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What is the Difference between YouTube and Dailymotion

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

YouTube: YouTube is a well-known website for watching all kind of videos. It was launched in February 2005 and today it is serving like one of the biggest social media network. This platform was actually designed by few creative PayPal workers.

Dailymotion: It is a French social site and one popular competitor against YouTube. This site was launched by Orange on 15th March, 2005. You can watch wide range of videos on Dailymotion but for limited duration of time.

Difference between YouTube and Dailymotion

Here we few key terms that can help you to understand difference between YouTube and Dailymotion:


The total number of viewers that interact with site like Dailymotion and YouTube is actually one of the important parameter for business because it decides the number of video ads and text that will be placed on site. We all know that YouTube is world’s biggest network for videos and Dailymotion follows it at second number. Statistics reveal that there are so many advantages of YouTube over Dailymotion, especially in terms of total site visitors as YouTube gets billions of visitors per month but this count is limited to 112 million visitors in case of Dailymotion.

2.3D Videos

3D videos are one of the biggest needs of viewers these days so its availability on site definitely boosts site importance in market. As YouTube is developed with Beta so it is capable enough to provide impressive 3D viewing experience to viewers but on the other side, Dailymotion lacks behind in this capability. You cannot enjoy 3D content on Dailymotion screens.

3.Video Quality

One more important criterion for comparison between YouTube and Dailymotion is the overall allowed time limit for video uploads. In case of Dailymotion, you will often find all videos with less than 60 minute duration but on YouTube, video can be of any big length as it never poses any restriction on the basis of time duration. Here is one wonderful thing to know that on YouTube videos of worth 72 hour duration are uploaded per second. And viewers in YouTube are capable enough to watch fresh videos day and night.

Sadly, Dailymotion cannot give you this much freedom about content and naturally here YouTube again stays on advantageous side for users. May be this is the biggest reason behind billions of having visitors on YouTube platform as compared to only 112 million visitors over Dailymotion.


You might be aware about the fact that YouTube is owned by Behemoth Google; that is why it possesses most robust analytics tools as like YouTube insights. With these advanced tools, businesses as well as individuals can monitor their viewers on videos. They can also make analysis about how long and how often a particular visitor stays on videos. It helps businesses to improve their video content so that more visitors can be attracted. Dailymotion cannot offer you such details, here you can access just publication date of video, nothing else. The true fact is that Dailymotion itself has a YouTube channel that users often access to upload multiple videos so that Dailymotion can avail some promotions.

Tips for Editing YouTube and Dailymotion Videos

If you often watch, download or upload videos on YouTube and Dailymotion platform then you may also need to edit them time to time. In order to fulfil this need you may need editing software. Professionals recommend Wondershare Filmora as one of the best and easiest editing tool with wide range of features. It can process more than 150 video file formats so you can easily edit whatever you want to customize.

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