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5 Tips for Aquasoft Slideshow

21. 5 Tips for Aquasoft Slideshow

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Aquasoft slideshows are one of a kind in giving a creative boost to your graphic design skills. Stay here to get a knowhow of creating one of your own!

Part 1 What's Aquasoft Slideshow?

Bored with those customary slideshows having a graphic monotony of simple images, bland videos and ordinary effects? Perhaps it’s time to spark up your creations with some over the top design elements that keep your work out of the common realm. When looking for interesting ways to experiment with your graphic design skills, you can try hands at working with the Aquasoft slideshow to supplement your creations with that missing spunk.

Diving into some specific details of the aforesaid software application, picking the tool as your next slideshow designer entitles you with a vast canvas to explore your creative capabilities. Working with the Aquasoft slideshow creator program, you can create the most stunning and jaw dropping slideshow movies with images, videos, music and text in premium quality output to cherish your most loved moments of fun and entertainment with family and friends.

Talking of the slideshow maker’s most appealing features, there’s a really long list to mention. However, a few of the essential and commonly preferred ones are enlisted below:

If the slideshow is set to describe your most recent holiday, the use of animated land, air and water routes, along with the most depictive satellite images and road maps with expanded zoom levels would be best in conveying the exact feel to the viewers.

You can add life to those boring still captures with motifs and wide screen animations. If this is not enough, you can even work with creating your own animation transitions with texts, images and videos.

The app comes with an inbuilt animation studio, where you can create and animate collages, while editing them either as a whole, or picking up one component at a time. You can further, work with any number of images and a huge library of preset design elements.

Working with the Aquasoft slideshow program, you are given full control over the content design and placement. From short slideshow movies for family entertainment, to large slideshow presentations for professional projects, you can do it all!

The ‘Effects Kit’ of the software is loaded with exact transitions to express your most diverse creative imagery, both for still as well as animated images and videos. Some of the best ones include, blur, masks, color corrections, sepia, soft shadow and many more.

You can edit your images and videos in the software to give them the right shape and orientation, and work with its ‘Non-destructive Image Processing’ tool to retain the original image quality and design your own complex image effects.

The app allows you to supplement your presentations with the subtlest and peppy background music, while having an entire control of dubbing and sound effects. You can further, add your own customized audio in the app’s timeline, like, speech dubbing.

You can add interesting titles, subtitles, captions, etc., to your images and videos for an exact and comprehensive message delivery, while customizing them with high end text formatting options, like, font, color, size, etc.

Part 2 How Do I Make an Aquasoft Slideshow?

Having entered into the exciting world of Aquasoft slideshows and known about the latter’s creative excellence; you might obviously feel drawn towards designing an Aquasoft masterpiece of your own. Without further ado, let us dive into the step by step process of making an Aquasoft slide show in the following section:

Detailed User Guide to Create Aquasoft Slideshow

Step 1: Download the Software Program

Visit the official Aquasoft website to initiate a free download the slideshow product kit to your Windows or MacOS compatible system and proceed to install and launch the software.

Step 2: Project Selection

Launching the Aquasoft slideshow program successfully will guide you to the latter’s welcome interface, where you will have to select a new slideshow project in the 4:3 aspect ratio. Move ahead with selecting a presentation layout by navigating to the ‘View’ tab in the toolbar at the top and clicking on the ‘Layout’ option from its dropdown menu. You will also see the project ‘Timeline’ appear at this instant.

Step 3: Add Your Images

When you are done with choosing the layout, navigate to the top toolbar again and hit the ‘Add’ tab. From the dropdown that follows, click on ‘Images’ to include a photo within the presentation. You can also include a complete directory of images by selecting the ‘Directory’ option from the ‘Add’ dropdown. Your chosen images will appear in the project ‘Timeline’.

If you want to rearrange the order of the selected images, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Edit’ tab in the toolbar at the top, followed by choosing the ‘Sort’ option from the dropdown that follows next. The app sets the images in a natural logical order, while also allowing you to rearrange them manually.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Adding Images

Step 4: Include a Background Music

To complement your Aquasoft Slideshow Ultimate presentation with a suitable background audio, visit the top toolbar and click on the ‘Add’ tab and select ‘Background Music’ from the list of options that appears next. A series of music titles will appear as you click on the ‘+’ icon in the ‘Background Music’ interface. You are allowed to reset the order of the listed music files through a mouse click.

If you want to remove the music titles, click on the ‘Trash Bin’ icon beside the ‘+’ button. To adjust the settings of a particular music tile, click on the same and make suitable parameter adjustments. When you are satisfied with the changes, click ‘OK’. Your final selections of the background music will appear in the app’s project timeline.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Including Background Music

Step 5: Let’s Play!

You can choose to play your slideshow at this stage with simple elements of images and music. All you need to do is, navigate to the ‘Menu Bar’ below the top toolbar and click on Play’ button. You can alternatively press the F9 key from your system’s keyboard to run the slideshow. The app works intelligently to supplement your presentation with random transition effects that play a new animation every time you run the slideshow.

