone! As we said, it would take some time.

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