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Terraria: How to Fish in Lava

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 12, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

In this article, we talk about Terraria Fishing In lava. This article provides you with a lot of information about Terraria Fishing in Lava. So let us start.


If you're looking to go out and try something new with your angling in Terraria fishing, you're probably wondering what equipment you'll need for Terraria fishing in lava. This way of Terraria fishing has been greatly enhanced in the new 1.4 Journey's End update, so you'll want to make certain that you make full use of this odd talent as soon as possible.

Terraria Fishing in Lava


You will either require a special fishing rod and hook, or some animals that can resist being thrown into the scorching magma to successfully Terraria Fishing in lava. We'll take a look at most of these possibilities, as well as how to get them further down.

Fishing Rod


A fishing rod that can endure the heat of the flaming liquid is required, and the Hotline Fishing Hook fishing pole is the best option. When playing in Hardmode, you can only get this pole from the Angler after completing 25 tasks. Because it has an extremely low possibility of being gained, you will most likely need to complete a large number of quests in order to earn it. It is said to have a 1/150 chance of being obtained.

Fishing Hook


It is possible to receive the Lavaproof Fishing Hook from an Obsidian and Hellstone Crate, which is a brand new item. The difficulty is that in order to obtain one of these crates, you must be able to fish in lava! Depending on your preference, either the Hotline Fishing Hook pole or the critter approach will be required. The advantage of this hook is that you may use any fishing pole to fish in lava, therefore you won't have to complete all of the missions associated with it. Once you get one of these, you won't have to worry about collecting lava creatures anymore since they are quite uncommon, to begin with.



The first step in catching lava animals is to get the Guide To Critter Companionship, found in the Resources section. While this object is in your possession, it prohibits you from harming a variety of creatures. Purchase of this item is available from the Zoologist. You don't want to mistakenly kill them because they spawn in the Underworld on a rather infrequent basis. Your summoned minion, or even your companions, may get entangled in the fray if you're engaged in combat with another party member.

You are searching for the following critters, which are on the following list:

  • Lavafly
  • Magma Snail
  • Hell Butterfly

If you want to trap these small critters, you will need to invest in a Lavaproof Bug Net. To make one of these, you'll need a standard Bug Net & 15 Hellstone Bars, which you can get from any store.

It is possible to connect these animals to any fishing rod, and the rod will be able to fish in lava from now on. Please remember that the lower the rank of the pole you use, the slower your fishing will be. Because these bugs don't even have a lot of bait power, it will take some time to capture anything.

Lava Pools


Once you've chosen your lava fishing tactics, you'll need to find an appropriate pool of lava to use them in. This does not have to be deep down; if you're creative enough, you may construct a pool close to your base of operations. Therefore, if you do not have this skill, you will need to find an deep and broad alternative.

What Can I Catch in Lava?

There are many different varieties of fish to capture, including the Flarefin Koi, the Obsidifish, as well as the Obsidian Swordfish (hardmode). Crafting Inferno Potions as well as Potions of Return with the Obsidifish is a viable option. Additionally, a Flarefin Koi is required in order to finish an Inferno Potion. As a weapon, the Obsidian Swordfish has one of the highest basic damage values of any spear, and it has one of the greatest base damage values of any spear. It can only be caught if you use one of the lava critter baits that have been previously described.

There is another item that may be caught in the lava: crates! It is possible to get the Obsidian Crate while playing in regular mode and the Hellstone Crate by playing in hard mode.

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