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Adding Tag to YouTube Video? Better Read This First

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 29, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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Tagging your content online greatly impacts how viewers will react to your post. However, it doesn’t end at adding tags; you need to know more. Be savvy to put the tags strategically depending on your topic’s trending. So, why add a tag to YouTube videos? You want to gain enough clicks, yes, right? And that’s what hashtags do. They are online content features that will push the number of clicks to an unimaginable level.

Your content will gain more views and go viral within a short time. After all, that’s what we purpose for when posting videos. No one wants to put effort into editing videos and posting then don’t get a considerable number of views or clicks. But also, know that the ball is at your court. There are no go-zone areas when it comes to dealing with YouTube tags. Check this article on what to do for more views.

how to add tag to youtube video

What is a YouTube tag?

A tag is a word used to describe a video or image. It is generally added to video titles and descriptions or used independently. They make YouTubers easily discover other posts with similar tags. YouTube tags are vital as they help the YouTube algorithm fully understand the videos you post. It’s by this that those who are interested in your video get hooked to them.

For tags to work ideally, you need to include your brand-specific tags before adding similar tags. YouTube auto-suggest is another gem in this scenario. Just see what YouTube suggests when you type while searching other similar topics. For great results, place the most important keywords and tags first, as these will act as the face of your video.

How will YouTube tag affect your video performance?

It is YouTube tags that help viewers to find videos they are searching for on YouTube. Besides, this is how it works: An audience will type keywords into YouTube’s search bar. Then videos with the same tag and keywords will appear in the search results. If not correctly done, the YouTube tag could affect your video performance and lead to such outcomes.

1. No adequate audience engagement

Your main focus should be audience engagement. You are trying to drive the attention of many YouTube users as possible. A small mistake, and you lose track. It is wise to know the best approach to use your tags. Improper YouTube tagging will not drive enough audience to your channel. You, therefore, won’t get adequate audience engagement.

2. Your video won’t go viral

Anything selling should strive to reach thousands and probably millions of viewers. Perhaps you have put in several days and months of work on a single video, only for it to be viewed by a few fellows. You will feel like a waste of time when you put so much effort, yet your videos don’t go viral. It means there will be fewer people looking out for your content.

3. Limited chances of your video ranking high

If you don’t do YouTube tagging the right way, then the chances are that your video won’t rank high. Everyone feels better when they get a pat on the back for a well-done job. But what happens if there is no traffic to your video? You probably lose the urge to continue doing more videos. Just play right, so you are not demoralized whenever you post your videos.

Things to consider before you start adding a tag

If used properly, YouTube tags are a great way for your video and business to perform well. You’ll attract the audience and probably get a flux of customers. And the tricks are just at your fingertips. You only need to give the best approach possible to all the steps of your YouTube tagging. Here are some tips to help you out.

1) Use keyword variations

Try to use variations of keywords to increase the chances of your video ranking high. The audience will use several phrases to lead them to the right YouTube video. More so, they’ll even change the order of keywords for best results. It would be best to strive to appear in as many searches as possible. The best option is to use the “YouTube” tag generator to gather as many relevant tags as possible. It will pop you more ideas and let you identify the most important core terms that you can build on.

2) Research competitors

This trick works well for you before you add a tag to a YouTube video. Check out what your competitors are up to and what tags they use. While you check at what competitors do, also mind the trending tags. You don’t want to be left behind in the quick-paced technological advances. But ensure your searches are related to your content. Any misleading tags will plunge you into more drawbacks. Checking out on the latest trends will help you generate more ideas for useful keywords that make your videos rank better.

3) Conduct keyword research

Research is a vital point to start from. By this, you’ll find other keyword possibilities for your video. Don’t just think of keywords out of the blue but ensure that the audience searches what you use. It is better to check out the generic relationship between YouTube tags and your video content. Find keywords that will directly link to what your video is all about. You can also find out what has worked for those in your industry to know the best approach to give.

4) Write a keyword-optimized title and description

Ensure that the texts associated with your video are keyword-optimized. Your audience will majorly rely on the video title and description. The description should emphasize more on what the title is. Consider that first, and then find the kinds of tags that would correlate with both your title and description. Besides, it is the best way for your audience to quickly find your videos as the keywords will directly link them.

5) Don’t go overboard

Even though there are no limits on words for YouTube tags, don’t use so many words; it may turn away your audience. Instead, focus on adding relevant tags but don’t stuff in keywords. Going overboard may automatically take you off the topic and mislead your audience.

How to add a tag to a YouTube video

Adding the right YouTube tag will increase the chances of YouTubers finding and watching your video. Here are the steps how to add a tag to a YouTube video.

Step 1. First, log in to your YouTube account and hit the “Camera” icon. It is located at the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 2. Check the drop-down menu and choose the “Upload Video” option.

how to add tag to youtube video

Step 3. Select from your videos which one to upload. Then click on the “Edit” tab to add relevant information like keywords, descriptions, etc.

add tag to youtube video

Step 4. Give your video a name and description. Ensure the description correlates to the title of your video.

Step 5. Add relevant tags, separating them with commas. You can use from five to fifteen tags. YouTube may ignore your tags if they are more than 15.

Step 6. Click on the “Save” tab to complete the upload.

add tag to youtube video - save

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● YouTube tags play a vital role for you and your potential customers. YouTube’s algorithm uses your tags to match them to similar search queries. When properly utilized, tags can bring an over flux of customers to your video. You have to know how to add a tag to a YouTube video for better results. Remember that YouTube tags can also drive away customers if not properly utilized. We have covered the effects and the best approach when settling on YouTube tags.

● Nonetheless, ensure your videos are top-notch before you tag them around. The best video editor – Filmora – works to produce high-end videos. Try it and gain additional traffic to your video.

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