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11 Best Free YouTube Name Generators You Should Try

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

A YouTube name has great importance for a dedicated YouTuber. Whether you want to hold great brand value in the market or trying to come up with a funny, catchy name, here's a list of name generator software tools to get you the best YouTube channel name.

There are so many options for personalizing a cool YouTube name so you can get ideas for a catchy name. Check out some of the most commonly used YouTube name generator software that has achieved higher ranking from professionals.

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Part 1: Best 7 Free YouTube Name Generators Online

1. Spinxo

This platform allows users to find cool names as per their descriptions for characters, niche, etc. You can start the search with universal keywords as well as with a specific set of details. Spinxo also allows YouTubers to organize contests online to get the best name suggestions.

  • Queries Needed: Queries can be raised on the basis of numbers of things you like such as Keywords, Niche, and Topics.
  • Best for: Those who have few specific directions about the name.
  • No. of Results: 30 names.


2. Name Generator

This name generator tool allows users to get the best combination of random names where details are more specific to a video related to your works like "vids," "TV," "director," "channel," etc. Every time you hit the generate button, it will bring out random names for selection.

  • Queries Needed: Based on Suffix and Prefix
  • Best for: Those who have particular directions with the name.
  • No. of Results: 1

Name Generator

3. We the Unicorns

Here you will get fun-oriented suggestions for your YouTube names and the best part is that they have the ability to attract more audiences towards your platform. It uses details related to your birth, first name, and last name to create funny results.

  • Queries Needed: NA
  • Best for: Ultimate choice for those who need funny inspirations.
  • No. of Results: A lot.

We the Unicorns

4. Speedy Password

Here you will be able to generate truly random, highly secure, funny passwords along with unique and funny YouTube usernames. Users simply need to update their preferences and it will display the best combinations.

  • Queries Needed: Run queries on the basis of Keyword, Lucky Number, and Name Style.
  • Best for: Those who follow certain directions for name generations.
  • No. of Results: One name and one password.

Speedy Password

5. Screen Name Generator

Gamers will definitely love this name generator tool that works on the basis of the prefix provided by YouTubers. It has several categories like fantasy name generators, username generators, place name generators, thing name generators, etc.

  • Queries Needed: One can enquire with suffix and prefix.
  • Best for: Those who have a specific direction and need for the name.
  • No. of Results: One name.

Screen Name Generator

6. Username Generator

Username Generator makes it easier to find game-specific usernames. Users can enter keywords and number of lines as their preferences and soon the software will provide the most appropriate results.

  • Queries Needed: Based on the keywords only.
  • Best for: those of all genres.
  • No. of Results: Hundreds of names.

Username Generator

7. Scratch

With this tool, you can get names with caps specifications that look cool. You can pick game highlights for your channel name and in order to get much finer results one can prefer to put several words into the list.

  • Queries Needed: Works with keywords only.
  • Best for: Those of all genres.
  • No. of Results: One name.


Part 2: Best 4 Free YouTube Name Generator Quizzes

8. ProProfs

It will help you get a unique YouTube name that matches your personality and your real name. You will get a kick out of the combination of questions served up in this quiz.


9. Quizony

A set of crazy questions will decide an interesting name for your game channel and it will be definitely loved by viewers.


10. Go to Quiz

If you want to get rid of boring names and want to switch to something effective based on your hobbies, music preferences, grades and personality then Go to Quiz is the best platform for you.

Go to Quiz

11. QuizBone

This YouTube name generator first asks you about your video content preferences, whether it is related to beauty, rants, giveaways, makeup, humor, or anything in a wide range and then produces relevant name that suits your personality as per quiz answers,


Think you got a funny or cool channel name? Share in the comments, and tell us if you've ever used a free YouTube name generator!

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