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How To Cut Videos For Instagram On Mac

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 20, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

More video content is being created than before. Unfortunately, some social media platforms like Instagram require your video to be short. Therefore, many people wonder how to cut a video to make it easier to share. If you’re wondering how to cut video for Instagram on Mac, you’re in luck. This article shares the best tools to use for this purpose.

What You Should Know About Instagram Video


Instagram is a social media site owned by Facebook. However, its main focus is on sharing videos and photos. It also allows users to put up stories that only last 24 hours. Stories allow you to highlight some crucial aspects of your life. These stories could be made up of photos, texts, and videos. However, each story slide can only take up to 15 seconds of video.

Most times, your video would be longer than that. If you upload a video longer than the accepted 15 seconds, Instagram automatically trims it to 15 seconds. However, the resulting video might not be the parts you want to show to your audience. Maybe there’s a particular section you would like your followers to see. That’s why video cutters enter the picture.

A good video splitter to cut video for Instagram on Mac is necessary when you’re creating video content for your Instagram page. In addition, the video editing tool you choose must maintain the quality and the safety of the file. Therefore, we’ve selected the best tools to cut videos for Instagram on Mac. Next, we’ll explore these tools, highlighting their best features, cons, and how you can use them. On that note, let’s dive in. 

Best Instagram Video Cutter for Mac - Filmroa Video Editor


Supported System: Windows and Mac

Splitting your Instagram video before sharing them makes it easier to highlight your best parts. If you’re wondering what the best tool to do that is, you’re in luck. Filmora Video Editor is the best video cutter for Mac for many reasons. Apart from cutting videos, it offers several editing tools to enhance your video. It provides video processing features like cropping, splitting, rotating, trimming, speed increase, and color correction. However, it also offers features for professional editing of videos. 

Filmora supports all video formats, even the high-definition video formats for your editing. In addition, Wondershare Filmora offers you an intuitive and user-friendly interface compared to other video cutters out there. This makes it a fantastic choice for experts and novices alike. The steps to split your video and use other in-built features are pretty straightforward, and if you need tutorials, Wondershare Filmora makes them available.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later

Steps to Cut Video for Instagram on Mac

Filmora makes it relatively easy to use its extensive features. You don’t need previous editing experience to use Wondershare Filmora. If you’re wondering how to cut video for Instagram on Mac, below are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Download Wondershare Filmore

First, you have to download the Filmora app on your Mac. You can get it on the App Store or the official website. After installation, launch Filmora to get started. 

Step 2: Import Video


Once you install the app, you can import the video you would like to cut for Instagram on the app. Click ‘import media files here’ to choose a video file from your PC storage. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the Instagram video on the software’s timeline.

Step 3: Cut the Video


You can cut your video from any end you prefer. First, move the cursor where you would like to cut the video until the clip changes to the ‘I’ pointer. Then, you can move the cursor within the video length to cut to your preference.

Step 4: Split Instagram Video


You can also split the video into specific portions by dragging the slider to each endpoint and picking the scissors. Additionally, you can carry out more editing like adding transitions, sound effects, and more to beautify your video.

Step 5: Save Instagram Video


Now that the video is to your liking, hit the ‘export’ button and choose the output format you would prefer. Next, click ‘export’ to confirm your choice. 

More Free Instagram Video Cutter for Mac to Cut Video For Instagram 

Although Wondershare Filmore is the best option when you want to cut video for Instagram on Mac, other options are available. In this section, we’ll explore the free Instagram video cutters for Mac that you can use. 



Supported System: Windows and Mac

Lightworks is one of the best video splitting tools you can use if you’re learning how to cut video for Instagram on Mac. It is best for both novices and professionals and allows you seamlessly cut the video to your desired part. With Lightworks software, you can easily get results. 

Apart from cutting Instagram videos on Mac, there are several more editing features you can utilize to take your Insta video to the next level. It also allows you to combine several cut clips. Size isn’t an issue with Lightworks as it effortlessly handles large file sizes. It offers users all the features of a high-quality video processing video editor. The best part is that it allows you directly export your cut video to Instagram or any other social media platform you would prefer.


