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Deleting White Background in Photoshop Is Hard? No!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 11, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Deleting White Background in Photoshop Is Hard? No!

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Know how Photoshop make white background transparent. Learn to create transparent background in Photoshop in simple steps. How to delete white background in image?

Part 1 Why Shooting with a White Background Makes Sense

white background is good

Products have gone online with E-commerce and people explore the products over internet more than they pick it from the stores. So, every business needs to showcase their products in a attractive way to get more customers. This needs an attractive photography by experts. Photography for e-commerce products requires expert product photography or commercial photography. They are very important for a business to get success in long run. To do branding the product image should be accurate and attractive.

So, if your company is going online, your products photography should be attractive enough to make buyers purchase your products. Background is essential part of any photography or video making. Whether it is product catalogue, shoot, advertising or commercial videos, white backdrop and white background are always good. With white background one can pay attention to the product. Every details of the product are highlighted when a white background is used. 

When you need bright and highlighted images for any commercial videos, using a right technique for background color is must. White background creates a clean and bright commercial photo. If the same is not done correctly, the white background may turn to be off white or grey. A white background is good for isolating an object in the picture.

So, let's know why shooting with white background make sense. Here are some reasons for it:

why shooting with white background make sense

Removal of background becomes Easy and quick: 

The most important benefit of applying white background is that it can be easily removed or replaced. In place of the blank white background, one can easily apply other background color or make it transparent. The white background has a speciality that it reflects the color of the product better which makes the product image visually good. This can be done with the help of any tool or application. Thus, using a white background gives an opportunity to apply any other background on it.

Promoting product in every occasion: An image with colorful background may not be useful to present in every event or occasion. For example a simple image with colorful background will not look good in a promotional event, while a colorful background will look happening in any festival event celebration. This, a blank background has the option to change as per the need of the occasion.

An image with white background can be changed as per the occasion. This helps a business to use a single image throughout the year without any additional cost for making a different picture. You can just change the white background of any image through various application or software.

Time saving: Removing white background is easy and streamlined as compared to any other color. The reason is that it does not require much editing and work on the edges. So, the steps in removing the white background are less and thus it saves time of the artist and the editors.

Saves location and bulk shooting expenses: When shooting with a white background is done; the same picture with some changes can be reused for number of times in several occasions. Thus, it saves the cost of shooting different in pictures in different location.

Good to celebrate every special day: A picture with white background is perfect and ready to edit for any special day. Whether it I a father’s day, mother’s day or any special day, a single picture can be edited as per the requirement. It will be a great gifting idea also after changing white background of the picture as per the special day.

Part 2 When We Need to Delete White Background and when Not?

Need to Delete White Background

A single picture of a person or product cannot be used for a single instance or purpose. Especially when it is a promotional campaign or commercial advertisements, a product is required to be showcased in several marketing campaign for different categories of consumers. Thus, a white background image is good for several purposes while in some circumstances, it requires changes. So, let’s see when to delete white background and when not:

When a picture requires special editing: When a picture requires some special effects like reflection, highlights and shadow effects, the picture with white background is required to be changed. When improvement in picture is requires, the white, transparent and color background can be changed accordingly.

Enhancing the visual impact of the picture: A white background picture grab the attention of the customers. So, it is good for advertising and promotion. While this needs to be removed when one desire to add some visual impact on the pictures or deliver some message to the viewers. So, it requires adding colorful and visually good background in a picture.

Adding more items to a picture: A white background need to be removed when more items are required to be included in it. Special edits and enhancing the pictures requires removing or adding a white background as per the purpose of the picture.

Part 3 How to Delete White Background in Photoshop (5 Fast Ways)

Delete White Background in Photoshop

Editing a picture with white background can be done in easy steps through various applications. Deleting white background in Photoshop can be done through various tools. Some of the top 5 fast ways to clear background Photoshop are:

With the object selection tool:

Start Photoshop and open the picture. Select the "object selection" from the tool bar. Hover cursor over subject till it turns blue. The subject is selected.

