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How to Loop QuickTime Video

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 03, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

If you are a Mac user, QuickTime Player is where you play and watch videos. QuickTime by Apple comes pre-installed on every Mac. It happens to be the default video player for macOS users. Under normal circumstances, QuickTime plays a video only once. However, there are times when you want to watch a video repeatedly in a loop.

When you have a short video clip, it is usual that you want to watch it in a loop. The same is applicable to music videos. You may want to listen to the song repeatedly in the background while you work on your Mac. You may also want to show a demonstration video endlessly on the display screen. In all such scenarios, you have to play a loop video on QuickTime. We will illustrate how to play a video in a loop on QuickTime.

Part 1. Steps to Loop Video with QuickTime Player

You can play any video on your Mac via QuickTime Player. But the video player plays the video only once by default. If you want to watch the video again, you have to play it again. Instead of manually playing it over and over again, you can put the video in a loop. Here are the steps on how to loop QuickTime video.

Step 1: Play the video of your choice on QuickTime Player.

Step 2: Click on the View menu from the top menu bar.

Step 3: Click on the Loop option located at the bottom of the View menu. Alternatively, you can press the Option + Command + L shortcut keys to loop the video.

loop video quicktime player

Thereafter, the video you are playing won't stop at its end mark. It will restart again and again until your pause or close the QuickTime player.

Part 2. QuickTime Alternatives to Loop Video

QuickTime Player is where you can play videos in a loop. However, if you want to loop videos for your video project, you will need a video editor. If you are looking for QuickTime Player alternatives to loop video on your Mac, we have the following options.

1. iMovie

iMovie by Apple comes pre-installed on Mac as well. iMovie is a video editing application. You can import videos on your Mac and extend the video durations by looping. This is useful when you want to play a video clips in your video project multiple times. Here are the steps on how to loop video via iMovie similar to QuickTime loop video.

Step 1: Launch the iMovie app on your Mac. Once iMovie opens, click on Create New option. Thereafter, click on the Movie option to get started.

add project imovie mac

Step 2: Go to the File menu and click on the Import Media option. Select the desired video from your Mac. Alternatively, select any media file from All Events or Photos under the Libraries section.


Step 3: Drop the video on the timeline. You can drag and drop the video clip multiple times on the timeline. This will loop the video and extend the video duration. There should be no gap between the clips on the timeline.

drag video timeline imovie

Step 4: Once you have looped the desired video, go to File> Share> File option to save the video file.

2. Filmora for Mac

You already know how to loop video in QuickTime Player. But you cannot extend the video duration by looping permanently in QuickTime Player. You can do that on iMovie, but iMovie has limitations as it is a free app. If you are looking for a premium QuickTime Player alternative, Wondershare Filmora is for you.

Filmora is a premium video editor with a wide range of video editing features. It has a user-friendly interface so that everyone can operate it easily. You can trim a video and add transitions between the loops. Here are the steps on how to loop a video on Filmora for Mac.

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare Filmora. Open Filmora and click on New Project.

run filmora on mac
Free Download
Free Download

Step 2: Drag and drop the desired video file from your device into the Project Media folder. Thereafter, drag and drop the video file into the timeline.

drag video to media filmora

Step 3: Drag and drop the video clip into the timeline again. Place it by the side of the first video clip. There should not be any gap and they should be in the same channel on the timeline. Alternative, you can also copy and paste the video clip for looping.

loop video filmora mac

Step 4: Play the video and watch it in a loop through the Viewer on Filmora. If you are satisfied, click on the Export button to save the video in any file format as per your preference. 

Part 3. Related FAQs

How do I make my video player loop?

If you are a Mac user, the default video player is QuickTime Player. Go to View> Loop to make your Mac video player loop a video. If you are using any other video player like VLC Media Player, you can look at the View menu. Alternatively, you can look for a Loop icon to repeatedly play the video.

How to loop YouTube video on Mac?

On your Mac, open the video on YouTube that you want to put in a loop. Once you are on the watch screen of the video, right-click on the video. Choose the Loop option to play the video repeatedly.

Can QuickTime player loop audio?

Yes, you can loop any audio file on QuickTime Player. The steps are the same for looping a video. You need to play the audio and go to View> Loop option to play the audio file repeatedly. However, some have complained that looping audio may leave a gap at the beginning of the audio track.


Looping a video that we like to the highest degree is quite common. If you are playing any desired video on QuickTime Player, we have illustrated how to go for it. We have also provided you with a free and a premium QuickTime Player alternative. You can choose any of them as per your requirements to loop a video.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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