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15 Best Travel Vloggers That You Should Follow in 2023

Are you finding a travel vlogger to get inspired? This article features an extensive list of vloggers you should follow for traveling.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Mar 25, 22, updated Nov 29, 23

Do you wish to travel to the best parts of the world? Have you found it difficult to travel to your dream places? There are multiple techniques of understanding the dynamics of traveling around the globe. One effective way is to follow vloggers who provide unique information about places they travel.

Since you are looking for information to travel, this article presents you with some of the best vloggers that you can see before traveling to your favorite places.

Part 1: 15 Most Popular Vloggers That You Should Follow for Travel

This part will introduce you to some of the top vloggers that can be followed for travel tips and videos. This list will surely help you prepare for your traveling perfectly.

1. Drew Binsky

Subscriber Count: 3.12M+

Are you fascinated by new cultures and traditions? Drew Binsky is the perfect vlogger that you can follow for deciding your next trip. This American travel vlogger designs the perfect documentary for enthusiasts like you, with a focus on discovering cultures across the world. As he makes his video perfect with assisted storylines, he can be the perfect option for you to get started with traveling.

drew binsky vlogger

2. Mark Wiens

Subscriber Count: 8.6M+

A fan of both food and traveling? Migrationology is the perfect combination of YouTube vlogging that you can find across the Internet. Mark, the person behind this idea and venture, comes up with the best spots to travel and enjoy food. He accompanies his best visits with proper guides so that you can go through a perfect travel trip to the place you decide.

mark wiens vlogger

3. Sorelle Amore

Subscriber Count: 1.03M+

There are very few phenomenal female travel vloggers focused on providing exclusive content to their viewers. Being one powerhouse of excruciating content, Sorelle inspires her viewers with her experiences in traveling. With a greater motive to run her vlog channel, Sorelle Amore encourages her viewers to visit and endure the beauty of the world as it is. Her travel videos are always a step ahead.

sorelle amore vlogger

4. Jonna Jinton

Subscriber Count: 4.04M+

Jonna is a Swedish local that lives across the woods. While being an artist, musician, and filmmaker, Jonna has a very different perspective on life. Her idea of getting inspired by nature and finding the 'right' essence of nature are induced across her everyday travel videos. She accompanies her videos with music, painting, nature, ice baths, and much more, making her a different deal than the rest.

jonna jinton vlogger

5. Hey Nadine

Subscriber Count: 496K+

This travel vlogger is probably among the first who started filming travel vlogs. While being the best in the market, Hey Nadine has been known for inspiring many people worldwide. Isn't it great? Her videos are inclusive of the viewer's desire, making people visit the places after looking at the videos. An authentic personality, combined with nature's beauty, is what you'll witness across her travel vlogs.

hey nadine vlogger

6. The Budgeteers

Subscriber Count: 119K+

The name says a lot about these travel vloggers. The Budgeteers work with wholesome travel vlogs across their channel, which represents a major keyword of 'budget' trips. As their objective is to cover trips on a low budget, it has been observed that most of their videos are based in the Southeast Asian region. A group of three people with great visuals and extensive presentation is everything you'll find across this YouTube channel.

the budgeteers travel vlogger

7. FunForLouis

Subscriber Count: 1.98M+

Do you seek diversity in selecting the best travel spot for your summer vacation? FunForLouis is a casual traveler and vlogger who builds up the idea of traveling with the desire to enjoy life. You will find extensive quality in his videos, making the viewers addicted to his videos. Louis Cole surely knows how to brand his travels and bring the best out for his viewers.

funforlouis travel vlogger

8. Kold

Subscriber Count: 1.25M+

Inspired by filmmakers and storytellers? Do you wish to hit the feeling of traveling to the best places worldwide? Kold is recognized among the best vloggers who essentially work in providing the best view of the location under effective transitions. Although he is not a regular vlogger, he surely brings the best content you can find across the Internet.

kold travel vlogger

9. Vagabrothers

Subscriber Count: 1.13M+

Do you wish to find a fun side of traveling to the best sites in the world? Vagabrothers taps into a different aspect of traveling and helps viewers understand the beauty of being different. Their vlogging is inspired by fun shooting styles and a different perspective to showing the culture and traditions of the place they visit.

vagabrothers travel vlogger

10. Fearless and Far

Subscriber Count: 969K+

Just as the name suggests, Mike Corey brings you some of the extreme travel vlogs. If you are a fan of going on extreme adventures, Mike will provide you with some of the best ideas to try. He will let you know the unheard parts of the world that you would want to visit after going through his videos. His sense of perfection in adventure makes him one of the top vloggers.

fearless and far travel vlogger

11. Jennelle Eliana

Subscriber Count: 2.44M+

Young blood is always inspiring. If you are curious how a person living in a van survives, this vlogger is the best choice to watch. Jennelle Eliana has not been an old player, yet her followers have been truly inspired by her motive and content. If you wish to be as inclusive to traveling as Jennelle, you should try out her ideology and style of traveling.

jennelle eliana travel vlogger

12. Kara and Nate

Subscriber Count: 2.96M+

Do you wish to spend traveling with your life partner, just like Kara and Nate present across their vlogging channel? This couple has been putting up content that is extremely exceptional in terms of vlogging; however, it puts them at the top amongst other best vloggers. Kara and Nate have tried to bring the better side to everything they face across their travel diaries, which can be clearly witnessed in their content.

kate and nate travel vlogger

13. Casey Neistat

Subscriber Count: 12.4M+

A pioneer in YouTube vlogging, Casey Neistat brings up a different vibe to traveling. His videos are created with intent and desire, which drives a sensation across the viewers and builds an urge to travel. Casey has been inspiring people with his content, and by producing some masterpieces in travel vlogs, he has also put up his name in the top vloggers for travel.

casey neistat travel vlogger

14. Lost LeBlanc

Subscriber Count: 1.94M+

There is a whole different story to Christian LeBlanc when it comes across his traveling vlog channel. This vlogger has worked across his desire to get out of the corporate culture and work on his desire to explore the world. As he sold everything he owned, he has now been working as a travel vlogger, with the aim of inspiring people all along.

lost leblanc travel vlogger

15. Sailing La Vagabonde

Subscriber Count: 1.69M+

If you wish to have a whole new traveling experience, you should see Elayna and Riley traveling the world across a boat. As they took a new lifestyle in their lives, they have presented a different perspective of traveling through water. Their idea of the environment is enticing, making them referred to among the best vloggers.

sailing la vagabonde travel vlogger

Closing Words

Have you gone through this extensive list of travel vloggers? Find out the best among them? We wish that you will be inspired by our list and would come across this industry with a new idea to travel vlogging. However, within this journey of video making, you should never forget the video editor that would help you. Wondershare Filmora is the perfect option that you may find in the market for putting up a nice travel vlog for your channel.

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