Press the shift key to remove the background while selecting the objects which you want in the picture.

To invert the selection go to Select>Inverse.

Unlock the image based on what you want in the background. It will no longer be a background. It can be also used to create transparent background Photoshop.

Click on Erase tool and start erasing the background.

Removing background with quick action

This is the quick method for removing a background when a user is going for own purpose. It is in-built quick action in Photoshop for removing the background. Although it is good for performing work, but the same cannot meet the perfection level that any other method does. It can be done by following the mentioned steps:

Open the image in Photoshop, right click on background layer and click Duplicate layer. Then click on OK.

Always try to open the properties panel by going to Window>Properties.

Click on new layer at Layer panel. Go to Quick action and click on Remove Background.

The background gets removed with quick action.

At this point refinements and adjustments can be made.

Using pen tool to remove the background

Open image in Photoshop, right click on background layer and go to Duplicate Layer. Name the layer and click OK.

Select the Pen tool from the toolbox. Zoom the area. Start at the edge of subject. Start working on the object; add anchors which will outline the subject.

Click-hold-drag to produce a curved line.

Use the Direct Selection tool in the toolbox if you want to adjust an anchor point or directional lines for fine tuning

Complete the path from where you started and save it by going to Windows>paths. Go to three bar menu, click New Path to name it and then save. 

Go to path panel and right click New Path. Choose Make selection and click OK. This will give the outline of the path.

Go to Select> Inverse if you don’t want to delete what is inside the selection. An outline can be seen around the image.

Press delete to delete the background. It can be also done to add Adobe Photoshop transparent background.

With Magnetic Lasso Tool

Right click Background layer and click duplicate layer on the image opened in Photoshop. Name the layer and then click OK. From the toolbox, select Magic Lasso tool. Start drawing at the edges of subject.

Move around the subject and complete till the start point. Marching ants can be seen around the selection.

Go to Selection>Save selection to save and give it a name.

Select>Inverse to delete the background. Photoshop checkered background is visible now.

With quick selection tool

Click on Duplicate Layer by right clicking on background layer of the picture opened on the Photoshop. Name the layer and click OK.

Go to the tool box and select quick selection tool.

Paint the subject by using tool.

Clean up the selection path with click by holding the Option key (macOS) or Alt key (Windows).

Go to Selection>Save selection to save and give it a name.

Select>Inverse to delete the background. The white background can be seen now.

Part 4 Which Photoshop Selection Tool is Best for White Backdrop Removal

Photoshop Selection Tool is Best for White Backdrop Removal

There are various tools available at Photoshop to turn a background white. Each one of them has great utility based on the applications. Background Eraser tool is one of the good tools if there is need of more control over removing the background in Photoshop. It is highly effective and saves time of the user. It gives the desired outcome with perfection to an image. The visualization of image becomes better when the background is turned into white with the help of Background Eraser tool.

The other application that is very helpful in making background white to any image is Filmora.

Filmora is an excellent image and video editing software which helps the users in creating some amazing images and videos. It has wide range of image and video editing tools that can make any user a professional in image and video editing. It has features to add or remove background of an image to make it more visually good. Changing background and adding special effects to images and videos can be easily done through filmora.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor allows transformation of pictures and videos in a better way by adding filters and graphics. Availability of support, drawing tools, editing tools, special effects and sound make it a complete application for both beginners and professionals. It can be used with various other applications also. Those who wish to know how to make a layer transparent in Photoshop can learn it from Filmora.

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Ending Thoughts

Making white background or transparent background adobe photoshop has many benefits like it highlight the picture and make it good for various applications and occasions. It saves money and cost for the image editors and video makers.

One should also know when to use the white background for images, catalogue and video shoot. Adding and deleting white background can only be done when required as per the demand of the occasion and the category of the user like marketing, media, customers etc.

Various tools on Photoshop make it easy for the users to add or remove white background of images. Filmora is one of the applications that is very popular for its image editing features. It can be used to give special effects to any image or video.

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