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Best Way to Freeze-Frame in Final Cut Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated May 20, 24
Best Way to Freeze Frame in Final Cut Pro

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

The primary purpose of freezing frames is to hold a particular frame in clips in one place, temporarily to stop the action onscreen. You can create the Freeze-Frame clip from any video clip in the browser or the timeline. If a Freeze-Frame clip is created from the browser, it gets affixed to the major storyline at the Playhead location as a connecting clip.

best way to Freeze-Frame in Final Cut Pro

Now, Final Cut Pro is a fantastic video editor available for macOS. It is an entire video editing tool perfect for basic video editing. In addition, it can be valuable to Freeze-Frames in a video. This article will explain why to Freeze-Frame in FCP and its alternatives. We will also introduce how to add a Freeze-Frame Final Cut Pro video editor that can make your videos more appealing.

Part 1 Why Do You Need to Freeze-Frame

Freeze-Frames is an effective and quick way to begin a drama session when you want to edit a movie. Besides, users of any age, ranging from children to adults, can easily handle it. Participants can use it to create an image using their bodies with no movement, and Freeze-Frames can also be made by individuals, a whole group, or a small group.

Another perfect way to describe a Freeze-Frame is a "still image." It is a way of pressing the pause button on the remote control and making a statue or taking a photo. The image creation can be quick without discussion, planned, or rehearsed. 

Here are some reasons you need a Freeze-Frame app:

They are beneficial as a quick way of communicating ideas or telling a story. 

In addition, Freeze-Frame can represent objects or people and even abstract concepts like atmosphere or emotions. 

Freeze-Frames can help shyer performers to gain confidence, as there are no lines to learn.

why you need Freeze-Frame

Part 2 How to Freeze-Frames in Final Cut Pro?

FCPX Freeze-Frame clips can temporarily hold a particular frame in place and stop the action onscreen. The Freeze-Frame, as its phrase, freezes or contains the specific frame you want to feature or focus on in a video. 

You have to pick or select the frame you want to freeze and follow the steps in the article to freeze the frame of your choice.

In addition, if you do not want to create a separate freeze-frame clip, make a hold segment to stop the action for part of a clip temporarily. This action offers more precise control, especially when a variable speed effect is created.

You can Freeze-Frame on the fly by navigating to a specific frame in a clip or during playback. Thus, A Freeze-Frame clip will preserve any attributes applied to the source clip, such as settings and effects.  

Here is how to Freeze-Frame in Final Cut Pro effectively.

Step 1: In the browser or in the timeline in Final Cut Pro, do any one of the following:

Begin playback of the clip and pause

Move the Skimmer or Playhead to the portion you wish to freeze.

how to Freeze-Frame in final cut pro-01

Step 2: Choose Edit > Add Freeze-Frame (or press Option-F).

Note: How Freeze-Frame gets added to the project depends on whether it got created from the browser or the timeline:

If the Freeze-Frame was from a browser clip, a new freeze-frame clip gets attached as a connected clip at the Playhead site in the timeline.

Alternatively, if the freeze-frame was from the timeline, a new freeze-frame clip gets inserted at the Playhead location or the Skimmer in the timeline.

how to Freeze-Frame in final cut pro-02

Part 3 Alternative to Freeze-Frames and Why

There are a lot of alternatives to Freeze-Frame in Final-Cut Pro all over the Internet. However, you must be careful while choosing when you want to add customization to your videos. 

Additionally, if you are looking for the best editor to add a Freeze-Frame effect to your video, we recommend trying Filmora. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor for Mac and Windows devices comes with tons of Freeze-Frame impacts that you can use to spice-up your video. 

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Some of the alternatives to adding a Freeze-Frame on Final Cut Pro include:

01AZ Screen Recorder

This is a free android APK alternative to Freeze-Frames in FCP. It is a great application available for anyone who needs to have the ability to record what is happening on their Android device's screen. One great benefit of using this application is that your Android device does need to be rooted to experience the best the app has to offer. 

A blinking red dot will be noticed in the screen's right bottom corner when users begin to record with this application. This is an indicator that the recording is in progress. In addition, users can pause the recording as per their requirements by just tapping the screen. If you are not comfortable with the location of the blinking red dot, hold and move it to anywhere on the screen that can better suit your needs. Thus, this is an excellent alternative to Final Cut Pro X Freeze-Frame with the exceptional video quality.


Simple, clean, and easy to use interface

The application settings options allow users to adjust things like the video output quality and how the clip recording interacts with the screen while the application is running.

The four icons located in the middle of the application's home screen clearly outline their options when the application is first open. The four options include adjusting the application's settings, accessing previously recorded video files, starting recording, and the option to exit.


It has options to increase video quality.

No watermark

No time limits

No frame loss


No option to live stream.

an alternative to Freeze-Frame 01


This Android application allows the creation of new videos by cutting and combining two or more video effects on your phone. Additionally, this application is typically different from the others that let you watch videos or share them with other sites. Bits and pieces can be cut from two or more videos and combined to make a new video. In addition, it is fun to use if you want to create a new music video that features the same song but different steps made when various people are being used.

Users can easily cut and paste with simple instructions, and the application also lets you work with any video stored on your phone.


Add subtitles to the videos that you create

Create titles in any color or font that is available with the application

making the videos from the clips a little more personal and customized before sharing.


Allows multiple videos editing

Allows the addition of a subtitle

Users can reverse video content


You cannot save a lot of work automatically

It takes time to get the video adjusted

an alternative to Freeze-Frame 02

03Action Director

This Android editor also serves as an alternative to Final Cut Pro X Freeze-Frame. This video editing tool allows users to create quality compositions in no time at all. Additionally, you can change the image's color, cut video clips, add a soundtrack, or insert text with this Video Editor using effortless control. With just a few finger taps on the screen, you can customize any video. This excellent video editing tool lets you create and share your videos quickly and easily.


Record videos with this Android app.

Edit video and apply effects from its exclusive list.

Get more than 12 transitions for your videos

The useful movie editing guide helps you create videos with action effects and edits.

Share your videos with your friends.


It is fast and easy to use

It is elementary to control

Has video sharing option to share videos on another website


Requires premium version to export video in high quality

Ending Thoughts

About Final Cut Pro X Freeze-Frame and explained to the user how to use Freeze-Frame in FCP

Additionally, the article listed and presented three alternatives to Freeze-Frame and 

Recommended Filmora as the best editing software to use Freeze-Frame effects due to its many editing options.

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