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Best 8 Facebook MP3 Converter Online

Best 8 Facebook MP3 Converter Online

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If you're looking for a solution to convert Facebook posts into audio, then you've come to the right place! All you'll need is a Facebook MP3 Converter!</p >

Facebook Audio Converter tools are available for use pretty much at any time, and are pretty easy to use to boot!</p >

Part 1 Easy Steps on How to Convert Facebook Video to MP3

To start, let's talk about how you can convert a Facebook video into an MP3! For this, we'll be using one of the Facebook Converters that we'll be introducing in the lists near the end of the article. As well illustrate just how the general process goes (it's the same for most online Facebook video converters!)

Step 1: Log in to Facebook!

First of all, you'll of course need to be logged in for your Facebook account!

Facebook Log-in Page

Step 2: Open Desired Video!

Next, go and select the Facebook video that you want to convert into a video! Once you've found it, click on the "..." (options) menu on the bottom right corner of the video feed (as is shown in the image below).

Facebook Post Options

Step 3: Copy Direct Video URL!

Once the options menu has been opened, select the "Copy Link" option (pointed out in the image below.) You'll need this URL in order to use most Facebook Audio Converter tools and plug-ins.

Facebook Post - Copy Link

Step 4: Plug Facebook URL!

Next, plug the direct URL of the video that you want to download on your chosen Facebook MP3 Converter and click the download/convert button!

Use Facebook Downloader

Part 2 How to Download and Convert a Facebook Video Online

Next up, we'll be going through the entire process once more. However, this time, we'll be teaching you how to download and convert a Facebook Video Online. Again, this is pretty easy, all you need is the right Facebook Audio Converter and a functional online MP4 to MP3 converter.

Step 1: Go to Facebook Video!

Like before, we start with getting the direct URL of your chosen Facebook video! For this, remember to first select the "..." menu!

Facebook Post Options

Step 2: Copy Facebook Video URL!

Next, select the "Copy Link" option of the Facebook video that you want to download and convert!

Facebook Post - Copy Link

Step 3: Use Facebook Video Converter!

Next, paste the URL of the Facebook video onto your chosen Facebook Video Converter (as is shown in the image below!)

Use Facebook Converter

Step 4: Use MP4 to MP3 Converter!

Once you've had your Facebook video converted into an MP4, all you need to do is upload that MP4 files to a free converter (like the one shown in the image below, URL provided!) In this way, you achieve Facebook to MP3 conversion!

Use Online Video Converter

Part 3 Best 5 Facebook Mp3 Downloader Online

Finally, we've gotten to the part where we introduce all the best Facebook Audio Converter websites available! These are all online tools that you can visit and use (in much the same way described in the two tutorials above) in order to turn your Facebook video into an MP3!

01Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader is the first of the Facebook MP3 Converters on this list. The URL for it has been provided below! And, as you can see from the image provided, you can use it by pasting the direct URL of the Facebook video that you want to convert and then pressing the 'Download' button! The best part of it is that it has several conversation formats (both for audio and video conversion), including, of course, Facebook to MP3 Converter (free!)

Facebook Video Downloader - Facebook Downloader


MP3Conv is another online Facebook MP3 Converter that you can use 100% for free. Furthermore, it also works for other sites (including, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit!) The process for using this tool is pretty much the same way as all the rest as well. Just past and click 'Download' to finish!

MP3CONV Facebook Downloader

03O Downloader

The O-Downloader (Facebook Downloader) is simpler than the previous two that we introduced. For one, it can only convert videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Its conversion options are also limited to MP3 and MP4! However, aside from those differences, you use it pretty much how you would use any online video converter — paste the link and click 'Download'!

O-Downloader Facebook Downloader


X2 Convert, accordingly, works the same way. It's a Facebook Audio Converter that you can use pretty much at any time (for free, no installation or download required.) Just visit the URL provided, paste the link of the video that you want to download, and go!

X2Convert Facebook Downloader

05Youtube 4K Downloader

The YouTube 4K Downloader tool, despite its name, works as well as your average Facebook MP3 converter! As you can see in the image below, they have an option specifically for converting Facebook videos into MP3s!

Facebook Downloader

Part 4 Top 8 Facebook Mp3 Converter Online

For this next section, we've gathered up a couple of other Facebook MP3 Converters that you can use! This time, however, we've also attached a Youtube video from which you can learn how to use said converter! And, even more importantly, we've varied things up a bit — including not just online converters, but also plug-ins and software.


Getfvid makes it to the top of our list for its sheer popularity! This is the Facebook MP3 converter that many people defaulted to. It is, after all, an completely FREE video converter. And, just like the other Facebook video downloaders, we introduced in the previous section, it's pretty easy to use as well!

02Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is another online conversion tool that you might want to consider. Compared to some of the other online converters out there, it is packed with lots of features (allowing you to download Facebook audio but also audio from many other social media platforms and websites. Plus, converting in a variety of formats!)


AceThinker makes our third online Facebook MP3 converter on this list. It works just like the rest and offers a couple of extra features on top of that (which includes multiple formats for conversions and, also, the ability to download and convert videos to audio from other sites.)

0 0

04Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is the first and only Facebook MP3 Converter software on this list! It will require download and installation. And, it's a freemium tool as well. So, you'll have to keep that in mind. However, unlike every other Facebook audio converter on this list, it comes with advanced video editing features that will allow you to actually put the audio that you downloaded to use (be it for a special video message, a professional presentation, a fun party video, and so on.)

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

05Flash Video Downloader (Plug-In)

The next Facebook audio converter is also different from the norm! After all, it's a plug-in! More specifically, it's a chrome extension that you can download (for free) from the Chrome web store and install into your browser! It's obviously a lot different from the other converters that we've introduced thus far, but it works just as well! If you want to learn more, check out the YouTube video, where the process is explained in more detail.

06Video Downloader Professional (Plug-In)

Next, we have another chrome extension in the form of 'Video Downloader Professional'! This plug-in, just like the previous one, is available for Chrome browsers and you can use it to download media (including Facebook audio) whenever you want.

07Stream Recorder (Plug-In)

Stream Recorder is our third and final chrome extension in this list! This one is a bit different though! Mainly because, rather than instantly downloading media, you have to turn it on and let the media play (in order to record it!) It's mainly used for recording live streams (but it works on Facebook, so you can use it as a Facebook audio converter if that is what you need.)


With Apowersoft, we go back to the most common type of online converter! It's the perfect place to round us off. After all, it is very similar to the other converters we introduced in the beginning!

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Need a way of converting a Facebook video into an audio file? Well, then you don't have to worry anymore! Hopefully, the tutorials we've provided will be able to help you on your quest!

There are plenty of online Facebook MP3 converters that you can use for this!

Don't hesitate to try out other types of tools as well! Including software, like Filmora Pro, or the chrome extensions that we introduced.

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