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8 Best Light Video Effects and How to Add Light Effects to Video

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 08, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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Many times we take a video where everything seems perfect but a need for some texture gets missing. At that time light video effects filters come into the picture such as neon light effects, led light video effects, disco light video effects, white light video effects, ring light video effects, and many more. So while using such light video effects enhances the quality of the content and makes it look appealing to the viewers too.

Find a below article talking about various Light video effects in detail.

Part 1: Why does Light Video Effect Matter?

Whenever our goal is to create content that is seamless to others there are many things to keep in mind for making it appealing. So it means if your ideas are clear about lighting, the audience does think only about the message of your context.

If your video lighting is not proper enough then it would divert the mind of viewers from focusing on the message of your video. Even if your video content is great but if the footage is dark and blurry it will distract the attention of all from the video and most of the viewers will not stick to the for long too.

So we could say that light video effects enhance the quality of your video and make it look presentable. Good light video effects let viewers focus on the message of the video and appeal in the right direction. So with a light video effect, you can improve the overall experience of the users.

Part 2: 8 Most Popular Light Video Effects You Should Know

There are many various types of light video effects you would find to make your video look stunning. Let’s discuss some of the most popular light video effects one by one below:

1. Neon light video effect

Here if you are looking for the best neon light video effects then surely this Motion made effect is for you. If you check it out it will give some uniqueness to your video and make speechless to your audience for sure.

2. Color light effect video

If you are a fan of colors and looking forward to adding some sparkling color light effect video then the star video effect indeed would be an ideal choice for you. It appeals in some different way whenever you have a look at it.

3. Led light video effect

For adding any Led light video effect you would not find any option such as given by It purely gives an eye catchy vibe and makes you awestruck by looking at first glance.

Get Led light video effect here.

led light video effect

4. Disco light video effect

Disco light video effect is the most demanded one and it offers a pleasing vibe and cool impression to your video content whenever viewers are looking towards it. This effect is by just relaxing page creator and it is must try for sure.

5. White light video effect

With the purpose to give a minimal touch to your video by adding some decent white light, video effect is you are thinking then design by would make you happy. It is so simple yet gives aesthetic touch very easily.

Get white light video effect here.

white light video effect

6. Ring light video effect

This looped ring rotating video effect is the right choice to give a ring light video effect. It is shared by and created so beautifully that adding such effect to your video will attract more audience very easily.

ring light video effect

Part 3: How to Add Light Effects to Video with Filmora?

Whenever we talk about editing a video Wondershare Filmora would be the most ideal option. It has a wide range of all video editing tools and effects to make the most out of it. Also, it offers provides 300+ free effects, including Transitional effects, Picture in Picture, Intro/Credits, Titles, Sound, Jump Cut, Mosaic, and more.

Here is a step by step guide to add light effects to a video in Wondershare Filmora

Step 1: Add video files to the program

At first Open Wondershare Filmora and import your video file to the timeline by clicking on “Import” or you can simply drag and drop the file too.

Step 2: Click on video effects to video and photo files

light video effect filmora

Now once the video is imported it is time to add light video effects to it. Here you can find the options of Lights & Flares behind Keying effects in the Effects panel. Also by clicking on the plus button you control the panel and select any Lights & Flares.

Step 3: Try Various Lighting options

Here you would be getting a few light video effects to enhance the quality of the video and make it presentable in the best manner.

Then, you would get many sub-editing tools such as threshold, intensity, blend, etc. You depend upon your requirement to make changes and design your content.

This is surely the best method to get a variety of lenses flares and lights based on your needs. Also, one can make changes to every flare as per your interest and create numerous options for you.

Step 4: Export video

Once you are done with video editing and seems fine to you now it is time to save the video. For that click EXPORT to save a video with effects. You can save the video in all popular formats on the computer by clicking Local and specifying some necessary settings.

Part 4: Tips for Adding Right Light Video Effects

Now it is time to discuss the right tips for adding light video effects to make your video look stunning and most attractive.

Firstly, look at a captured video fully in a perfect manner to analyze the basic need of lights to different shots included in your video and think in a creative aspect.

Rather than focusing on all light video effects such as neon light effects, led light video effects, the disco light video effect focuses on keeping fewer effects with the right amount of texture. So that it can be presented to viewers appealingly.

Always try to be creative and give a place to experiment while editing a video. Such experiments of trying new lights video effects would serve the best outcome ever for you.


Thus we hope that the idea of adding the right light video effects in a video would add surely extra elements in attracting the viewers towards your video content and also make it memorable. Always make sure that you are adding the right amount of lighting to a video and focus on keeping some realness of the video alive rather than editing every aspect of it.

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