If you are not satisfied with the default arrangements, you can also proceed to make adjustments in the transition play duration and even customize a transition style of your own with text and effects.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Playing the Presentation

Step 6: Adjust Your Image Properties

To proceed with making adjustments to specific image characteristics, select the desired image and its properties will appear at the right side. You can now work with assigning a particular transition, comments and text to the image, while also making adjustments to the image screen time.

For adhering to the concern of adjusting the play durations of several images in a single instant, select them in the ‘Image List’ through the ‘Ctrl+ A’ command from your system’s keyboard and enter a specific play duration. Your entry will be applied to all the selected images.

You can however, escape the 2-way process by navigating to the ‘Program Settings’ tab and adjusting the pre-set image play duration. Your changes will be applicable to all the slideshow images that have their ‘Use Default Duration’ option enabled.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Adjusting Image Properties

Step 7: Add Suitable Transitions

If the randomly included transitions of the slideshow program do not suit your presentation style, choose to add your preferred one from the software’s ‘Transition Library’ and tap the ‘Adjust’ button to customise the properties of your selection. You can also click on the ‘Play’ icon in the ‘Menu Bar’ and run the slideshow from the current image to see how the applied transition appears over the image.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Adding Transitions

Step 8: Text Customizations

Navigate to the ‘Images’ menu and hit the ‘Text’ tab to include text add-on within the slideshow images while formatting them suitably. You can further, add animations to the text and customize them to stay with or leave the text after the image play duration is over, by tapping the ‘Edit’ button. To present a combined play of text and image, while avoiding the separate text animation, click on the ‘Show Text with Image’ checkbox at the bottom right corner of the ‘Images’ menu.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Including Text Customizations

Step 9: Add Comments to the Images

Navigate to the ‘Sound’ tab and enable your system’s microphone to add recorded comments to your slideshow. Start with clicking on the ‘Record’ button and narrate the comment. Don’t worry about the sync of image and comment play durations as the software program will automatically adjust both to be in line with each other.

If you are interested to add a particular sound file to a specific image, navigate to the ‘Yellow Folder’ at the top right corner to make your selection.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Adding Image Comments

Step 10: Adding Effects to the Images

To complement the images of your Aquasoft Slideshow Ultimate 12 presentation with stunning images, navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of the editing workspace and click on the ‘Image Effects’ icon. To add the effect, drag it to a desired image in the project timeline. When you have reached the right place, drop the effect to apply it. To see the effect preview, navigate to the ‘Layout Designer Panel’ at the left, where you can find your image with the chosen effect.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Adding Image Effects

Step 11: Collage Creation

Try hands at including a collage in your slideshow to play several numbers of images and texts within the same time frame. To do this, navigate to the ‘Object Toolbar’ at the bottom of the project timeline and select the ‘Collage’ object, followed by dragging the same to the ‘Image List’ to add the latter to your presentation. Once you are done with this, proceed to choose the desired images that you wish to add to the collage, succeeded by dragging the same to the ‘Collage’ object.

Move ahead with expanding the collage, to ensure a proper display of the images. You can further, apply selected transitions to the created collage under the latter’s ‘Object Settings’.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Creating an Image Collage

Step 12: Edit Your Collage

Start with selecting the first image of your collage and adjusting its size in the ‘Layout Designer’ through the position frame at the edges of the photo. Next, you can proceed with positioning the image at the desired place within the collage. Repeat the process till all the images in your collage are at their respective places and within the respective size ratio.

Move ahead with including a relevant text at the end of your collage by selecting the ‘Text’ object in the bottom toolbar. Navigate to the last image of your collage and tap on ‘Text’ object to include it within the last image. You can make suitable formatting adjustments to the added text in the ‘Text’ tab of the ‘Object Settings’. Position your text at the appropriate place within the image and check a preview of the same by clicking on the ‘Play’ button in the ‘Menu Bar’ above the project timeline.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Editing the Collage

Step 13: Including a Chapter

If you are not satisfied with a single image track, proceed to add chapters to your presentation. Start with selecting the ‘Chapter’ object from the ‘Object Toolbar’ to insert the former in the timeline, followed by dragging 2 images into the same. Tap the ‘Play’ button to open the chapter and add suitable text and animation to it in similar way as you would do for a collage. Position the images at the desired place using the red ‘Position Bar’.

Creating an Aquasoft Slideshow- Including a Chapter

Part 3 What Makes People to Uninstall Aquasoft Slideshow Premium?

Although a very reliable slideshow software program, the Aquasoft Slideshow Premium application suffers from viewer disruption and uninstallation. While there are a number of underlying reasons to the user disloyalty, it is often observed that a variety of issues are put forward post the uninstallation process. Entering into the domain, let us talk about some of the potential causes and after effects of the Aquasoft Slideshow Premium software uninstallation in the following section:

01Reasons Behind the Uninstallation of Aquasoft Slideshow Premium Software

Compatibility Issues

Working with the aforesaid slideshow creator program tends to cause a distortion in the normalized running of the other already existing applications within your device. While some of them may encounter a temporary shutdown, others may permanently cease to operate, causing a great deal of inconvenience.

