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5 Most Popular Filmora Intro Templates Perfect for Any Video

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

These days, it isn’t easy to create videos that stand out in front of everybody. A good quality DSLR Camera can help to some extent along with your presentation skills however, only a few have the ability to grab enough attention from the viewers. In a video, the first part, the introduction, plays a vital role in creating a successful piece. If your introduction that lasts around ten to fifteen seconds fails to be good enough, your viewers will shut it down and move to something else- you don’t want that! So how do you make your video exceptional? How do you focus on your introduction and present it pleasantly? The short answer would be to use Filmora Intro Templates. Yes, templates make your video organized and of a moderate length and are also cheap and efficient. In this article, therefore, we will explore the reason to use templates, discuss why and which templates will be great for you, and finally answer some commonly asked questions. Let’s get started!

Part 1: What are Filmora Intro Maker Video Templates?

Before moving further into why we prefer using such technology, let us understand what this exactly is. Video templates are predefined structures that help shape your ideas. These have transitions and animations that have been established beforehand. Transitions determine how your video will proceed, while animations are there to make your video look more natural and exciting. Creating animations is difficult and expensive. You can always choose to hire a professional animator but bear in mind the costs. Since it isn’t easy to create something like that, your employee will take about 3 to 4 weeks just to make a moving object. The hiring process is tiring too, and you may not be happy with the results.

The aforementioned option indeed sounds stressful, which is one of the main reasons you should get templates. If you don’t like one, you can always choose another as Filmora has tons of them!

Part 2: Why Use Ready-Made Templates for Videos?

Check out the following advantages that you get if you use video templates instead of starting from scratch:

It takes less time

As you’ve seen earlier, getting an animator will take a week or two. After that, you will need to wait for a few more weeks to get your job done. If the final result is not up to your standard, you will still have to pay for it.

With templates, however, it is easy to select your preferred ones in less than an hour. You can then work forward to develop it, make some edits if required, and upload it! See? It’s so fast!

It’s easy to use

When it comes to working with templates, all you got to do is sit in front of your computer, browse through the countless options and just click! Editing might require some effort however, some people find it hard to start off in the first place. You, of course, wouldn’t be any one of them as Filmora will do it all for you.

The most exciting thing is that you don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge about video editing to use this software. If you already know some, it’s excellent, but you wouldn’t need it here. Filmora provides all the basic instructions to ensure you get the result you deserve.

It’s cost-effective

Many entrepreneurs struggle to pull out advertisement videos for their business growth. Startups have a limited budget, too, so expensive options aren’t beneficial to them. That is the very reason why Filmora has it all for free. You might have to pay small subscriptions to help them sustain and support you to their best potential.

It’s fun!

Life is all about enjoying, so even if you’re creating something related to work or business, Filmora is sure to give you the best time you will have. If you’ve worked with videos before, you know how exhausting it can be. Pulling over tabs and adjusting volume while cutting out parts of the film is indeed difficult, and that is why Filmora tries its best to make your experience easy and pleasing. After all, who doesn’t enjoy having fun!

Part 3: Can Filmora Make Intros?

Till now, we’ve had a generalized discussion of what Filmora can do for you and why you should give it a try. Let us go back to video intros now and see what Filmora has to offer to you in regards to making an eye-catching introduction to your video.

To answer the question, yes, Filmora is able to make studying intros no matter what your video topic covers. There are both professional styles and designs for business-related matters and also trendy designs to match your fashion or blog videos. Below, we have listed two ways in which you can use Filmora in templates:

Filmora Template Mode

Here, you get to choose short-length video templates that are solely dedicated to introductions. That being said, you are unable to use it for your whole video. Nonetheless, if your introduction is good, you can always search for related templates that cover the full video.

Filmora’s editing timeline

When you install this software, you will have a timeline dedicated to you where all your past files and works are present. After uploading your current file, you can use add buttons to chose intro templates.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

In our opinion, both ways are good to get you started but if you choose the first option, you are likely to be more organized. This Filmora intro template free download is just for you!

Part 3: 5 Filmora Intro Templates to Create Eye-Catching Intros

Now comes the great part-choosing from the free Filmora intro templates. Keep reading and you will find the top-rated as used templates Filmora has:

1. Paint Studio

Nothing is as serene as this template right here that is filled with smooth colors that give an aesthetic vibe to your videos. Even though it is excellent for art-related presentations, you can be creative and go forth with it for a different topic. The template focuses on canvas properties and brush strokes mainly.

2. Lilac touch

Purple is a great color to show confidence and creativity at the same time. You can customize the stripes and designs but the couloir would remain the same. Adding animators and images that go with the style will enhance your introduction. Try this Filmora 3D intro template for free download now!

3. Travel

A lot of us create travel blogs and many of us like watching them. To make yours unique, try the numerous travel templates on Filmora. Of course, you’ll go to great places so don’t forget to share them with an extra touch of magic!

4. Art Design

Can you guess what makes a fashion blog even more interesting? Well, some crazy animations and sound effects will surely jazz your videos up. Adding some art design will familiarise your viewers while attracting their attention.

5. Animals

Nothing’s cuter than adding animals to your videos. Try that with Filmora’s cool template that has predefined animal shapes or varying sizes. If you’re starting off with a new YouTube channel, it’s a great idea to create an animal icon that helps your viewers relate and remember. Animal-related products such as dog foods could also benefit from this featured template. Filmora logo intro template also has animals in them if you’re interested. The game intro pack Filmora free download templates to have these cool features!

Part 4: How to Create a Channel Intro?

Creating a channel intro can be intimidating if you do not know the exact steps and which things to settle first. Not to worry if you haven’t sorted out any of that yet as in this article, we will walk through it with you. Let’s get started:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Install Filmora

Once you are determined to create a video that stands out, go ahead and install Filmora through your browser. It’s simple- just a click. Try signing in if you already have an account or create an account using the simple instructions.

Search for templates

As soon as you sign in and activate your account, you will get countless options of templates and news the time to select your own. There are search and filter options that can narrow down your search.

Go through features and Customise designs

You must have had a hard time choosing from the cool templates Filmora has to offer. Once you’re done with that, upload your videos and make the necessary edits. Don’t forget to try those wonderful features they have for you!


Making a unique video truly is difficult. Nonetheless, we are hopeful our suggestions will be helpful and supportive. You of course, need some creativity and planning to sort your video out, but using templates will guide you through it.

So what are you waiting for? Install Filmora and try the intro templates today!

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