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BEST Video Dimensions for Instagram? Aspect Ratios Explained

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
BEST Video Dimensions for Instagram? Aspect Ratios Explained

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Instagram is an immensely popular application worldwide that can easily help you to boost your market and brand value and promote your business. However, it also requires some technical specifications.

Part 1 Instagram Video Size Requirements and Why They Matter

Instagram is also a usual social media platform like all the other ones. Just similar to the rest, Instagram also has some technical requirements for its posts and videos. It is because a perfect size requirement makes the videos more professional and engaging. On Instagram, size requirements are not limited to the dimensions only there are many other aspects that make a video on Instagram have a high quality and worth sharing. These may include the Instagram video aspect ratio and file size too.

01What is the largest file size allowed on Instagram?

The largest file size that is allowed on Instagram is 1920*1080 PX.

02Are 1920 x 1080 files ok on Instagram?

Nowadays,the most suitable file size on Instagram is 1920*1080 PX. This is because this size goes well on Instagram stories, reels, IGTV videos, live videos, etc. As per the increased demand, the quality of the videos has also been improved.

03The ideal ratio and resolution for Instagram posts

The ideal ratio for Instagram posts is 9:16 and the best resolution is 1080*1920 PX.

*With the correct video settings one can flawlessly post his videos for his followers. Here mentioned are some types of video post that can show you the ideal aspect ratio and best resolution for Instagram:

❶ Instagram reels

Description: Reels are seen vertically on the mobile phones. Also these are shot using the Instagram application only so you can take the advantage of transitions and effects present within the application to create your reels effectively. The maximum length for Instagram reels must be 60 seconds. Usually the bottom part of these reel videos is for captions and descriptions, so there should be no important information at that place.

Ideal Aspect Ratio: The ideal aspect ratio for Instagram reels is 9:16.

Best Resolution: For Instagram reels; best recommended resolution is 1080*1920 PX.

Instagram reels videos

❷ Instagram Feed

Description: The first thing that a user sees is the feed as soon he opens his Instagram. People love to scroll their Instagram feeds and this is the reason why feed videos are getting popular day by day. Instagram feed supports so many sizes and dimensions of the videos. As this app does not rotate on smartphones so it is better to keep the resolution less.

Ideal Aspect Ratio: For your feed videos, best aspect ratio would be 4:5.

Best Resolution: The videos must have the resolution of 1080 by 1350 PX so that they can be considered as the best one.

IN feed videos of Instagram

❸ Instagram IGTV videos

Description: IGTV videos have become popular these days as they are the best source to play videos of long duration on Instagram. These videos particularly come on your screen with a preview of 15 to 20 seconds and further the complete IGTV video is aligned with it. As there are two things to consider when it comes to IGTV video, you must keep the best possible video aspect and resolution on the ground.

Ideal Aspect Ratio: IGTV videos on Instagram have an ideal aspect ratio of 9:16.

Best Resolution: If you are posting IGTV videos on your Instagram account then the best resolution must be1080*1920 PX.

Instagram IGTV videos

❹ Instagram stories

Description: Instagram stories drag people's attention effectively. However, these videos can only be of 15 seconds and in case any longer video is posted then it splits into several segments of 15 seconds until it completes 1 minute. The videos allow engaging features and support candid also.

Ideal Aspect Ratio: As users prefer to watch the stories in full screen so the best aspect ratio for such purpose must be 9:16.

Best Resolution: The best resolution for Instagram stories is 1080*1920 PX.

Instagram stories

❺ Instagram live videos

Description: As the live videos reach to the audience as soon they are created so it is a matter of consideration to keep the video tact. The live streaming videos are kept horizontal and can't be changed to vertical so it the size and dimensions must be according to the protocols.

Ideal Aspect Ratio: If you talk about ideal aspect ratio for live videos then it should be 9:16.

Best Resolution: 1080*1920 PX would be the best resolution for your Instagram live videos.

Instagram live videos

❻ Instagram Carousel videos

Description: Through this you can post multiple videos on Instagram at a time. This is done in a consecutive order. If you want to tell a process to your viewers or just tell a story to them then these videos can be best for you. These videos can be square or landscape depending on the needs.

