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10 Best Websites to Download Aesthetic Wallpapers for Laptop

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Nov 02, 21, updated Dec 05, 23

Wallpapers and images are of all types. Yet, the most commonly preferred type is aesthetic wallpapers. Every person is attracted to any aesthetic material as aestheticism is the measure of appreciation of beauty. So, who does not like to appreciate beauty?

The beauty could be in nature, in the dark, in sadness, or anywhere. This is the reason why there are so many categories of aestheticism. Stay with us to learn more about aesthetic backgrounds. 

Part 1. 10 Amazing Websites to Download Aesthetic Wallpapers for Laptop

Adding wallpapers to your laptop or desktop computers is a fun task. People mostly prefer to set motivational wallpapers so that whenever they see the wallpaper, they get inspired by it. Reading motivational quotes is the best way to stay motivated and inspired. So why not have such wallpaper.

Then some people love aestheticism. They are those who love to see creativity to get inspired. For such people, aesthetic desktop wallpaper and aesthetic laptop wallpaper are the best choices. The coming section of this article will bring a smile to your face if you are an aesthetic background fan and have been looking for amazing websites.

1. Pexels

When it comes to aesthetic wallpapers, the first website to talk about is ‘Pexels.’ The platform where aesthetic images are at another level. Pexels offers a variety of aesthetic wallpapers. Each wallpaper in every category explains a beautiful story captured classically. Pexel also offers Vintage wallpapers inspired by 90s aesthetic wallpapers.

wallpapers on pexels

2. Unsplash

The aesthetic background images on Unsplash are very close to nature. When you open the website, the environment turns into blue aesthetic beauty. On Unsplash, you can like the photo. You can also save the wallpaper to your collection by hitting the ‘+’ sign on the top right corner of every wallpaper.

On Unsplash, tags are also mentioned. Beneath every aesthetic wallpaper, the related tags are mentioned from where you can explore more related aesthetic wallpapers for laptops.

unsplash hd aesthetic wallpapers

3. WallpaperAccess

If you are a fan of creativity, a little bit of animation, and a lot of bright popping colors. In that case, WallpaperAccess is the best platform for you to get your aesthetic desktop wallpaper and aesthetic laptop wallpaper. You can download the wallpaper with great ease within seconds.

Also, the size of the wallpaper is displayed in the bottom left corner of the image. You can download the wallpaper whose size is according to your device screen and which satisfies you.

wallpaperaccess website interface

4. WallpaperCave

WallpaperCave offers you a variety of aesthetic backgrounds. The website has a lot of pink aesthetic and purple aesthetic wallpapers with a lot of creativity in them. The refreshing colors in all the wallpapers will bring joy and happiness to your boring day.

You might get confused while selecting the best of the best aesthetic wallpapers for laptops. For your help in such a situation, the website also provides the count of total downloads for any particular wallpaper. You can also share the wallpaper on Facebook and Twitter.

wallpapercave hd wallpapers website

5. Wallpaper Flare

Another amazing website for aesthetic wallpapers is Wallpaper Flare. The website is drowned in classic purple aesthetics and blue aesthetics. You cannot ignore and move forward without looking at these beautiful wallpapers. On top of the website, all the related tags are shared from where you can explore and reach some other amazing aesthetic backgrounds.

The best part about Wallpaper Flare is that it has anime wallpapers. All the anime fans can get their favorite aesthetic wallpapers for laptops from this cool website. Under every wallpaper, tags are mentioned which are available in that particular wallpaper.

4k aesthetic wallpapers on wallpaper flare

6. WallpapersWide

WallpapersWide is the website that provides you with all the necessary details that make it easy for you to select an aesthetic wallpaper. For instance, below every wallpaper, a five-star rating is displayed. You can get a very clear idea about what people think regarding that particular piece of art from that rating.

