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Facebook Live Vs YouTube Live Vs Twitter Periscope

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Live videos are gaining huge popularity these days. People find them best method to share adventurous moments with friends over social media. You can have wide range of choices for selection of platform like Periscope, YouTube Live and Facebook Live etc. But most of you might be thinking hard about which one of these is best to get more audience support. Many of you will just respond with the quick answer that I will switch to a platform where my most of friends are connected. Actually, there are so many features to discuss about a live streaming platform as performance depends upon so many parameters.

Facebook Live

Who is not familiar with this name? Even aliens must be aware about awesomeness of Facebook and now its live streaming capability added more wonders to the life. On top portion of this application, you will find three icons telling you to make easy choices for Check in, Photo and Live. When you are ready to live stream then simply hit this Live button and you will be ready to step inside world of entertainment. Same as YouTube, it sends messages to all followers about your broadcast via notification Bar so that they can soon join the fun online.

Facebook Live has gained wide popularity within very less time and now users are enjoying long hour streaming engagement over here. It has been designed with so many interesting features, how can we forget to list 360 option in this talk. That is truly awesome and is receiving great response from viewers. Users on Facebook Live can easily update their privacy settings for each uploads and It also allows editing with filters and masks, same as that of Snapchat.


There is no doubt to say that Facebook Live is quite simple to operate. Even when you enter inside this world for the very first time, it will make everything user friendly to you.


  • It generate too much notifications, they make subscribers annoyed.
  • News feeds gets affected with Live feature.

YouTube Live:

Go to YouTube Live, hit the camera option from top menu and it will show you two options immediately on screen: Record for camera roll and Go Live for added online adventure. You can make easy selection about whether you want to share content with public or want to make it an unlisted video. You will definitely love its ability to auto generate a thumbnail of captured videos that becomes available to all subscribers over channel and provided better description about your next post. You can set broadcasting to horizontal as well as vertical mode and as soon as you start browsing over internet, YouTube will provide you effective editing controls with its Instagram like unique filters such as Sepia, Dawn, Dream and many more.

This platform is currently entertaining millions of users from different corner of world on desktop based platform whereas if you have 10000 plus subscribers on your channel then you can also enjoy mobile live streaming feature.


  • It offers quite simple operations.
  • Users can easily find their favourite content in well organized YouTube Live library.
  • YouTube Live also provides earning options to streamers.


  • You can easily miss important comments as they fly too fast.


Twitter’s recently updated Periscope is one of the best live mobile streaming applications. It can process all videos at faster rate with high quality results. When you are ready to broadcast then simply Go Live and all your followers will immediately receive a message about your streaming. It helps world to know immediately about where broadcasts are going to update. Periscope can easily make your streams more attractive with its appealing live stream engagements.

As, millions of users are already connected to Twitter and enjoying interactive talks with world over there so most of these prefer to chose Periscope as one of the most trustworthy platform for Live streaming.


  • It offers wide range of settings and functions.
  • Twitter has recently added 360 video ability to Periscope.
  • Well designed with user friendly interface.
  • More number of subscribers can be easily connected.


  • Infrequent updates are issue for professional streamers.

Facebook Live Vs. YouTube Live Vs. Periscope: What’s the Difference?

  1. Audience:
  2. We all know that Facebook is currently having highest user base so naturally Facebook Live is assumed to have more viewers and streamers. Google considers most of the YouTube content valuable but note that it is YouTube not the recently updated YouTube Live platform. On the other side, if we talk about Periscope then it can be best described as a standalone network. In case if it gets linked to main app YouTube then it may avail some popularity in the market, same as that of Facebook. If you are a beginner then probably, Facebook is the best choice for you as it can provide more audience over the nights. Periscope users can also enjoy healthy content over Mobile phones with great stream quality. One more interesting thing to know about Periscope is that it can be used to develop healthy relationships with so many viewers and followers.

  3. User Interface:
  4. Here is one more interesting factor to discuss about all these amazing Live streaming platforms. This feature makes a system or software standout among other competitors. If we compare user interface of Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube Live then you will find them all almost similar. But most of the beginners rate Facebook as most simple and user friendly tool for live broadcasts. Second rating is received by Periscope whereas YouTube Live stands on third level. User interface of Periscope and Facebook live possesses so many similar features such as ability to subscribe, comment or updating likes etc.

  5. Saving Broadcasts and Embedding Replays:
  6. Let us discuss about saving broadcasts as well as get some idea about their ability to arrange embedding replays. The video archiving ability of YouTube and Facebook is having almost similar kind of features. Users are able to update their live streams and they can also be saved for longer run, even permanently as per need. If you want to delete them then simple controls allow easy removal of updated broadcasts from channel. On the other side, Periscope allows live streamers to stay on channel only for 24 hours. After that, all the updated videos get automatically deleted. On Facebook, users cannot come to know about who is watching their live streams until and unless they receive comments from viewers. Although, Facebook keep on updating notifications about all live streams but more often they create a bug. In case of Periscope, whenever a person starts viewing your uploaded content, his name will directly appear at your end. It can help you to know the real strength of your updates so that you can improve quality of content as per interest of viewers. It is also possible to make private or public settings for broadcasts on Periscope whereas Facebook is gaining more popularity for its Split Screen and 360 videos.

  7. Interaction:
  8. Communicate with Broadcasters:

    If you want to interact with broadcaster on Facebook then you can simply update your comment or show them your reaction with emojies. They can be updated at the time of live broadcasts as well as at the time of replay. Most of the Facebook users are unhappy with its lag time as broadcasters comment gets published after a delay of 30 seconds. In case of Periscope, viewers are able to just comment on live broadcasts and they can also update a heart for their favourite content. If we compare the lag time of Facebook and Periscope then it is lower for Periscope and people often enjoy instantaneous conversations over this network. The best part is that Viewers can update numbers of hearts even for single broadcast and all of them will get recorded. This feature is not available with Facebook emojies. You will be glad to know that once you have prepared account over YouTube then same details can be used to access Periscope platform.

    Interaction with Viewers:

    Facebook allows broadcasters and viewers to enjoy healthy communication as here talks can be initiated by updating name of the person before writing comment. If you want to communicate with all viewers in more professional manner then Facebook’s name based comment updates are best choices. Note that, facebook allows users to enjoy communicate even when stream has already ended. In case of Periscope, again viewers and broadcasters can enjoy direct name to name comment based conversations. Periscope broadcasts can also be enjoyed on Twitter platform directly but here you cannot update hearts directly. Also, comments remains dedicated to Twitter and Periscope environment. YouTube Live allows users to share their viewing experiences with comments and it helps broadcasters to get feedbacks for improvement. Content from YouTube Live can also be shared on other platforms.

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