Ideal Aspect Ratio: As these videos constitute of many at once so the ideal aspect ratio for these videos can be 4:5.

Best Resolution: 1080*1350 PX can be the best resolution for these videos.

Instagram carousel ads

Part 2 How to Change Instagram Aspect Ratio

All you need to do is follow some simple steps to change the Instagram video ratio and resize it into the desired ones:

Step 1: First of all, you will need to download any video editing tool from play store. It is better to keep a thorough check on all the available options and choose the best amongst them that has all the latest features.

Step 2: Next you will need to choose the video that you want to crop or edit and then click on check at the tool bar present on the corner.

Step 3: Further you will see your video on the screen and also the various aspect ratios below the video on your screen.

Step 4: Now choose amongst the aspect ratios that you want to crop your video in and then simply slide the video using your frame via the frame that will appear there.

Step 5: Select the corners and crop the video according. Once you are done, click on the icon of downloading and save it to the camera roll. Further you can post your edited wherever you want.

Part 3 5 Tools for Creating and Editing Instagram Videos

Creating videos on Instagram is quite easier and interesting. All you need to have the right tools to do so. Here mentioned are some tools that you can use for creating interesting and impressive Instagram videos:


Quik is a popular video editing tool that is used to edit the videos shot on other devices too. You can edit the images also. This tool is built by GoPro. Main features of this tool are as follows:

You can import maximum 500 items at a particular time using this tool.

Music and text can also be added with emojis, text overlays and title slides.

There is a large collection of filters amongst which you can choose the best for you.

You can import files in MOV and MP4 formats.

Footage can be played in slow as well as fast motion.

Quik video editing

02 Adobe premiere rush

It is a free video editing tool that makes the use of AI. In this tool, you can get two different types of editing. First one is freeform, in which, you can control all the desired aspects of editing. The other one is automatic mode, in which, the video gets smooth transitions and get created automatically.

This tool has the feature of sync to cloud.

You can download videos from and on any device that you want.

In this tool, you can get the features of built-in filters, texts, and transitions, etc.

This tool is free to use and download.

You will also get 2GB of storage space for free.

Adobe premiere rush video editing tool


Horizon is one of those tools that allow full screen recording of the videos. In this tool, you can create the videos in vertical as well as in landscape format. The core features of this tool are:

You can shoot videos using this tool in a resolution of 2k.

It also allows direct to application uploads of videos and footages.

This tool has the feature of some amazing real time filters.

The free version of this tool limits its features. However, you can unlock all the features by purchasing the paid version.

These videos can be shot in fast and slow motions.

Horizon video editing

01Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

This video tool is specially meant for all the video creators who want to empower their imagination. This tool is laced with many additional features to make your videos more exciting and engaging. Some of these features are:

In this tool, you can get overlays, filters, custom titles andtransitions, etc.

You can import multiple videos at a time with latest effects.

You can utilize 100 layers of different media to make your videos and stories easily.

Audio editing features and removal of background sounds make your videos more amazing and impressive.

Here, you can also get professional 3D LUTs and advanced correction of colors in the videos and images.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later


This is a simple tool used for video editing. Its simple features make it less complex than other such tools. This tool can easily be used on Androids and iOS. Have a look on some of its features:

The videos can be trimmed, split and cut using this tool and you can also add text and stickers to them.

Audio and volume can easily be adjusted and set accordingly with features of video flipping and rotation.

This tool provides you with the features of adjusting the aspect ratio and also blurs the unused background areas.

Slow and fast motion affects add some more quality to your videos.

You can get this tool absolutely free with upgrading options.

Inshot video editing tool

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Instagram is a popular social media platform that can be used for promoting and advertising the brands and products. Also here videos are made and uploaded for recreational and educational purposes. However, these videos need to withstand specific requirements.

If your videos meet all the necessary requirements as per the Instagram protocols, then it can boost your social media value and also leave a positive impact on the marketing accounts.

There are various tools that are used at a wide range to make such videos. Also tools like Filmora can be used to create and edit Instagram videos more effectively.

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