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How To: Quick Guide for Making Google Slideshows

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
How To Quick Guide for Making Google Slideshows

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Google slides and its slideshow can be easily created with Google photos slideshow. You can use Google slides images in making various slides in simple and few steps.

Guide for Making Google Slideshows

Part 1 Does Google Have a Free Slideshow Maker?

Now Google is having option for making Slideshow and also it has free Slideshow maker. This feature is available online and therefore it gives option to the users to create, present and collaborate presentation and Slideshows. One can make beautiful presentations, share the same and can edit on real time basis. Google slideshows maker has made possible to present the ideas and views of the presenter by adding notes and captions. 

Google Slideshows Maker

The best thing with Google Slideshow maker is that one can easily connect to other Google apps which give an advantage of time-saving. Files, Chart, and comments can be easily imported to the Slideshow from Google sheets and Google drive. One can create new content and add pictures easily in Slideshow on Google. 

Google slideshow creator is free slideshow maker that can be even used by users offline. This allows multiple users to work on same slideshow giving an opportunity to work at a single place in real-time. The changes are automatically saved as it works in real-time. Some of the features of this maker are it allows easily converting PowerPoint files to Google slides, save and editing option with chrome extension application, and easy accessibility with the phone, computer or tabs. 

Part 2 The Best 8 Google Slides and PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Now when you know that making Slideshow is possible in Google, definitely you can try to present your ideas and imaginations through using Google Slideshow maker. There are many inbuilt Google slides and PowerPoint presentation templates available free in Google. Let's see some slideshow templates for Google slides:

Google Slides and PowerPoint Presentation Templates

01Infographic Templates

Those who work more with infographic information and facts, Google have free 19 info graphic templates that can be easily edited. The various other applications in which one can use the templates are PowerPoint, Adobe, Google slides and many others. The templates have more than 500 infographics. One can easily choose the templates based on the infographics and they are well structured and organized. 

02Black and white theme Google slides

This black and white theme Google slides is useful for every type of project. It is available free and has 25 slides suitable for different content creation. These templates can be used in Google slides as well as PowerPoint. It has more than 80 icons and world map also for ease of making Google slide show.

03Geometric Colorful Google Slides Templates with Circles

Those who love to include slides with bright design and colours, this template is perfect for them. It has 25 slides that can be used for making different content. It is available free and can be downloaded as Google slide or PowerPoint template. It has 80 icons and many more stuff to make any presentation bright and colourful. 

04Business Themed Google Slides Templates

Business slides templates should be impressive and in good themes. Taking into this, Google has business Themed slides templates that are free to download. It has 25 slides that can be easily adaptable in PowerPoint and Google slides also. Most of the templates are blue themed which are suitable for creating different business content. It comes in 16:9 ratio that can be reduced to 4:3 also. 

05Open Book Free Google Slides Template

This slides template has a realistic design. A picture of  open book on wooden background is depicted in the Templates. It has 25 slides for creating different type of contents. It has more than 80 icons and it can be used in Google slides and PowerPoint also. 

Google Slides and PowerPoint Presentation Templates

06Free Templates for Google Slides by GraphicMama

As the name suggests it has 10 Free Google Slides available in different Themes and styles. These templates are good for creating Slideshows for business planning, startup projects, marketing, data and information presentation and it's analysis. The different styles in which it is available are cartoon, hand-drawn, modern, corporate, pastel. It has more than 50 great slides for creating content for different purposes. It can be easily edited and one can work on the templates using Google slides and PowerPoint.

07Nature Inspired Free Google Slides Templates

One can have templates that inspire growth, freshness, creativity free in Google slides. One can choose among different 25 slides based in different concepts in this nature inspired free Google slides. It has 80 icons and world map also. These templates can easily work in Google slides and PowerPoint.

Google Slides and PowerPoint Presentation Templates

08Volos Free Presentation Template

Those who work more on business part and prepare slides regularly, Volos is having the best collection for them. The templates are Elegant and classy that perfectly suits for business applications. It has 23 different slides with handy layout. Google Slides, Powerpoint, and Keynote are the other applications on which it can work with. 

Part 3 How to Create a Slideshow from Google Photos or Google Drive

Slideshow from Google Photos or Google Drive can be explained in different parts. Let's first see how to make Google photo slideshow with music. For this you need to have Google photo application. Google image slideshow can be created through pictures saved in Google drive.

Create a Slideshow from Google Photos

Steps to create Google slideshow through mobile app

Open the Google photo application and choose the pictures you want to add in the slide.

Tap on + button and then on Movie.

You can see that Google photo slideshow is being created and pictures can be seen on the timeline. Editing on the slideshow can be done by changing the duration and adding more pictures. For adding more pictures go to add photos and videos. For adding music to the slideshow you can go to my music and select the one from Google music. After selecting tap on blue tick mark at the top right corner.

You can see the preview of the slideshow and can save it by clicking on the right corner SAVE button.

Steps for slide creation through browser

Open Google Photos in a browser and log in your account.

Follow the steps- Albums- Create Album- give title to the album and go to Add photos. Go to select from computer or from Google drive and add pictures to the slideshow. After that click on slide show. With this you can see all the pictures in Slideshow. 

The other way to create slideshow is creating it with Google slides. Google slides are very popular for making presentation and Slideshows for business, photo album and travel diaries. Let's see the process of the same:

Open Google slide on a browser.

You can go with a blank file or with a template. 

Once to choose a template, add a title and pictures. You can make as many slides as you have pictures.

You can also add themes and background to the Templates that is available on the toolbar.

You also have option to add text if you want to include in the slides.

After adding all, you can click on Present. You can see the slide show easily. 

Create a Slideshow from Google Photos

One of the best video slideshow makers is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. It has a good user interface and variety of video effects. The application/software has many advanced editing features that prove to be beneficial for slides making and Slideshows. It has tools that can make any content more attractive and effective. Title making, motion tracking, video effects, sound addition, and color correction features make this application the best one. Overlay and filter features in video helps the users to make attractive slides. One can also use it to create slideshow of various pictures from cell phone and computers. It can be downloaded free and working on it is very easy. 

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

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Part 4 FAQ of Google Slideshows

For what I can use Google Slides?

With Google slides you can make charts and diagrams, add pictures, objects, text and music. It can also be used for animations.

Whether Google offer its own slides for presentation?

Yes, Google offer various free templates and slides to the users. They can download these templates for making Google Slideshows easily. 

Is conversion of any presentation is possible into Slides?

Yes. Google supports many formats and you can convert different file types into Google Slides format.

Is editing possible on Google slides?

Yes, you can edit as many times on the Google slides. The changes can be automatically saved online.

Can I share Google slides with other?

Yes, you can share Google slides with your team members. They can also do editing online on the Google slides.


Ending Thoughts

Users can easily make presentation and their Slideshow using Google. There are many free templates and samples available at Google for creating Slideshows. Google has offered free templates and slides to the users which can be downloaded easily and edited.

Some of the best Google templates and slides are Infographic Templates, Black and white theme Google slides, Business Themed Google Slides Templates, Nature Inspired Free Google Slides Templates and many more.

One can easily made slideshows from Google Photos or Google Drive by following simple steps over mobile phones and computers. Filmora is also one of the applications that can be used to create video slideshows and presentations.

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