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Convert MP4 to 60 FPS GIF: A Step-by-Step Guide

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Feb 15, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

GIFs have become a popular way to share short and engaging videos online. They are widely used on social media platforms and messaging apps, making it easy to share moments, reactions, and emotions with friends and family. But not all GIFs are created equal. Some GIFs can look choppy and low-quality, detracting from the viewing experience.

To improve the quality of your GIFs, you can convert your MP4 videos to 60 FPS (frames per second). This will give your GIFs a smooth, fluid motion that looks professional and visually appealing. In this article, we'll go over the steps you need to follow to convert your MP4 videos to 60 FPS GIFs and create high-quality GIFs that are perfect for sharing online.

convert mp4 video to 60 fps gif
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Why Convert MP4 to 60-FPS GIF?

GIFs are a great way to share short, eye-catching videos online, but not all are made the same. GIFs with low frame rates tend to look choppy, and the motion could be smoother, making the video look unprofessional and detracting from the overall viewing experience. On the other hand, GIFs with higher frame rates look smoother, and the motion is more fluid, making the video more visually appealing.

Converting your MP4 videos to GIFs has several benefits:

  • Smoother Motion: By converting MP4s to GIFs, you increase the frame rate of your GIFs, giving them a smoother and more fluid motion.
  • Increased Detail: Higher frame rates allow for more detail and clarity in fast-moving scenes, making the video more engaging and easier to watch.
  • Reduced Ghosting: A higher frame rate reduces the "ghosting" effect in low-frame rate GIFs, making the video clearer and reducing distractions.
  • High-Quality Videos: Converting MP4s to GIFs eliminates the ghosting effect and creates high-quality GIFs that are perfect for sharing online.
  • Increased Engagement: High-quality GIFs will engage and entertain your audience, making them more likely to share and interact with your content.

Converting MP4s to GIFs is a great way to improve the overall quality of your GIFs and create visually appealing videos that are perfect for sharing online. Whether you're sharing a reaction, a moment, or an emotion, a high-quality GIF will engage and entertain your audience.

Can I Get a 60 FPS GIF?

While it's true that many people search for 60 FPS GIFs, it's important to understand that there is no such thing as a true 60 FPS GIF.

60 fps gif

GIFs are an image format designed to display simple animations. GIF files store delay time between frames which is defined as multiples of 1/100th of a second. Value 1 would give you 100 FPS; value 2 would already have half of 100 FPS, that is, 50 FPS; value 3 would give you 33.3 FPS GIF, etc. So there are 20 FPS GIFs, 33.3 FPS GIFs, 50  FPS GIFs, and 100 FPS GIFs.

In addition, many websites or programs (including Google Chrome) ignore value 1 (100 FPS GIFs) and default to a much slower animation speed when viewing GIF files. Therefore, 100 FPS GIFs are technically possible but are rarely used. Value 2 (50 FPS) is the most you can get.

If you want to create high-quality animations, consider using MP4s or alternative image formats better suited for high frame rates and detailed animations.

That being said, some websites may have a "60 FPS GIFs" category, but it's important to understand that most of the content in these categories is not 60 FPS. Instead, it's likely to be either an MP4 video or a GIF with a lower frame rate, like 50 FPS, labeled as "60 FPS" for marketing purposes.

Is There Any 60 FPS GIF Maker?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a 60 FPS GIF maker. As mentioned before, there is no 60 FPS GIF, so it is impossible to create a 60 FPS GIF using traditional methods. However, many excellent video-to-GIF converters in the market allow you to set the GIF frame rate.

These video-to-GIF converters allow you to convert MP4 videos to GIFs with a higher frame rate, which can give your GIFs a smoother and more fluid motion. While these GIFs may not be 60 FPS, they can still provide a significant quality improvement compared to traditional GIFs.

How To Convert Video to GIF and Set Its FPS on Desktop

Converting videos to GIFs is a simple process that can be done using various tools, including desktop software such as Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a powerful and user-friendly video editor that makes it easy to convert videos to GIFs and set their frame rate.

Free Download
Free Download
wondershare filmora

Not only does it allow you to easily convert your videos to GIFs, but it also allows you to customize the frame rate and other settings to get the perfect results. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Filmora makes it simple for anyone to create high-quality GIFs that are perfect for sharing on social media or other platforms.

Here's how to convert MP4 to GIF using Filmora:

Step1 Open the Filmora software and create a new project

filmora new project

Step2 Import your video to the timeline

filmora import video

Step3 Export the video

filmora export video

Step4 In the export window, select "GIF" and set the frame rate of the GIF.

filmora export video

How To Convert MP4 to GIF Online for Free

Converting MP4 videos to GIFs online is a quick and convenient way to create animations without needing specialized software. One of the best online tools for this purpose is Its simple and user-friendly interface,, makes it easy to convert MP4 videos to GIFs in just a few clicks.

With, you can customize the frame rate, duration, and other settings to get the perfect results. Whether you're looking to create simple animations or more complex and detailed videos, has everything you need to get started.

Best of all, is free to use, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to convert MP4 and other videos to GIFs without spending a dime. So if you're looking for a fast, convenient, and reliable way to convert your videos to GIFs, look no further than

Follow these steps to convert MP4 to GIF online using

Step1 Upload a video from your computer or drag and drop it onto the page.

media io upload video

Step2 Customize the output size, frame rate, and length, and add text before creating your GIF.

media io edit settings

Step3 Download the resulting GIF file or save it for later.

media io download gif

People Also Ask

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about converting MP4 to GIF and other related topics:

Q1. Can a GIF be 30 FPS?

It is impossible to get an exact 30 FPS GIF. Frame rate refers to the number of images (frames) displayed per second in a video or animation. That frame rate is stored as an integer (n) that defines n/100ths of a second. So you can specify a frame of 1/100 second (100 FPS), 2/100 second (50 FPS), 3/100 second (33.33 FPS), 4/100 second (25 FPS), etc. but not something like 3.3333.../100 second (30 FPS).

Q2. How Do I Get the FPS of a GIF?

To determine the speed or frame rate of a GIF, you can use online tools that show the delay time between its frames in milliseconds. The frame rate of a GIF is calculated by counting how many delays fit in 1 second of animation. The delay time determines the playback speed and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the frame rate. These tools also allow you to preview the speed changes and compare the input and output GIFs.

Q3. What FPS Should a GIF Be?

GIF files store delay time between frames in whole hundredths of a second. They typically run between 10 and 100 frames per second (FPS). The common frame rate for a GIF is 10 FPS, 20 FPS, 12.5 FPS, 25 FPS, and 50 FPS. With online tools, it's possible to determine and change the speed of a GIF.

Q4. What Is the Max FPS for a GIF?

The maximum fps for a GIF is 100 FPS, but browsers or consumer screens do not support it. The browser-engine image decoders will automatically reduce the framerate to 10 fps, playing it ten times slower. If a GIF appears slow, the browser has reset the speed to 10 fps. Some software and devices may support higher frame rates.


GIF is a popular format for short animations and videos. The frame rate of a GIF determines its playback speed, which is usually set at 10, 20, 12.5, 25, and 50 per second. However, the highest possible frame rate that can be represented in the GIF format is 100 FPS, but most browsers and consumer screens cannot display it accurately.

There are various tools available, both online and desktop-based, that can convert videos to GIFs and adjust their frame rate as desired. With these tools, you can create high-quality, personalized GIFs that fit your specific needs and preferences.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Dec 05, 23
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