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How To Add Scrolling Text Effect

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

Almost every video has some titles and texts to show to the viewers. Instead of showing static texts on the video, everyone loves to add animated texts so that the video looks attractive and engaging. If you want to show credits and titles in intro and outro of the video, you will usually see texts scrolling vertically on the video.

If you want to show any text repeatedly, you can add horizontal scrolling text effect to your video so that the repeated text does not look weird. You will need a video editor to add scrolling rolling text effect to texts and titles in your video. We will illustrate in simple steps how to animate text on scroll using free as well as premium video editors.

In this article
  1. Add Scrolling Text to Video with Filmora
  2. Use After Effects to Create Scrolling Text
  3. Add Scrolling Text Effect with VSDC Free Video Editor

Part 1. Add Scrolling Text to Video with Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a professional video editor and if you are a Windows PC or Mac user, you can use Filmora to add scrolling text effect. In fact, Filmora is the most intuitive video editor where you can add scrolling text effect instantly without any prior experience in video editing.

Filmora has the best collection of text effects and you can add scrolling text anywhere and customize the effect as per your requirements. As a matter of fact, you can create a video with scrolling text effects only from scratch. Here are the steps to add scrolling text to video using Filmora.

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download and install Filmora on your Windows PC or Mac. Launch the application and click on New Project on the welcome screen. You can also go to File> New option to get started.

download and install filmora

Step2 Go to File> Import Media option to bring in your video file user Project Media folder. Thereafter, drag and drop the file into Timeline to get started.

go to file

Step3 Go to Titles option located at the top, and on the left panel, go to End Credits option. You will see various scrolling text effects. Place your mouse pointer on them to check their preview.

scroll text effects filmora

Step4 Once you are satisfied with any scrolling text effects, drag and drop it into Timeline above the video clip layer. Adjust the position of the text effect so that it appears on the video as expected. You can stretch the duration of the effect as per your preference.

drag scroll effects timeline filmora

Step5 Double-click on the text layer on Timeline and customize the text and style as you feel. Thereafter, you can click on Advanced button for more customization. Finally, click on OK button.

customize scroll text style filmora

Part 2. Use After Effects to Create Scrolling Text

Adobe Affect Effects is an extremely popular video editor and there are so many different text effects available to apply to your video. After Effects scrolling text effects come with different variations so that your titles and texts look amazing on the screen. Apart from the available text effects, you can also download and get more text effects from external sources. Here are the steps to add text scroll after effects to your video.

Step1 Launch After Effects and type your text with the Text tool from the top bar.

select text tool after effects

Step2 Duplicate the written text by going to Edit> Duplicate.

duplicate written text after effects

Step3 Move the duplicate text out of the visible screen to the left by changing its position value.

change text position value ae

Step4 Turn on Position option and change the duration and add a keyframe.

add key frame after effects

Step5 Right-click on Composition setting and go to New> Null Object. Change the duration and make it the same as the Duplicate layer and add a keyframe there. Besides, move the null object out of the visible screen to the right.

null object after effects

Step6 Select all layers and right-click and select Pre-compose.

select precompose after effects

Step7 Right-click on Pre-comp and go to Time> Enable Time Remapping. Play the video and you will see the scrolling effects that you see in end credits in videos.

enable time remapping after effects

The above-mentioned steps are for horizontal scrolling text effect. If you want vertical scrolling text After Effects, you have to position the duplicate text and null object vertically and the required text will scroll vertically.

Part 3. Add Scrolling Text Effect with VSDC Free Video Editor

So far, we have mentioned premium video editors to add scrolling effect to the text in your video. Now we are going to mention a free video editor where you can add scrolling effect instantly. If you are a Windows user, you can install VSDC free video editor. There are several scrolling text effects available on the video editor through which you can move the text horizontal and vertical. Here are the steps to animate text on scroll using VSDC free video editor.

Step1 Install VSDC free video editor and click on New Project option. Click on Finish button and select the video from your hard drive where you want to add text.

import video to vsdc

Step2 Select Type tool from the left panel and draw a box on the video where you can type your text. Make sure the text layer is on top of the video layer in Timeline.

select type tool vsdc

Step3 Type your text and if you want to scroll it like horizontal scrolling text After Effects, place the text out of the viewer on the right side.

place the text vsdc

Step4 Double-click on text layer and go to Add Object and click on Movement.

add object movement vsdc

Step5 You will find the mouse pointer change and you have to click on the spot to the left side where you want the text to go in scrolling effect.

add scrolling effects vsdc

Step6 Shorten the duration of the text layer and then copy the text layer from Timeline. Paste it again and again until you cover the video layer completely so that the scroll effect goes on as long as the video runs.

complete scrolling effect vsdc


Adding scrolling text to your video should no more be an issue for you. If you are using After Effects, we have illustrated how you can create horizontal and vertical scrolling effect for text in your video perfectly. If you prefer a free video editor, you can use VSDC free video editor as well. But we recommend Wondershare Filmora where you can add scrolling effects to your text instantly, and there is a wide range of amazing scrolling effects available to apply to your video.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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