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Best Tips for Camtasia Freeze-frame

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Best Tips of Camtasia Freeze Frame

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

A freeze-frame is a technique whereby editors can suddenly halt motion in a film to make it look like a photograph. Then the still shot in the movie is usually used to create suspense or add emphasis to a scene. When freeze-frame gets added at the film's end, it leaves the viewer guessing what will happen next.

Camtasia freeze-frame

Freezing or extending a frame will allow users to pace their video better. More importantly, freeze-frame applies on a per track basis, which helps buy users more time for a voiceover or an annotation. This article will teach you how to freeze-frame in Camtasia perfectly.

Part 1 How to Do Freeze-frame or Extended Frame in Camtasia?

If you are looking to bring in more creativity to your video clips by doing freeze-frame in Camtasia or extend frame, here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Select the Video Part and Enter Duration

You have to move the Playhead to the frame if you want to extend. Then right-click on the track you wish to extend to choose the Extend Frame option or press shift+E.

For the keyboard shortcut to work, select the track first.

extended frame in Camtasia 01

Now, enter the desired duration in seconds.

extended frame in Camtasia 02

This will, in turn, create a stitched clip, provided that the auto-stitch in preferences hasn't been disabled.

extended frame in Camtasia 03

In addition, if the auto-stitch has been disabled, the clip will be split into three, as shown below, with the middle clip containing the extended frame.

extended frame in Camtasia 04

Step 2: Change the Duration

To change the freeze duration in Camtasia freeze frame, right-click on the still portion of the clip and choose the Duration option. However, this will work with both split segments and stitched segments.

extended frame in Camtasia 05

Part 2 What's the Best Freeze-frame Video Editing Effect in Camtasia?

The freeze-frame effect in Camtasia is an excellent feature with a unique, elegant glitch and warp design. This well-organized and straightforward template is perfect for any event and features a full HD version and different freeze time effects. It is easy to use and customize, render your new awesome video, and drop media. 

Here is the best Camtasia freeze-frame video editing effect of 2021, which is how to extend the frame and customize the amount of time in Camtasia Studio:

best freeze-frame effect in Camtasia

Step 1: Upload the Video

Download the Camtasia software, install and open it on your PC. Then drag and drop the video that must be freeze-frame on the timeline.

Step 2: Select Video Portion and Duration

Play the click on the timeline and when it gets to the position, you want to freeze-frame, pause the video and left-click on the Playhead to select extend the frame.

Now, select the desired duration you want to extend the freeze-frame

Step 3: Extend Frame

Next is to go back to the timeline and left-click on the Playhead to select extend frame, then, click on split tool. After that, drag the extended frame to the upper new layer.

Step 4: Add Clip Speed

Right-click on the extended frame and apply "add clip speed" to select the amount of time required.

Step 5: Export and Save

Finally, reposition it back to the main track and play your video. Then, when you feel satisfied with the result, export and save it on your device.

For a more detailed, interactive explanation and understanding, watch the video

Part 3 Best 5 Alternatives to Freeze-frame

Here are the top five (5) alternatives to Camtasia freeze frames. We have mentioned their pros and cons for better understanding.

01Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Filmora is our first alternative for freeze frames in Camtasia. It is an easy-to-use video editing software with excellent tools and an outline of creative video effects. Being the best Mac video editor, it is safe to say you can directly make your freeze-frame effect from scratch.

Filmora is free to download, supports Mac and Windows devices, and has a practical freeze-frame effect function.


Ease of use

No payment until required

The full-featured video editing tool

Tons of effects are available


Some effects are not free.

an alternative to freeze-frame 01


This is a free video editing application that edits your smartphone with much more fun and accessibility. It is equipped with top-notch editing tools and features and supports iOS and Android devices. Kinemaster is also a powerful application you can get creative with and makes it the top 5 alternatives to Camtasia freeze frame.


Easy-to-use editing tools.

User-friendly interface.


There is a watermark at the end of the video

Limited video format support.

an alternative to freeze-frame 02


This is a free iOS and Android video editing application and a multi-featured application that assits you to get creative and edit videos with limitless features and the freeze-frame effect inclusive of its element.


Easy to use

A wide range of quick, accessible features and editing tools to use.


Purchase needed to access the top features.

Hardly intuitive.

an alternative to freeze-frame 03

04Videoshop video editor.

This is an effortless video editing application that is specifically for iOS devices. In addition, it comes furnished with remarkable video editing tools and stunning features to transform your video. This freeze-frame Camtasia alternative app is easy to use and gives your videos a creative shine.


It is straightforward to use

It has a detailed UI design


It has some glitches

It has limited resolution support.

The CIT can support a large amount of content.

an alternative to freeze-frame 04


iMovie application is popularly known to create and edit videos into a movie-like shine. However, the application is accessible for iOS video editing software equipped with the freeze-frame effect. iMovie is stocked with a bonus of powerful features to make your pop and stand out amongst others.


it has a user-friendly interface

Allow users to share videos directly after editing

It is straightforward and intuitive to use without guidelines


It supports a limited video format

Video edits take up lots of phone storage.

It crashes if video content is significant.

an alternative to freeze-frame 05

Ending Thoughts

This article guided using the Camtasia freeze-frame and explained extending the freeze-frame features.

The report also included the top 5 alternatives to freeze-frame Camtasia and rated Filmora as the number one due to its many latest effects in the upgraded version.

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