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Add Emoji to Linkedin Post – 5 Tips You Need to Know

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 30, 22, updated Nov 29, 23
Add Emoji to Linkedin Post - 5 Tips You Need to Know

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Emojis are fun loving symbols as they represent your real emotions. Adding emojis to your LinkedIn can add personality to your posts. If you want to stand out your posts from others – use emojis.

Part 1 Why Emojis Matter

Emojis are a visual portrayal of an emotion, object, sign and symbol. Emojis are very helpful in expressing our actual feelings to anyone. Sometimes you want to express anything to anyone but you cannot express them with your words. This is where emojis help you in portraying the actual meaning of the message. Emojis expresses their feelings better than words.

Emojis are becoming the common language in the 21st century. "A picture is worth a thousand words" is totally relevant in today’s time. Language is evolving day by day and emojis are a part of this evolvement as you don’t have to write long sentences, emojis convey the content in fewer words. Thus, they are now also used in the professional environment. They make the posts more engaging and also make other remember you. Emojis in some or the other way also make you popular and appear to be friendly.


Here is why they are important.

01Make your LinkedIn profile more intelligible

Using emojis in your LinkedIn bio will catch more attention from the viewers and make them to read your LinkedIn profile. However, it is essential to add the right emoji at the right place. Reading a bio which is of (2800) characters is boring and hardly any viewer is going to invest time in reading it. If you will add some emoji it will add more value to your bio and will also make your bio interesting.

Thus, it is one of the best ways to make your content much more interactive and engaging by adding emojis to it. Emojis are more advanced form of texts, which makes the reader engaged.

02Using emoji to support branding

You can use emojis to connect to your audience and it makes them feel more relatable because it is what they are using in their daily lives. You can use a perfect skin tone of emoji to expresses your brand logo.

Using an emoji as a symbol which is relevant to your brand, again and again will help the viewers to recognize the brand whenever they will see that emoji. This is how an emoji helps you to support your brand. Writing only text makes it boring and decreases the audience viewership. Adding emojis is a creative idea as they will amplify your content and make it more interesting.

03Portraying your personality

Linkedin is a professional online platform where how you represent yourself is very important. Putting anything can affect your personality as it shows who you are, what are your beliefs or your values. Use emojis which are relevant, according to your personality. It makes your personality more impactful. Adding emojis is a creative aspect of job search.

04Universality of emojis

If you are from other country and writing things which are known to your location and unknown to other person from different country, how will he/she be able to understand? A simple solution to this is, use of emojis because they are universal and known to everyone. It can be understood easily as they represent what you want to express.

Part 2 5 Tips for you to Add Emoji to Linkedin Post

Adding an emoji helps you to express what you want to say. Sometimes texts can be monotonous, so adding an emojis which are relevant can be helpful. Texts are not enough sometimes to actually express what we are trying to say. Adding emoji to it will be a great idea but don’t stuff a lot emojis.

Using the perfect emoji depending on the situation is a thing you should always keep in mind. There are varieties of emojis from which you can choose. Selection of perfect emoji which portrays your actual situation is actually very important.

Using the wrong emoji that doesn’t suit the situation can offend anyone. For example, if a person is having a bad day and he/she is telling it to you and you send them a laughing emoji, it can make them feel bad and insulted.

Placing an emoji on the right place plays an important role. Suppose if content is funny and on the other side you are putting a sad emoji then your content representation will go out of context. So the placement of an emoji on the right place is important.

Emojis work as an upliftment of your content so placing them in wrong place will not make a match between your content and emoji. The result is it will mislead the audience. If you will use wrong emojis, viewers will stop relating to your content. So, it is important to keep in mind that you don’t have to stuff emojis anywhere, place them where you think it’s relevant to the content.

Part 3 Add Emoji to Linkedin Post Q&A


How can you add an emoji to your linkedin post?

A. You can insert an emoji to your linkedin post, emails or in a message by using a keyboard shortcut CTRL + CMD + SPACE..

Is it a good idea to use emojis on linkedin?

A. You can add emojis to your Linkedin profile as well as posts as it makes your linkedin profile more readable. If you will use emojis people will notice your posts and it will stand out from the crowd. Adding emojis to your post will give you more exposure on your profile. Emojis are helpful in adding actual emotions to your online communication.

Using emojis at work is professional or unprofessional?

A. Some people think that using emojis at work is professional because sometimes only content is not enough to explain what you wanted to convey. Adding an emoji to your work will add more value to it and will make it readable to the audience. While some people think that using emojis at work is highly unprofessional as it breaks the bar of professionalism and makes it look more casual.

What is the advantage of adding emojis to your communication?

A. Emojis express the facial expression, gestures and emotions. Having a communication online and adding emojis to it will make the communication stronger, as it represents what you want to say with what expression and emotions. It will add feelings to your communication.

What will be the best software to access latest emojis?

A. You can consider using Filmora. Filmora is editing and video creation software which was developed by Wondershare and it is the best software and it has its own built-in animated emoji library. In Wondershare Filmora Video Editor click on the elements option, as it contains various categories such as shapes, badges and emojis. Click on the emoji category and select any according to your content. Drag and drop the emoji where you want to place it then adjust the duration and size according to you.

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Ending Thoughts

Emoji expresses your gestures, facial expressions, and your actual emotions. Adding emoji will add more value to your content and make you stand out from others.

It can also be used professionally if you know what will be the right emoji and place to insert it. It helps you to covey your message correctly and makes your linkedin posts readable.

You can consider using Filmora as it has its own built-in animated emoji library and variety of emojis from which you can choose and place them wherever you want.

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