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How to Create Loop Videos Using Filmora

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jan 11, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

A loop fashion lookbook will be familiar to you if you are a fashion YouTuber. Here we will show you how to record shots and make a creative lookbook to show off your best outfits in an excellent way with Wondershare Filmora.

loop video
In this article
  1. Shots recording for loop masking
  2. Editing footage with a professional video editor - Wondershare Filmora

Shots recording for loop masking

The first and most crucial step for creating a good loop video is to record perfect shots. Here are the steps to record video shots for loop videos.

How to create a loop video

Step1 Set your camera or phone on a tripod. Make sure it stands still and does not move.

set up a camera

Step2 Set it so that you have a door on one side and enough room for the subject to walk through the door and move out of the frame.

move out of the frame

Step3 Make sure all your outfits are ready.

outfits ready

Step4 Start recording on your camera. Walk through the door wearing the first outfit. Change your outfits and repeat the step with all your dresses. It would help if you kept the camera rolling while recording all these clips. Turning the recording on and off with every shot will result in many small movements.

Editing footage with a professional video editor - Wondershare Filmora

After recording the shots, the next step is to edit them. Wondershare Filmora is the best software for this purpose. Creating a loop video using filmora is an easy task.

Free Download
Free Download

Below is the step-by-step guide on using Wondershare Filmora to create a loop masking or lookbook video.

How to edit a loop lookbook video

Step1 Download and install Wondershare Filmora on your PC or Mac.

Step2 Launch Wondershare Filmora, import the video clip into Filmora and place it on the first track.

import clip into filmora

Step3 Find a frame with an empty background, i.e., without the subject, and freeze the frame.

empty background frame

Step4 Extend the frozen frame and cut out the rest of the video.

extend the frozen frame

Step5 We are done with the first track so lock it.

lock first track

Step6 Import the clip again on the second track. And find the sections of the clips where the subject is walking in the video. Cut the remaining part.

import the clip on the second track

Step7 It will create several small sections on the second track.

second track sections

Step8 Put the first clip at the start of the timeline and move the playhead to find the frame containing enough room for the second outfit.

put the first outfit clip

Step9 Move the second outfit to that playhead area.

put the second outfit

Step10 Double-click on the clip, go to effects, and choose a single-line mask.

choose single line mask

Step11 Drag the mask to the point where it shows the outfit on its right side.

drag the mask line

Step12 Blur the mask edges by increasing blur numbers.

blur the mask edges

Step13 Click on the add button to add a mask keyframe and move the play head forward until the first outfit leaves the frame.

add a mask keyframe

Step14 Move the mask to the left to reveal the entire frame, and repeat the same process with all outfits.

reveal the frame and repeat with all outfits

Step15 After finishing all outfits, copy the clip from the first outfit. And paste it on top of all the tracks after the last outfit. And add a mask keyframe to this section too.

add a mask frame

Step16 Unlock the first track and move the playhead to find the point where the subject with 4th outfit moves out of the frame. Then, cut the remaining part of the freeze frame on the right.

unlock first track

Step17 Now move the playhead to the first frame and find where it coincides with the last part of the final frame. Cut the previous piece.

move playhead to first frame

Post it on Instagram, and it will keep playing automatically and act like a loop video. Otherwise, duplicate this edited clip several times to create a longer loop video. Background music plays a vital role in these videos, setting the tone and pace. Follow all the steps in the correct order. Then, create and post loop videos on your social media platforms.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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