  • It supports different audio, video, and image format
  • It allows users to share projects to encourage collaborative workflow
  • Easy to use by beginners and professionals
  • Allows exporting of video to Instagram directly


  • It doesn’t support 3D video editing
  • You have to register before using the application
  • No video stabilization feature

Step to Cut Video for Instagram on Mac Using Lightworks

The steps to using this software are pretty easy to follow. Below, we’ve outlined the steps to make it easier to use. 

  • Step 1: Download the Lightworks software on your Mac from the official software. Once you do this, install the app and launch the software to begin the video-cutting process.
  • Step 2: Import the video into the software. You can do this by clicking ‘import video’ or simply dragging the clip into the timeline.
  • Step 3: After uploading the clip on your timeline, you can start cutting the video to your preference. Simply slide the cursor to the point you want to cut from and press the ‘c’ key on your keyboard. 
  • Step 4: After cutting the part you want, erase the rest by using the deleting button.
  • Step 5: Click the ‘all’ option and then choose ‘export’ from the menu that appears to save your newly-cut video. You can also export directly to Instagram to save space and time. 



Supported System: Windows and Mac

Another free video cutter that you can use when learning how to cut video for Instagram on Mac is Avidemux. This app is simple and offers simple filtering, cutting, and encoding features. As a result, it makes it relatively easy for beginners to split, cut, and trim videos. In addition, Avidemux offers users an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to know the next step to take. 

Avidemux supports the most common formats like AVI, MP4, and more. It also offers different filters to spice up your Instagram videos. You can resize your video and also color correct your video. It is not an advanced tool for professionals because it doesn’t offer advanced tools. However, if you simply want to cut video for Instagram for Mac, this free software helps you achieve that.


  • It supports common video formats
  • It’s easy to cut videos for Instagram using keyboard shortcuts
  • Offers various filters for enhancing video
  • It is free to use
  • Easy for beginners to use


  • It crashes sometimes
  • There are limited features in the editing software

Steps to Cut Video for Instagram on Mac Using Avidemux

Avidemux has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to cut and save your Instagram video within minutes. Below are the simple steps to cut Instagram videos you should follow.

  • Step 1: Download Avidemux on your Mac and install it. After installation, launch Avidemus to begin cutting your Instagram video.
  • Step 2: Next, load the file you would like to work with
  • Step 3: Next, navigate to the portion of the video you would like to cut and check its ‘frame type.’ At the beginning, where you would like to cut the video from, click the ‘A’ button. It automatically records it as the start of the clip.
  • Start 4: Move to where you would like the clip to end and click the ‘B’ button. This will automatically cut the Instagram video to your preference. 
  • Step 5: Save the video by going to file and choosing ‘save’ from the available options. Next, click ‘save video’ and name the file.

You’re now ready to use your new video on Instagram or any other video-sharing platform you would prefer.



Supported System: Mac

Apple first released this software in 1999, but it has continually updated it to offer more features to users. IMovie is available on all iOS devices, including your MacBook. Due to the frequent upgrades, this software makes editing relatively easy for beginners. The user interface is user-friendly, and it is entirely free to use. It is also an excellent choice for cutting your Instagram videos. 

One of the reasons Mac users love this app is that there’s no need for installation and downloading. There are different effects available to enhance your video. You can also use ready-made templates on the software that offers popular music and stunning graphics. In addition, you can also add transitions, change speed, and many more with this software.


  • It puts your content in different media libraries to help you stay organized
  • It offers access to various video and audio filters
  • It provides a stability feature that’s not available with many Instagram video cutting tools
  • It allows you to share directly on Instagram
  • It is easy for beginners to use


  • It lacks some useful controls
  • It doesn’t allow tagging when you share directly to Instagram
  • It only supports two video tracks

Steps to Cut Video for Instagram on Mac Using IMovie

If you want to cut your video for Instagram using IMovie, below are the steps you need to follow. 

  • Step 1: Open iMovie on your Macbook to get started
  • Step 2: Now, create a new project and name the project with a name you prefer
  • Step 3: Import your video to IMovie by granting the software access to your computer’s video library.
  • Step 4: Start cutting out any part you don’t want; you can also trim the video in-between if there are parts within the clip you don’t want.
  • Step 5: You can add filters, transitions, or any other effect you would like to enhance your video.
  • Step 6: Finally, you can save your file on your Mac or upload it directly to Instagram.