Flawless Running Issues

When using the tool on a regular basis, you may encounter frequent and periodic software crashes, along with a complete standby of the program, prohibiting you from moving ahead with the slideshow creation process, or a flawless execution of the created slideshow presentation.

Re-installation Cringes

The software enters into repeated installation and uninstallation cycles out of the blue, causing much inconvenience at the user’s disposal, making it a necessity to permanently get rid of the program.

Reduced User Credibility

The software reviews often report of unsatisfied users with an unreliable working experience. If that was not enough, some of the most trusted product review websites and long term users of the program have rendered the utility to be malicious.

Absence in Control Panel

While all your system and application software can be found on the Control Panel and Windows listings, the aforesaid slideshow creator program is an exception. This leads to the unavailability of troubleshooting methods and settings adjustments, in case the program encounters a problem while running.

Incomplete Removal

One of the biggest glitches with the software is that you possibly can never uninstall it completely, because some of the latter’s associated processes and software file traces tend to remain forever on your system, causing interference with the working of other programs.

Never-ending Uninstallation Process

While you may opt to take the program out of your system to get rid of the inconvenience, that too is not an easy process to say the least. The uninstallation process once initiated does not seem to reach its end to what you can call ages!

02Uninstallation Inconsistencies of Aquasoft Slideshow Premium Software

Uninstaller Issues

Inconsistencies lie within the software itself, with its inbuilt uninstaller program refusing to work in cohesion with the assigned task. Sometimes it may refrain from opening up, while in other cases, the program comes to an unannounced run halt amid the uninstallation process.

Issues of File Processing

The preset uninstallation package often fails to run or process a particular file which is necessary for uninstalling the program. The running process may often not initiate or stop midway, hence causing users enough discomfort to move towards getting rid of the program.

Processing Errors

Often during the uninstallation process, you may encounter a series of processing errors leading to unsuccessful installation of most of the important files, which causes the leash over of partially deleted program files, barging your system’s memory with unusable data and irrelevant information.

Startup Prevention

It may be a common instance to notice that the program refrains from being completely uninstalled due to some different program installed in your device. The allied program may interfere with the uninterrupted running of the Aquasoft uninstallation program.

Part 4 Tips for Aquasoft Slideshow

Aquasoft slideshows are exemplary elements in the domain of content presentation that give you the liberty to explore your editing creativity and design stunning graphic masterpieces within the quickest time span. While there are thousands of ways that you can use uplift your Aquasoft slideshows in your own unique styles, going through the following tips can be handy in adding life to your presentations:

01Use Keyframes

Take a complete control of the styles and appearance of the slideshow elements, playing to your heart’s content with effects, filters, sound, video and photographic animations to give the perfect look, sound and movements of your presentation pieces to develop a graphic work of art. The Aquasoft slideshow creator program offers a range of keyframe elements to compliment your slideshow presentations.

02Prefer Live Presentations

After you are done with creating your presentation, do take the liberty to use the ‘Live Preview’ feature of the tool to examine the exact appearance of the applied effects, transitions and filters, music and themes, color and title overlays and other elements, to ensure a precise placement of the included components.

03360 Effect Rotations

If you have worked with animated and moving elements, videos, etc., in your presentation, use the 360 rotation effect for a complete visualization of the applied effects. You can also play with the effect to present titles, images and videos in 3-dimensional space to make your slideshows stand ahead in the line of customary graphic presentations.

04Synchronize Your Audio

When adding background music to your presentations, take care to synchronize the same with the slide contents and elements. Adjust the audio settings and parameters to match the screen time and run frequencies of elements appearing in parallel. Unmatched audio is a barrier to flawless presentation, and proves to be a pivotal distraction of your audience.

05Avoid Overcrowding

When creating your slideshows, it may be a common confusion to select the perfect customization element, where most of us end up crowding the slides with a heap of components, making the presentation a messy bank of elements that often shadows the actual contents. Refine your choices to choose a maximum of 2 or 3 complementary effects that suit the theme of your slideshow.

Creating Top Rated Slideshow Presentations in Filmora

The Aquasoft slideshow creator software program is indeed a dependable tool to craft elegant slideshow presentations, however, if you are keen on searching some other reliable alternative, the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor franchise can be a smart choice. Choosing the program to create your slideshow projects, you are entitled to access a plethora of editing effects, audio and video elements, text overlays and filters, and tons of pre-set background themes and music choices to complement your creations with.

The software is additionally, free to work on, has a welcoming interface that guides you through the slideshow creation process with stepwise screen instructions and is seamlessly compatible with all of your Windows and MacOs devices.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Ending Thoughts

Aquasoft slideshows are a convincing means to create a buzz of your content in front of a personal as well as a professional audience.

The Aquasoft program however, has the limitation of interfering with other system programs, leading to its uninstallation by moot users.

Talking of the most preferable Aquasoft alternatives, Wondershare Filmora slideshow creator software can be an intelligent pick.

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