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How to Create an Adobe Slideshow the Easy Way

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
How to Create a Adobe Slideshow the Easy Way

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Adobe has always been the best tool for any and every purpose. Be it making videos, editing pictures or making the best slideshows; Adobe can assist you for all the purposes. In this discussion, we will be covering the topics about the aspect of creating an adobe acrobat slideshow in the simplest ways.

Part 1 Which Adobe Program is Best for Slideshows?

Most optimal way possible! So, you might ask, which is the best Adobe program for adobe acrobat slideshow? The best adobe program for this purpose is Adobe Premiere Rush. It has the features for transforming the pictures into some of the most incredible slideshow-type videos. And suppose you want to add and use more fascinating features. In that case, you can readily switch to the paid version, Adobe Premiere Rush Pro, for better features and tools for making your images into slideshow videos. 

There are many reasons for it being the ideal program for best slideshows, and the reasons are as follows. 

Easy process for converting images into slideshows 

The quality of the slideshows you can create using Adobe Premiere Rush will be among the best. But that does not mean the process of creating the slideshows; you have to undergo some complicated steps. The process is straightforward for converting the images into slideshow-type videos through this Adobe program. 

Use in any device you prefer 

No matter which device you use, it can be an Android phone, an iOS device, to any desktop. This Adobe program is compatible with any device, so you need not own any specific device to use it. You can access and use any device you prefer and are comfortable with to make the best slideshows using the Adobe Premiere Rush. 

premiere rush compatibility

Most precise edits 

You can edit each image at a time and edit its duration individually. Also, this Adobe program allows you to make the most precise edits on the desktop. You can change the duration, effects, filters and properties of the images one at a time or many at once with Adobe Premiere Rush. 

edit with premiere rush

Most fantastic use of motion for your slideshows 

With Adobe Premiere Rush, you can integrate images alongside as well as on top of the motion footage. Thus, helping you make the most incredible and incomparable adobe photo slideshow.

great slideshow with premiere rush

Part 2 How to Create an Adobe Slideshow

Now that you know the best program of Adobe to create a slideshow, you must know the steps for it as well. So, we will now be continuing the discussion with the steps for making the best and the most incredible slideshow with Adobe. 

The steps are as follows. 

01Step 1: Download and launch 

The first step for it is to download the Adobe program with which you would make the slideshow. There are no charges required for downloading and installing it, as there are free versions available for every Adobe Program. However, you can readily opt for downloading and installing the paid version. Then, after downloading the program, launch or install it on your preferred device. 

launch adobe slideshow

02Step 2: New Project

On the "Home Screen", create a "New Project". It will be like our canvas to put in the images and turn them into some majestic slideshows that you would make. 

create new project premiere rush

03Step 3: Locate your device 

Open the "Media Browser". In the "Media Browser", you will have to locate your device, or more specifically, your phone. It is for importing the images from that device that you will use to make the slideshows. 

locate device premiere rush

04Step 4: Import images 

After you locate your phone, select and import all the images you want to use in your slideshow. 

import images premiere rush

05Step 5: Make your "Timeline"

You will find the option of "Create". Click on it and ad the selected images to your newly formed timeline for your slideshow. 

make timeline premiere rush

06Step 6: Edit the clips and images 

Now, arrange and rearrange the order of the photos according to your preference. The drag and drop option make it effortless for you to rearrange the images in sequence on your timeline. You can change the properties of your pictures if you like and add filters to them to make them look more enhanced. You can also trim the clips according to the duration you would want each image to stay on the slideshow.  

edit clips premiere rush

07Step 7: Add Transitional effects

Use the numerous transition effects available in the Adobe program. Add them to your slideshow and make them look for majestic than ever. 

add transition premiere rush

08Step 8: Share or import 

After you are done and are satisfied with the end video, you can use the "Share" option to share it on social media platforms or import the film to your preferred folder for later purposes. 

These were the steps for using the Adobe program to make images into a slideshow. Suppose you forget to add one or more images to your slideshow and want to add them, you can readily use the "Add Media" option and the plus-shaped tool to add the pictures to your timeline. 

We had mentioned that Adobe Premiere Rush is the best Adeb program for making slideshows. However, you can also use the steps mentioned above to make Adobe spark slideshow. 

share clip premiere rush

Part 3 How Do I Make a Slideshow with Music in Adobe?

To make your slideshows a notch higher than the best slideshows, you can add some music pr audio files. It is an excellent way of making your slideshows more engaging and exciting. You can use adobe slideshow creator to add music to your slideshows. And the steps are effortless. 

Follow the steps mentioned above for making the slideshow. Remember to stop before saving the file, importing and sharing the file before it, access your media, and add the audio files or music that you would like in your slideshows. You can even use any pre-recorded audio for your slideshow.

You can add more than one audio file and manage the duration by clipping and trimming the duration of the audio. It will make your slideshow stand out as one of the unique and most inimitably engaging ones among the rest. 

audio step

Now that you know how to make the best slideshows using Adobe programs, we will introduce a video editing tool that can help you make equally fantastic and inimitable quality slideshows. The tool is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor, and it has been the best and the most efficient video editing tool. 

It has loads of features that can suffice any and every purpose of editing to make your slideshow videos of the most excellent quality. Let us know what the characteristics of Filmora are that make it the best video editing tool. 

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Effortless steps for editing 

One need not have any previous technical expertise or experience using this tool. The steps for editing with Filmora are simple and effortless. You can also take help from the community of Filmora, which is highly responsible and responsive. 

Uncountable effects to add to your videos. 

There are 800 and more effects in Filmora that you can readily add to your images and videos for editing. And it will make your slideshows look more enhanced, of the best quality and the most engaging. 

No restrictions on formats 

You can readily import the files and export them in any form, no matter which format it is. So, whether it is an audio, video or any other file format, import it to Filmora and make the best slideshow videos with them. 

Then, import them to your preferred file location in the format you like. It can be audio, video or any other form. 

There are unending features of Filmora that make it the best video editing tool. You can use the free version. Or, even opt for the paid version if you want to access even the more enhanced and advanced tools and features for editing. 

Ending Thoughts

So, now you know how to make the best slideshows with images and add audio to make them more excellent.

You can use the Adobe Premiere Rush for the best experience, and you can use your slides to make the best adobe portfolio slideshow or any other purpose.

You can also use Filmora and its incredible features to create and edit the most fascinating and engaging slideshow videos.

So, bring out your creativity skills and make the most fantastic slideshows with images and audio!

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