More Paid Instagram Video Cutter for Mac to Cut Video For Instagram

Now that you know the top three free video cutters for Instagram on Mac, this section explores the best paid Instagram video cutter you can use to cut videos for Instagram on Mac. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Movavi Video Editor


Supported System: Windows and Mac

This video editor is relatively easy to use and powerful. It offers many features that go beyond cutting video for Instagram. You can also utilize this video editing software to enhance your video and make it look professional. Movavi offers transitions, filters, titles, and many more features for your videos. It is easy for both novices and professionals to use this platform. 

Movavi Video Editor supports all types of video formats for easy editing. It also allows you to set your video to full HD and 4K resolution so that the images are clean and clear. You can also convert to a new format without compromising the quality of your video. In addition, Movavi offers you a trial period you can use to check out the software to ensure it is the ideal option for you. With Movavi, you can also share directly to Instagram if you’re looking to save space on Mac.


  • It allows you to cut videos and export them quickly
  • It offers several other features to enhance your videos
  • It supports all video formats
  • It enables you to convert video to the new format without compromising the quality
  • It is ideal for beginners and experts


  • Subscription fees are pretty high
  • Some of the settings can be quite complex for beginners

Steps to Cut Video for Instagram on Mac Using Movavi Video Editor

If you would like to try Movavi video editor but don’t know how to go about it, the steps below make it relatively easy.

  • Firstly, Install Movavi Video Editor on your Mac and install the app following the instructions. After installation, launch the app to begin.
  • Next, choose the video file you would like to cut by clicking ‘add files’ and selecting your media library. 
  • It will appear on the ‘media bin,’ and you’ll have to drag it to the timeline.
  • Now, you can start cutting the video for Instagram. Click on the video and move the market to the point in the video you would like to cut. Next, click the split button. 
  • You can easily remove the unwanted segments by clicking delete after selecting it.
  • After cutting your video, you can choose the output format you prefer and then click ‘export.’ Choose the folder on your Mac you would like to save to and click ‘start’ to begin the saving process.

Final Cut Pro


Supported System: Mac

Next on our list, we have Final Cut Pro, an excellent video cutter for Mac. It is software developed by Apple for professional video editing. This app is primarily for MacOS users, and it offers several cutting-edge editing features to ensure a smooth and high-resolution video. It supports different video formats and allows you to enhance audio, add effects, trim, and carry out 360-degree video editing if you want to improve your video.

This tool doesn’t offer a monthly subscription. Instead, users can simply make a one-time payment and have lifetime access to this editing tool. It is not an excellent choice for beginners as its advanced features and interface can be pretty complicated. However, if you want to give this video cutter ago, we’ll provide the steps to cut the video for Instagram below.


  • It supports 360-video editing
  • Performance is relatively fast and ensures an easy video-cutting process
  • It supports different video formats
  • It offers various editing tools to enhance your video for Instagram


  • It isn’t ideal for beginners
  • One-time payment is relatively high
  • The interface can be quite confusing

Steps to Cut Video for Instagram on Mac Using Final Cut Pro

If you want to cut video for Instagram in Final Cut Pro, the blade tool is the best option. However, it can be pretty confusing to use Final Cut Pro if you’ve never used the software before. Follow the steps below to cut Instagram video using Final Cut Pro.

  • First, you have to download the app; you can download it on the App Store or the official website.
  • Next, install the video cutter on your Mac and launch it to begin cutting Instagram videos.
  • Import the video you would like to cut by visiting the ‘file’ type and choosing ‘import.’ Next, choose media and select the video from the media library. Alternatively, you can simply press Command + I on your Mac keyboard to go straight to your PC storage.
  • Next, move the imported clip to the timeline to begin the cutting process.
  • Select the Tools menu and choose ‘Blade’ from the dropdown menu. You can also press the B key on your keyword to select this tool.
  • Now, you’re ready to start cutting the video file. Move the selected blade tool to the frame you would like to cut from the clip and click. 
  • Next, move to where you would like the cut to the end and click again.
  • That’s all you have to do. Once you cut the clip and you’re satisfied with your result, simply save your clip by hitting the ‘export’ button and choosing the location you prefer and your preferred output format.

