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Splice Video Editor Online - Get Your Videos Splice Easily

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Mar 02, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
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We are in the digital era, and any online activity gives us a high exposure level. Making digital content and posting it online is not enough. You have to be creative and adopt an advanced mode of communication. The best place to begin is with online platforms. This is because most people find it easy to source information online instead of any other place.

The availability of video editors makes it possible to splice videos online and post them instantly, reaching thousands of viewers through social media platforms in a short time.

Recent research has shown that online videos are more effective and can help brands connect with their audience compared to other data types like images, audio, GIFs, and text, among others. Check out how to merge videos online and the advantages of going online on your video editing journey.

splice video online

The Meaning of Splice Video

To splice a video means combining two or more video clips to form one. You can use the available editing apps to merge several videos. You need to select each video to splice and put them together in the timeline. Several apps enable you to edit your footage by trimming, cropping, adding music, and transitions, among other adjustments.

Reasons to splice video

You could be wondering why it is necessary to splice your videos. Well, people love to be creative, and working on several videos may not bring out the creativity they need. Here are some reasons that come in handy as far as splicing video is concerned.

  • It isn't easy to share many videos at once. Splicing your videos is a quick way to get your videos to move as one piece and express your message as direct as possible.
  • You can also splice videos for easy management. Remember, you can edit it as one, making you finish the editing process quickly and easily.
  • Merged videos make it easy to share on other platforms. It would be very hectic to promote several videos separately on media sites.
  • Another reason for splicing videos is to compress them. It will take up less space compared to dealing with several videos at once.
  • Spliced video is organized, indicating the starting point and endpoint of the video.

The Benefits of Online Video Editing

Since its backbone reason is to share videos online, several pros come with it. The Splice video editor online enables anyone to create engaging videos without software installation. Let’s peruse the advantages of using online video editing compared to the conventional options.

• Automatic updates

Updates are important for the normal operation of an application. It may be hectic to keep remembering when you should update your drivers on your device. However, online apps need no manual configuration as they do this automatically. You’ll always get the latest version anytime you log in. Besides, new templates and features are instantly available to you after every update.

• Easy collaboration

This comes when several people work on a project. It could be difficult to share files manually, given the rise of computer crashes and data loss. Online mechanisms come to the rescue as all files are kept in the cloud. This lets anyone working on the project access it on any device, anywhere, thereby minimizing the risks of data loss. Furthermore, multiple collaborators can log in to the same project to input their views and other additions. Anyone can upload the file from their end and make the necessary adjustments.

• Convenient

You don’t require any tools while manage Splice video editor online. You can easily make edits from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It also promotes easy accessibility of your files from any device. More so, making edits and polishing your video is accomplished faster than ever.

• Time-saving

You'll get improved productivity when you work online on your video. You won’t waste time running up and down the stairs to install your app or get updates. All you need are a few clicks of a button to make quick moves as far as video editing is concerned. Instead, you can easily polish and post your clip while you figure out what works best for your audience at each step.

• Multi-OS compatible

An online video editor runs in a web browser and, therefore, can run on several operating systems. It doesn’t matter which device you use to compose your video. You can easily share it and be accessible on other platforms by several people. Likewise, the speed will not be affected no matter which operating system you use.

Top 6 Online Video Splice Editors

Now that we have seen what online video editing is best at, we need to explore the suitable Splice video editor online that will quickly bring out the creativity in you and elevate your editing ability to the next level.

1) MiniTool MovieMaker

The app comes free with no ads and is watermark-free as well. It is rich in features that help you to maneuver as you edit your video to perfection. The MiniTool lets you create continuous videos based on your vision. It also encompasses video templates that make it easy to settle on a theme.

online video splice

Customize videos with video transitions and animated text.

This app contains no advertisements.

It leaves no watermark on the finished video.

It has an intuitive and clean interface that enables easy editing of videos.

The app is highly compatible with popular video and audio formats.


It lacks some advanced features, like a green screen and motion speed control.

2) Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is another powerful tool with splice video templates. It has an intuitive interface that enables any level of user to easily edit videos. You can add filters and other video effects to create an engaging video. Also, make use of advanced features like keyframe animation, color matching, split screen, etc.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later


It comes with advanced features to help you create compelling videos.

You can add music and other sound effects directly.

An intuitive interface that suits beginners.

Produce high-density videos.


It doesn’t support newer formats like HEIC photos..

3) Clipchamp

This online splice video editor offers you two modes of video creation online. You can either use the video templates or the blank project option. For templates, get customized ones right from the app’s gallery. However, you may also opt to start your video creation from scratch and make progress toward completion.

online video splice - clipchamp

This app offers you two modes for video creation.

Preview your video clips before posting them.

Easily organize your music tracks in the timeline.

Splice your videos without quality loss.

Use styled text templates with animations.


It has no keyframe features for animation creation.

4) Kapwing

This is a video converter and splice video editor that freely edits your videos to any file format. You can use the screen-by-screen editing option for advanced editing ability. You can also bring on more creativity by using multiple scenes. Furthermore, you can’t run out of editing tools, which include rotating, splitting, and trimming, among others. Also, spice up your project by adding some background music and customizing text to the desired font and color.

online video splice - kapwing

It includes free music from the internet.

It comes with a large library of photos, stickers, etc.

It's easy to use and allows editing of videos without signing in.


It lacks advanced features like speech ramping.

5) Video Editor by EaseUS.

This is another reliable splice editor that comes with quality editing features. You can splice, merge, trim, and rotate your video, among other functionalities. Furthermore, the advanced features allow you to easily apply transitions and elements.

online video splice - ease us video editor

Splice your videos instantly using your mouse.

Easily detach the audio from the spliced video.

It supports various video formats.


It has limited templates.

6) WeVideo

This online editor lets you splice your videos anywhere. It supports several formats, and you can finally export your video in any format. Besides, it allows you access to free stock media like music tracks, videos, and images, among others.

online video splice - wevideo

WeVideo is free to use. However, you can upgrade to the premium version for advanced features.

Directly export videos to YouTube, Instagram, etc.


The free version leaves a watermark on your videos.


● Are you looking forward to promoting your brand online? Then splice the video online at the best resolution for your editing purposes. You’ll quickly edit your videos and reach your target audience with just a few clicks of a button. Likewise, it is effective to monitor your viewers’ reactions through various comments and feedback. This article has brought you several editing apps for online use. You can easily pinpoint what works best for you concerning their features.

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