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Tips for Amazon Prime Video Aspect Ratio

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Technological advancement brings about remarkable changes around the world. On the same pitch, there comes the wonder of Amazon and its services. The name Amazon is so common nowadays that every individual is aware of it. With the transition of online movies, videos, serials, Amazon also developed its services. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-based service considered the largest reservoir of movies, videos, serials, and series that you can watch at your own pace, location, and on-demand by easy to the search option. Now, if you also want to launch any video on the Amazon Prime platform, then there are specific Amazon video dimensions that you must take care of.

amazon prime video

If you are not sure or unaware about what is Amazon's Prime aspect ratio. Then need not worry; we shall cover all these terms linked with Amazon video dimensions here.

Part 1 The importance of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video subscription automatically comes if you have Amazon prime membership. But, access to Amazon Prime Video brings lots and lots of surprise packages. If you are curious about know-how, let's understand more about Amazon Prime Video and its importance.

Access to the series of original content that otherwise is not accessible with ease.

High-Definition video, HRD content, or 4K videos at one place.

Get access to almost all of the licensed content online. So, you need not wait anymore to want your favorite series.

Device-free, that is, it supports multiple devices. Such as Games consoles, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, mobile phones, Set-up boxes, Fire-TV, and many more.

Offline watching option, that is, you can download videos to watch them later time.

Live streaming, such as any sports, games, or event.

Amazon provides an option to buy or rent any content that is outside the reach of Amazon.

Parental Control to keep kids/children safe from any unwanted content.

Create an additional six profiles and three different devices at the same time to access the content.

Yeah, you are right. It looks like the benefits and importance of Amazon Prime Video are not in a mood to end here. Some more benefits come under Amazon Prime Video, such as hosting an Amazon watch party, hosting and watching a movie with 99 of your friends altogether.

Part 2 Standard of Amazon Video Aspect Ratio

While watching videos online, Amazon Video dimensions matter a lot. It changes the viewer experience completely. Here, the Amazon Prime Video aspect ratio needs to be taken care of. But before moving ahead, it is essential to know what is meant by "Aspect Ratio"?

video aspect ratio

Aspect Ratio, in simple terms, is the ratio of the Width to the Height.

That is if talking about Amazon video aspect ratio. Then, it refers to the respective video width to height ratio visible on the screen. It is important as it affects the visual representation of the video playing on the net.

As per Amazon video direct mentioned aspect ratio criteria, is as follows:

16:9 (HD videos)

4:3 (Common SD videos)

2.20:1 (Film standard)

2.40:1( Blu-Ray films- resolution of 1920X800)

1.85:1 (the UK, US widescreen releases)

In addition to them, other accepted ratios for videos are 1.66:1, 2:1, 2.35:1, and 2.39:1 are among them.

Thus, while uploading videos, the following aspect ratio needs to be considered under the standard Amazon Prime Video aspect ratio criteria.

To know more details about Amazon Prime aspect ratio criteria or issues related to it, one can visit the official video direct website of Amazon Prime.

Part 3 How to change the size of a video on Amazon Prime

A question that comes to the mind of most prime video users is, is there a way to change the size of a video on Amazon Prime? The fact says that in the Amazon app there exists, no such option to manually adjust the image aspect ratio. For this purpose, you can take the help of the device on which you are streaming Amazon Prime Video with the required aspect ratio. That is, you can convert or change the aspect ratio to 16:9 Amazon Prime Video widescreen through your device. Some other aspect ratios that you can set are:

4:3 For VHS or SD broadcast

10:9 for standard display

Steps (Settings> video> change size > or can go with Zoom option)

Here, you can take the help of some reliable software that will assist you in changing the aspect ratio or size of the video.

Alternatively, you can also change image quality by visiting> Amazon app> Prime video> settings> Steam and download.

video quality change

After that, go to> streaming quality> then set the required rate.

streaming quality

Part 4 Why are Prime Movies, not Full Screen?

Are you facing the issue that Amazon Prime Video widescreen is not fully supported, or prime movies are not full screen? Well, there can be some reasons or problems due to which this happens. Such as Prime Video playing in Smart TV, Phone of Mi TV not appearing widescreen to have a better view or sometimes outline bars appear that makes the visible area quite less. What to do to solve the issue or if there exists some solution? Let's take a look over some of the reasons due to which Amazon Prime Video widescreen does not appear as required:

Some of the devices do not support particular resolution videos.

In some devices under the settings, there comes an app scaling option to make Amazon Prime Video widescreen. However, this is not the official way to do so, though it works many times. But, this option varies from system to system.

This often occurs when the dimension of the device screen mismatch with that of the video aspect ratio. Since a 16:9 aspect ratio or 1920X1080 pixel resolution is required for a Full HD video, device dimension varies, say 2400X1080 pixels. Now, if you want to see your video in a 1:1 ratio, then around 240 pixel wide black bars will appear on either side of the video if kept in landscape mode.

Alternatively, if you try to zoom in on the video, black bars will disappear, resulting in cropping the video visuals from the side.

A possible solution can be using some video editor software support to adjust the screen resolution or aspect ratio of the video as per the requirement of the device. For this purpose, one can refer to Wondershare Filmora video editor. That can be the perfect solution to this problem. Wondershare Filmora provides options to adjust the video resolution or modify the video's aspect ratio as per the requirement at your ease from anywhere, any location. That looks awesome.

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Using Wondershare Filmora will provide you with the option to adjust the video resolution, aspect ratio, and a plethora of video editing options. You need to visit their website to get all the relevant information related to video editing.


User experience is equally important as much as the quality of the content. And when the concern is about sharing some important video or series under Amazon Prime, taking care of the Amazon Prime aspect ratio setting becomes the must. Just because of that, the mentioned tips in the article are going to help you a lot. And once you get the video with an aspect ratio as per Amazon Prime requirement, then indeed, in no time, it will gain the real popularity you have been looking for. Here, taking the assistance of Wondershare Filmora becomes added advantage to you as it will manage the aspect ratio of Amazon Prime and provide multiple tools to manage the videos.

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