Adobe Premiere Rush


Supported System: Windows and Mac

Premier Rush was designed for social media videos and to help vloggers make the most of their videos. Although it started as a mobile-only app, it now has a desktop option for Mac and Windows. The idea behind Rush is an editing tool that helps you edit your video and share it to your preferred social media platform fast. This editing tool offers a simple user interface, and the workflow is seamless to ensure speedy performance.

As long as you want a video cutter created for cutting video for Instagram on Mac, this software delivers. It offers different editing features to enhance your video. You can link your Instagram account and upload directly to the platform. It also allows you to save all edited video files on Cloud to save space on your MacBook.


  • It allows you to transfer videos from Adobe Premiere Pro directly for editing
  • Allows you to link your social media accounts for direct uploads
  • It offers transitions, filters, and more editing tools to enhance your Instagram video
  • You can save directly to the Cloud to save space and ensure easy access
  • It is an excellent option for beginners


  • You can’t change the output format
  • It doesn’t offer ample audio tools

Steps to Cut Video for Instagram on Mac Using Adobe Premiere Rush

This section will cover all the crucial steps to get the most from Adobe Premier Rush. Keep reading to learn how to cut video for Instagram on Mac using Adobe Rush.

  • Firstly, download and install the app on your Mac. Launch the software after installation to start editing
  • Now, create a new project on the app and import the video you would like to cut for Instagram.
  • Afterward, select the video you would like to cut, click ‘create,’ and you’re ready to begin.
  • When the video appears on the timeline, select the video and click the ‘scissors’ icon on the left corner. This tool helps to cut your video to your preference.
  • To use the scissors tool, simply go to the beginning of the video and drag the handle to where you would like the video to start. You can also do the same to the end by dragging the handle at the end to where you would prefer.
  • After cutting your video, you can also utilize other editing features to enhance your video. 
  • Now, you’re ready to export your video. Simply click ‘share’ located at the top of the editing software and choose from the options whether you want to share directly to Instagram or save on Mac.

Which Should I Choose, Free or Paid Instagram Video Cutter? 

Now that you know the best free and paid video cutters to cut Instagram videos, you’re probably wondering what the ideal option is. With so many options, you must make the right decision for your project. You need to consider several factors before you decide if a paid or free Instagram video cutter is the best option for you. 

  • Budget

When deciding between a paid or free Instagram cutter, one crucial factor is how much you’re willing to pay. If your budget is really low and doesn’t fit into any paid options, you can simply go for a free option. However, if the price isn’t an issue for you, going for a paid option is best because it offers you more editing features to enhance your video.

  • Ease of Use

You should also consider how easy it is to use the video cutter. Some paid options are for professionals and can be challenging to understand. However, most free options offer poor performance times. The last thing Instagram users want is to devote hours to figure out where each tool is on the software. However, there are paid options with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to cut your Instagram video.

  • Customer Support

You also need to consider whether customer support will be available when you need it. Some free options have no customer support to turn to. Instead, consider a video cutter that will offer helpful and responsive customer support when picking.

  • Video Format Support

Before choosing a paid or free option, you need to consider if it would support the video format you prefer. You might be using different video formats, and you want to ensure you’re not limited to select options. You also want a video cutter that offers various output formats.

FAQs about Cut Video For Instagram

  • How do you post long videos on Instagram without splitting? Instagram allows users to post long videos on the app, as long as 60 seconds. Alternatively, you can use the IGTV to upload long clips on Instagram without splitting.
  • What is multi-capture on Instagram: This tool allows you to create and share multiple photos on your stories.
  • How do I split the video into two parts for Instagram on Mac? The paid and free video cutters shared above will help you split a video into two parts for Instagram on Mac. Simply pick the option that fits your preference.
  • Why can’t I split a video on iMovie? Maybe your iMovie software is experiencing a glitch; you can simply restart the software. Alternately, move the clip to the center row if you find the option greyed out. Moving the clip should help fix the issue.


Various tools are available to help you cut a video for Instagram on Mac. Therefore, just refer to the paid and free tools listed above whenever you need a video cutter. These video cutters are highly recommended and ensure the quality isn’t affected while cutting the video. When deciding which is the best option for you, free or paid, the factors listed will help you decide. Suppose you’re looking specifically for a video cutter that offers you all the features you need to enhance your video while providing an intuitive user interface. In that case, Wondershare Filmora is the ideal choice.

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