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10 Best Music Video Templates to Make Your Video Popular

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Mar 04, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Music is essentially the food to the soul. A good song could pull you out of a bad mood or cheer you up when you feel low. You could also use music to motivate you to do tedious tasks, like tackling a mountain of dishes at the sink. In addition to having a catchy beat and rhythm, a good song should accompany a well-executed music video.

If you are a novice and new to the music industry, you might wonder how to make your video look stunning and polished to excite your fans. This article will discuss the ten best templates on Filmstock and how to incorporate them into your music video.

10 music video templates
In this article
  1. How To Edit Your Next Music Video With Templates Using Filmora for Desktop
  2. How To Use Music Video Templates With Filmora for Mobile
  3. Tips for Editing Your Music Videos

10 Best Music Video Templates

Without dilly-dallying too much, let's look at some amazing templates from Filmstock you can use to edit your music videos.

1. Retro Music Visualization Background Video Template

The looping background in our first music video template removes the tedium from editing. Once you ensure your soundtrack is flawless, the template takes it to a whole new level, almost like giving it a facelift. The bright neon and pastel colors are sure to keep your audience glued to their screens, unable to look away from the masterpiece before their eyes.

2. Audio Visualization Intro Template for Your Music Video

This audio visualization intro template is beautifully designed and easy to use for even the least experienced editor. All you need to do is pair it with your favorite soundtrack; the template will match it to the audio animation. This intro template is compatible with Filmora 9.6 and above and comes with 12 titles and 12 effects. Sadly, there are no transitions here.

3. Visualizer Overlays Pack Templates for Music Videos

Perhaps your music videos are a bit bland, or your audience has grown used to a particular editing style. This music template video is a sure way to refresh your videos and introduce your audience to a whole new side of you. Even though it contains plenty of bright colors similar to other templates on our list, we guarantee it shines bright uniquely.

4. Audio Visualization Music Video Template

Podcasts are a new type of content where the viewers can plug in their headphones and listen to you rant while they complete their chores. You could take your podcast videos to the next level using this audio visualization template, which is easy to use and contains deep, rich colors that are easy on the eyes.

5. Audio Spectrum Template for Music Video

There is no shortage of templates with beautiful bold colors on our list. This audio spectrum template is definitely one of them. It also contains geometric shapes and futuristic designs to wow your audience.

6. Music Playlist Video Title Pack Template Free for Download

Some viewers prefer to watch one long video with their favorite artist's songs bundled up in one place. This template for music video can provide the perfect background for your viewers as they enjoy their beloved songs.

7. Lyrics for Music Video Templates

This fun template takes the boredom out of any music video and allows your audience to enjoy both the auditory and visual experience simultaneously. The lyrics for music video templates are suitable for Filmora 9.6 and above and come with a whopping 16 titles, 17 elements, and four transitions.

8. Music Event Templates Pack for Your Video

The eighth music video template on our list is inspired by concerts and dance clubs, even though it is not as loud or chaotic. This template is compatible with Filmora 9.6 and above and comes with 14 titles, ten elements, four effects, and two transitions. Since you will be adding your own audio track, it's not such a bummer that it doesn't come with music.

9. VJ Looping Backgrounds Templates for Music Videos

The modern and futuristic look in the VJ looping background template makes it a great choice for concert-type videos or anything related to sci-fi. The bright colors are hard to miss and will wow your audience.

The VJ looping background template is easy to incorporate into any project, and within a few simple clicks, your video is ready for viewing. You can use this template with Filmora 9.6 and above. However, it only comes with 36 elements. There are no titles, transitions, or effects.

10. EDM Logo Templates for Music Videos

Last but not least, this EDM logo template is compatible with Filmora 9.6 or above and comes with six titles, eight elements, and two effects. Unfortunately, the package doesn't include any transitions. This electronic video template is perfect for concerts and festival-related music videos that are anything but laid-back.

How To Edit Your Next Music Video With Templates Using Filmora for Desktop

Having seen the beautiful templates for your music video discussed above, you might wonder how you could use them in your next music video to increase traffic to your channel. Wondershare Filmora is an excellent editing tool that can help you achieve exactly that. The desktop version is free to download, not to mention its feature-rich interface and templates you can't possibly exhaust.

Free Download
Free Download

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to edit your video with a music video template.

Step1 Launch Filmora for desktop on your device and click on the logo to import media from your internal storage. Alternatively, you could drag and drop the files in the designated region as shown.

import media to filmora desktop

Step2 Navigate to the "Template" tab and wait for a drop-down menu to appear on the left side of the screen. Select the "Music" tab and wait a few seconds for the platform to download all the available music templates. Click the template that tickles your fancy and drag it to the timeline as shown below.

add templates to timeline in filmora

Step3 Select the "Media" tab at the top of the page. Drag your soundtrack and music video to the timeline and click "Replace" to remove the sample footage that comes with the template.

replace sample clips in filmora

Step4 Customize your video by adding effects, transitions, and stickers as you see fit. View the changes you have made in the Player window of the platform. Once you are happy with the outcome, click "Export" to save a copy of the final video to your device.

export music videos in filmora

If you want to add more custom designs to your music video, watch the video below to learn more:

How To Use Music Video Templates With Filmora for Mobile

Suppose you want to use your mobile phone to edit a short video clip. Filmora has a mobile app, which is no different from the desktop app, except that it is optimized for smartphones and tablets. The installation is pretty easy, and the interface is very user-friendly.

Stick around to learn how to use Filmora for mobile to edit your video with a free music video template.

Step1 Launch the app on your mobile phone and select the "Template" tab.

templates tap in filmora for mobile

Step2 Navigate to the "Lyrics" or "Music Beats" tab to start perusing music video templates on the app.

lyrics music beats templates filmora for mobile

Step3 Choose a template you like and tap on the "Make Video" button.

make video with templates filmora for mobile

Step4 import your music video or photos from your internal storage. Select "Go >" to apply the changes.

import media to templates in filmora mobile

Step5 Preview the resulting footage and click "Export" once you are happy with the outcome.

export video with filmora for mobile

Step6 You can share the video directly on any of your social media platforms. Alternatively, if you want to download the edited video to your device, select "More."

save video with filmora for mobile

Tips for Editing Your Music Videos

Now that you have the ideal editing tool to take your videos from drab to fab, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

  • Ensure you set the output file to the appropriate resolution to avoid lowering the quality of the video you edit.
  • Resist the temptation to insert the artsy shots before you lay a basic framework. It would be wise to focus on the musician's performance before you insert shots of the beautiful scenery.
  • As you edit, it would help to create a storyline that matches the lyrics. You could create a simple story or a complex one.
  • Since your computer might struggle to process numerous 4k videos, it would help to create proxy files as early as possible so you can save your progress along the way.
  • During filming, create and collect your favorite b-roll shots. These clips provide extra information or context to anyone watching your music video.
  • Ensure you match the video to the beat and look out for areas where the performer sings along. We guarantee your fans will notice the slightest delay between the song and the performer in the video.
  • Once the music video looks polished and synchronized, you can adjust brightness, contrast, and exposure and change the white balance.
  • Lastly, you could begin or end the video with the artists' credits, such as their names or logo. Since it is a relevant piece of information, ensure this segment of the video grabs the viewers' attention.


If you want your song to go viral, you ought to put in the work and make the video as good as the soundtrack. Nothing is as bad as a good song with a poorly executed video. Your fans will definitely criticize you for it, making the ratings go down.

Fortunately, the guidelines in this article will set you on the right path and help you make a polished-looking music video in no time.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Dec 05, 23
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