Not only that, but when you move the cursor over the wallpaper, it also tells you how many people have viewed this aesthetic background and how many downloads it has. On the left side of the screen, all the categories of wallpapers are shared. You can select your favorite category and continue to explore.

wallpaperswide laptop wallpapers

7. Pixabay

Pixabay is a very diverse website for aesthetic wallpapers for laptops. You can get any type of wallpaper from this website. It ranges from nature to fashion to whatever any person can think of. The diverse material makes the website a unique and all-in-one platform.

The bright colors used in the aesthetic wallpapers bring life to your laptop or desktop. Upon moving the cursor over the wallpaper, you can see the option to like the wallpaper, comment on it, and you can also save the wallpaper as your favorite. The website also mentions the wallpaper's elements, tags, and style in the bottom left corner.

pixabay hd wallpapers for desktop

8. WallpaperDog

WallpaperDog is another cool website for aesthetic backgrounds. The website offers you so many categories that it gets hard to decide the category you want wallpaper from. You can find a lot of pink aesthetics, yellow aesthetics, and purple aesthetics on this website. It has some crazy and cool book aesthetics, cartoon wallpapers, and everything else you want.

Upon selecting any particular category, you will be able to see the size of every wallpaper individually. The website also allows you to share the wallpaper on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

wallpaper dog aesthetic wallpaper categories

9. WallpaperSafari

WallpaperSafari is the hub for aesthetic wallpapers. You can find wallpaper in almost every category. From sad and dark wallpapers to music wallpapers, aesthetic quotes wallpaper, and whatnot. Once you select any category, you can then see the related tags on the top of the screen.

The website also shares the necessary information like wallpaper size, the total number of views, and total likes on any wallpaper. The aesthetic background could also be shared on Pinterest and Facebook.

aesthetic wallpapers options on wallpapersafari

10. Desktop Nexus 

Lastly, Desktop Nexus also provides you with classy and aesthetic backgrounds. You can search for ‘aesthetic’ wallpapers in the search bar and get some mind-blowing results. You can click and select any of the wallpaper to see the comments on that wallpaper. The website allows you to enlarge it and also add it to your favorites.

desktop nexus laptop aesthetic wallpapers

Part 2. 3 Popular Aesthetic Effect Packs for Making Videos

It is not necessary to take help from any website whenever you want a cool and aesthetic wallpaper. Sometimes you can capture any moment and then make that ordinary moment special, classic, and aesthetic. For this, Wondershare Filmstock is offering you so many editing effects that can change the whole look and vibe of your content. A few of Filmstock’s Aesthetic Effect Packs are:

Bling Bling Effect 

The Bling Bling Effect has 25 elements in it. The pack, as its name represents, is all about sparkle and bling. The effect offers you aestheticism like the sparkling stars in the sky that shine and bling. Not only the sky, but you can also add this effect to any ordinary moment and make it special with the highlight and flash of starlight.

bling bling effect

Blingbling Pack Vol 02

The Blingbling Pack – Volume 2 has 7 titles and has 2 transitions. The pack also offers 15 elements. The pack could be used to decorate and edit content cutely and fashionably. The aesthetic effect has a lot of glitters and shines in it. The pack has glowing particles, makeup, and a lot of girly elements.

blingbling vol 2 pack

Holographic Pack 

The Holographic aesthetic effect of Wondershare Filmstock has 14 titles, and it has 3 transitions. In addition to that, the pack also contains 11 elements. The aesthetic Holographic pack has crystals, rainbow, pastel, and a lot of colors that make the effect interesting.

holographic filmstock pack

Final Thoughts

As promised in the beginning, the article talked about 10 brilliant websites from where you can download aesthetic wallpapers for laptops and desktops. Not only the website but aesthetic editing effects offered by Wondershare Filmstock have also been discussed.

Now comes the turn of discussing Wondershare Filmora. The all-in-one editing software as well as a source for learning and improving your skills. The software is one in its type. You can use its offered editing effects that will bring tremendous change to your content.

Once you learn about Filmora, then you don’t have to move around and look for any other editing software. The number of editing elements, titles, and transitions that Filmora offers are not provided anywhere else. Wondershare Filmora is an easy, affordable, yet very powerful editing software.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmorax boxpng

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